The Way of Creation Is Poise

The Way of Creation is poise. True poise is being at peace at the heart of Creation. When we live there, we are creating a vibrational temple around us. Immediately, a temple forms. Usually, when people think of a temple or some kind of sanctuary, it is a place to which you go. You experience the silence and the sacredness in that place. But somebody built that temple or sanctuary. It was an expression of the silence that was within them. That is how it got there in the first place. All true temples begin with a person living in stillness and peace.

We know a sanctuary experience ourselves, not just because we go to a place but because we are still within ourselves. We come to a place of stillness. Immediately when we do, there is a sanctuary that forms. There is a room in consciousness; there is a holy place that forms around us. That is happening for me as I write these words. It could be happening for you as you read them. Entering a deeper stillness, there is a sanctuary that forms around us—a surround of clear vibrational energy. We have created a temple.

It is through this principle that we have already created a body temple. We have each participated in this through the creation of our physical bodies. Our physical bodies are temples for the Living God. And it is not just the physical body that is a temple—it is also the emotional body. The heart is a temple of the Living God. The mind is a temple of the Living God. And rightly, the human spirit is part of the temple of the Living God. Certainly, the temple is not fully formed in the human experience. All the bricks and mortar, all the raw ingredients of the temple are present. We are here to allow the temple to be completed in heart and mind because of our stillness, our acceptance of silence, our deep peace. That is what it means to be a whole person.

We each have the opportunity to participate in this dynamic. In so many ways, people prostitute their own temple—and I’m not just speaking about prostitution in the usual sense. They use what should be their temple and sell it because they think it will bring them some kind of gain. People may be attracted to my temple. The true temple is not for sale.

As I said to the Arise Festival, this is sacred land. The home where I live, Sunrise Ranch, is sacred land. This body temple is sacred land. This heart is sacred land. This mind is sacred land. It is the temple. It is not here for my benefit. It is not for sale. It is not here to manipulate other people. It is not here for me to pick and choose who belongs in this temple and who doesn’t, although discretion is needed.

All of Creation is welcome in this temple. I have the ability in this temple, as do you, to bless all of Creation and include all of Creation—no picking, no choosing. This is a vast temple with far more capacity than any building. It is a temple for the Divine, a temple of consciousness that can include all of Creation—and not only all of Creation but all of humanity. All of humanity is welcome in this temple. I’m not picking and choosing. I’m not selling this temple to the people I like or don’t like. And still there is discretion in what belongs in this temple.

This is the reality of the Divine Feminine that all people have the opportunity to embody. This is feminine poise for all of us, men and women. You can see that it very quickly takes us out of any smallness as human beings, because this temple is big enough to hold the whole world.

Masculine poise brings the Divine Masculine to the world. It is interesting that the word poise can relate to stillness, but it can also be used to convey restraint and readiness to act. We can be poised for action. The masculine dynamic of poise is poise in motion.

The masculine without poise is ravaging, imposing, manipulating and forcing. A man without poise is doing those things. Action without poise comes from someone who has not released their human will to a larger will, to the will of the Creator; someone who is taking things into their own hands, who is not trusting the Way of Creation, and therefore believes that they have to grab and force. That person believes that Creation would not flow in a way that is trustworthy. And so the person believes they have to use their human will to force Creation to conform to how they want it to be.

The Way of Creation involves a release of will to the great will of the Creator and of the Creation. But there are so many distinctions to be made in all this, because, taken only that far, that approach could lead to passivity and acquiescence. “Oh, I’ll just let God do it. What will be will be.” True surrender is not acquiescence, because when we give our capacity of will to the Creator, the Creator’s will comes into us. And then we can hold that will with poise, not forcing Creation but trusting Creation.

Then we bring the full potentiality of Creation to our world. Our expression carries the power of Creation and the potential for the fulfillment of Creation. Our words become words of magic; our thoughts, thoughts of potentiality, thoughts of magic. Our heart, surrendered, becomes the great heart of the Creator in His Creation, bringing the power of the Creator to the world.

Someone who has learned poise has learned trust, and has learned that in that poise is the Way of Creation, and that Creation comes to one who has that poise. It comes in the ways that it needs to. We do not need all of Creation to come crashing in on us in this moment. There is a flow of Creation that comes to the Creator through us. This is the Way of Creation. One who is poised is one who has learned to trust that flow.

