The Spiritual Imperative

There is a large cycle unfolding. We are all part of it. We are both the cause of it and the participants in it. This cycle might be felt by us as pertaining to the events coming up through August and September, and into October. But actually there’s something of a larger nature unfolding. As those responsible for our part in this cycle, there is much on our plate. Being on the edge, not really knowing all of what it will bring us or, indeed, what will be required of us, there is an imperative to step up.

It’s not just a case of cruising along, for those of us in our own processes of spiritual transformation, while we develop our personal energy fields. It’s also not the case while we steward our creative, collective energy field. There is no sitting back or back-pedaling somehow. No coasting on this. Another step up vibrationally is required from each of us. And I think that goes for all the various groupings and constellations in which we find ourselves.

By the way, the meaning of the word imperative—that’s the energy I’m feeling—is “absolutely necessary and unavoidable.” So this step-up is absolutely necessary. And in terms of thinking that we can get out of it perhaps, or dodge it, I believe it’s actually unavoidable if we want to stay in the process and let transformation occur.

This means we have to handle both what’s in our collective field and in our personal energy field. There might be resistance. I can hear myself say, “Do I really need to push on when I’m already up against the edges of myself and it’s really uncomfortable?”

There may be resistance in the collective field as well. After all, the human experience has been the way it has been for so long, anything that might shake it up is bound to meet resistance. It’s likely that could look and feel like contention or defiance as well. And there always seems to be a need for resolution, so something can shift into the next phase of things.

From a recent Pulse of Spirit, “Generating a Creative Field,” David Karchere spoke about Step #2: “Create or heal your relationships. Every one of them. Learn what it is to keep the energetic connection between you and another person in place with unconditional love.”

How important it is for us to heal the relationships that we have, in whatever way. Whether they’re close-in, intimate relationships or not so intimate, there is a need for an ongoing internal process of checking, of making sure that my line of connection is clear—and if it’s not, then of seeing how to heal it, to resolve and strengthen that particular line of connection.

As all of these things are being required of us, I got to thinking: What will it take to juice up the creative field? What will enliven us? How can we have fun in this process of transformation? Passion and enthusiasm are obvious and come very easily to mind, and in expression they enliven a creative field. So do joy and laughter. Innovation stimulates the field—if I got all of you to stand up and change seats and sit down again, you might think I was a little strange; but you would also be on the edge of your new seat, excited by the innovation in the process we were experiencing together.

Any creative field is juiced by the example of joyous or radiant living that we may see in it. We enjoy stories of victory and the joie de vive in people’s expression. We love the radiance that others bring. And then there’s the sense of ease, peace or stillness that can be present. When you notice somebody who’s quite still in a busy situation, don’t you find that attractive? Don’t you want to know what it is that keeps them in that place of stillness when all around is chaotic? There’s a full range of emotion that enlivens. Having our hearts engaged with each other—that boosts us, that buoys us up and gives us something to tune in to.

All of this is very much the expression of the heart enlivened by the intelligent mind. You have to have both heart and mind involved, but it is the heart engagement that is the first thing that is going to attract us or allow us to connect with somebody. People in our world want something that they can “get behind”; they want something that they can support, that they can join. People want to agree with things. They want to be able to experience resonance. They want to find support and assurance and confirmation. They want comrades and friends and partners, someone to “do things with,” a mission to give their life to, to make it all worthwhile. So at any point, the field is enlivened and enjoyed by the demonstration of these things. And the mission can be acknowledged and committed to.

I pruned my roses yesterday. Now, I didn’t know anything much about pruning—I had to look it up on Google—and it’s quite a radical process. My rosebushes over this year have grown to about shoulder height. They were quite bushy, and they were certainly trying to grow over onto the path. The advice was to prune them to hip height and then to knee height, depending on the size of the stem. I know this sounds radical. When I was finished, what I was left with were stark fingers sticking into the air, with no leaves.

So what does pruning do? Using this as a metaphor, why would any of us go through a process where we might be confined or constrained or asked to strengthen our resolve in a particular way? I realized that pruning concentrates the life force. It insists that everything get concentrated into the base of the rosebush, in preparation for the next cycle; and the bush is supposed to come out stronger and more vibrant as a result of the pruning. I guess we’ll see, when I come back to them in October! It was quite scary, though. And I think it’s the same for any of us engaged in owning this creative process we’re involved in. Whether we like it or not—and I guess the invitation is to like it—life is a lot easier if you’re moving with the flow rather than resisting it.

One of my favorite quotes from the Bible is from Job:

Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.

Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?

Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;

When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?    

(Job 38:4–7)                          

Those of you who know me probably know why this is exciting to me. It’s because it expresses a deep calling to my human experience. It calls to remembrance. It speaks of a deep knowing of my divine responsibility and my part in the process right now. It has nothing to do with my personality or the people I’m with or the country I’m in, because that deep calling and that deep knowing overarch and back up everything.

In this creative field that we’re all holding, whereon the foundations are fastened, we all have a portion to care for and provide into. What does it take to be a cornerstone? What does it take to hold down your corner? This is what is being asked of us. We love it, and it’s a huge challenge. My human experience and capacities are somewhat daunted by the task. And one of the things I forgot to add to my list of what enlivens us and enlivens the creative field is that we love a challenge!

So here are some things relative to being a cornerstone, relative to the work that’s ours to do in this wonderful creative field. First, it takes self-reliance. It takes the ability to be confident and trusting—and dependable, on oneself and no one else—self-reliance. It takes being absolute in our divine commission.Absolute means “not mixed or adulterated.” So it takes being unequivocal in our divine commission. It takes being able to stand in the current of the spirit, in many ways unflinching, but certainly unmoved—to stand in that current and deliver. And it takes being up for complete ownership of our world and everything in it, just the way it is. It also takes being in love and agreement and support of one another—back to the connection in relationships: either create them or heal them.

Ultimately what is required is to be able to come in the name of the King, as His representative. I find that moving, humbling, even to say it. To come as His representative in the creative cycle we’re in, this creative cycle that belongs to Him—to come in His name. It also takes wise and understanding leadership of ourselves and others. If there isn’t wisdom and care and compassion for ourselves, and then for other people, there is no standing in the place of leadership.

And finally, on my list anyway, there is the requirement to embody attunement, the spiritual expression and experience of being in alignment—again, no matter what. These words are absolute and somewhat unflinching, unwavering and unequivocal. These are qualities and criteria of what it takes to be a cornerstone; they’re a description of the priesthood of this body—those who are willing to hold themselves to account, those who have the ability to be in the vanguard of a whole movement of consciousness at this point in time.

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