One who is truly poised has learned to live with and contain the passionate desire to connect with the Creation and with other people, to hold that with poise, and to allow their own desire to be taken up into the desire of the Creator working through them, so that that larger desire can be at work in the creative process and does not have them grabbing for things. There is nothing appealing about a person who grabs in any way, whether it is grabbing for things out of the world—grabbing for food, grabbing for wealth—or grabbing for other people. We have our masculine ways of grabbing and we have our feminine ways of doing it, and there’s nothing appealing about either of them.

True poise comes with the trust that what needs to come to one will come in that poise. It does come. We understand that to find a friend we have to be a friend. When you are being a friend, the magic of Creation is at work and friends appear. Not because you were trying to entice them. In true poise, you are being a friend, and a true friend attracts the people that are meant to be in their life. Not instantaneously, but in the flow of Creation.

There is a deep desire in people to connect with others; to connect deeply and meaningfully and in love. Who doesn’t have that desire? It may get covered over in the person, but the desire is there. It is a sad person who has let that desire grow cold. The desire may still be there, latent within them, but not active.

How would you describe what you do with that desire? Do you act on it impulsively? If you do, you are probably having a very unfulfilling experience. When you let your desire burn deep in your soul, down to the bottom of your heart, and with poise let it fuel your expression as a human being, so that that deep desire is infused in everything that you do, so that everything you do becomes a deep expression of your passion and of your love, then you are embodying the Way of Creation. You are not picking and choosing, you are not enticing, forcing or manipulating. You are loving unconditionally, and that is very different.

Who do you know that will bring love on that basis? I don’t know too many. I know a lot of pickers and choosers. But who do you know who lets the passion of love just burn in their heart and who decides that they are just going to live their life with that love infusing everything that they do, and then see what happens, trusting the universe? That’s being a friend. Be a friend and you will have friends. There is discretion in the matter. Just because one has love to give to all people doesn’t mean you treat all people the same, or that all people are at the same proximity in your life. But you can still offer love to all people.

There is a deep knowing of the Way of Creation for men and women to enter, and in some ways the experience is different for men than it is for women. Yet while we may have different doses of different realities to experience, ultimately we are knowing one reality together. I can say, from the perspective of a man, poise is a huge factor in the ability to bring the radiant expression of the Creator that is the reality of my Being into the world. A man with poise is a man who holds the power of Creation within him. He does not need to let it be released on a chaotic basis in his life, so that every time there is a little excitement he just becomes irrationally aggressive, acting out, not able to hold his power.

A man with poise allows that power to build within him without projecting it on other people. When power builds in a man—and I assume the same happens for women; I can’t speak from firsthand experience—but when power begins to build in a man, it is uncomfortable. It would be easy to just release it in some irrational, destructive basis—to become angry with someone, to blame something on somebody else, to blow your lid, and to blame circumstances for the discomfort you are feeling inside, which is really the power of Creation that is building in you.

Where is the man who can hold the power of the Creator with poise and let it build, and let it do its perfect work? It is going to change you. It will transmute all of what you have thought yourself to be. And all the crap that is present in your mind and heart is going to be changed and cleared and purified. And you are going to become all of the glorious and noble man that you are meant to be, if you hold that love within you and let it do its work, and then, with poise, give expression to that love. When you do it on that basis, it will be pure and fine and beautiful and creative. It will be you in the expression of who you are.

Men need that kind of poise. And women too, because we all have the power to bring the radiant dynamic of spirit into the world.

When masculine poise is in place, the temple becomes a lighthouse. The temple is the feminine metaphor for what happens when a person is poised. There is a temple that can hold the whole world. And the masculine metaphor is a lighthouse, because the temple becomes illuminated and there is something that shines forth from the temple: the radiant expression of Being. Not on some kind of erratic basis, but where a person has true poise, where they hold their power and let it do its perfect work within them, then it shines out in such a beautiful way.

What would it be like to be people who know these things? To be men and women who are surrendered to larger will? To be a temple for the Living God? To be a lighthouse for the world? And to be that together? To be a true friend, and then to have true friends? Let’s find out.

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