I Am the Creator of My World

We were all born spiritual. My name for that original state is primal spirituality. Primal simply means “first.” The first thing that happened was that we were born into the world spiritual. Can you look at a newborn baby and think anything less than that of them?

We were born with primal spirituality. But we live in a world where other experiences have entered human culture. There is a vibrational intrusion upon the primal spirituality of the individual and upon the human race as a whole. Something gets into the human psyche, from family, culture, religion, and the world as it is. And before you know it, the young person in their early teens is in a position where there has already been a hurtful vibrational intrusion into their psyche by the world in which they live. And then, they have some choices. What are they going to do with that? All too often, after battling with worldly factors, there is some kind of accommodation with the elements that have invaded their psyche.

Here is a recent manifestation of this phenomenon. A committee of the U.S. Congress reported on rising mental health issues among U.S. teens. Research shows that adolescent depression rates increased by 60% between 2001 and 2017, with the most significant increases among females.

Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist at New York University, reports this:

Much more than for boys, adolescence typically heightens girls’ self-consciousness about their changing body and amplifies insecurities about where they fit in their social network. Social media—particularly Instagram, which displaces other forms of interaction among teens, puts the size of their friend group on public display, and subjects their physical appearance to the hard metrics of likes and comment counts—takes the worst parts of middle school and glossy women’s magazines and intensifies them.

Haidt correlates the rise in adolescent mental illness with the advent of social media, particularly Instagram. But this is only one of the latest ways that world culture has invaded the primal spirituality of the individual.

There is a subconscious awareness of the intrusions from the world on the human psyche. Sometimes, that awareness shows up in beliefs that become popular in our culture.

Psychics and E.T. believers talk about alien walk-ins. They believe that a walk-in occurs when an alien being enters a human being.

Many cultures practice forms of exorcism. The belief is that a person can become possessed by an evil entity that compromises their spirit, and so it must be cast out. But is it really a disembodied entity that has invaded the person’s psyche? Or is it simply some of the worst elements of what the human world has to offer?

It is all reflective of the fact that we know something has invaded the human psyche that should not be there. That is true for people individually. I imagine everyone has dealt with those issues in their life at some level. You might find a belief, an attitude, a mood, a way of responding to situations that you realize has crept in, even though it is not true to who you are.

If you look at the global picture, is that not what is happening for us as humankind? As it is said, This ain’t natural, folks! What is happening in our world today ain’t right! Somewhere within us, we intuitively know that what we witness people and nations doing is not true to the primal spirituality of our race. We are not made to be like that. Something went wrong. Something is off. We have become subject to a sense of separation, isolation, fear, and with that, a lack of trust in life.

I believe we are all faced with these issues at some level, and the question is, What do we do about it?

In the early 2000s, I created a weekend intensive with friends, called Journey Into the Fire. We conducted it numerous times at Sunrise Ranch, and other places as well. And it was a journey into the fire! We sought to create a transformational experience for people. It was a workout for all involved, mad fun, and totally transforming.

We began on Friday night. By the evening ritual on Saturday night, everybody had entered the flames of transformation, and they were loving it. Then we had Sunday to let it deepen and come to an experience of upwelling victory.

On Sunday morning, we presented three radical propositions for people to consider. We stated them in the first person. Here is the first one:

I am the Creator of my world.

What an empowering statement! It is a denial of separation, fear, and victimhood. And it is an embrace of divinity, power, and love.

This was the second statement:

I am responsible for what I create.

This implies that I exercise wisdom and discretion over what I am creating, so that it is beautiful and alive and I can be proud of my creatorship. It also implies that I care for the emerging forms of my creation.

Here is the third statement:

I have authority over what I create.

Isn’t that true in the areas of your creativity? If you built the house, you have authority over the electricity, the plumbing, and the windows that other people probably don’t, just because you are the one who built it. If you create a business, you have authority over it that another person wouldn’t have if they tried to step into your shoes.

When we are the author of something, that grants us a natural authority. We have authority as a creator over what we create.

Many people who exercise authority don’t follow this principle. People attempt to impose authority over things they did not create—over other people and over the natural resources of the planet. That is an invasive form of authority. And so, people often learn to be suspicious of authority. Sometimes, they are even afraid to embrace their own natural authority that comes from their creatorship.

So, in this intrusion of fear and separation that people experience, they experience a loss of authority. How else do you explain how people can become subject to the ill influences in their life and how a person’s life can fall apart? Of course, there can be factors outside the person involved. But so often, they have not accepted their own creatorship, their authorship, and their responsibility for what they are creating, and they have gotten out of touch with the authority within them for the life they are living.

Journey Into the Fire was, indeed, a transformational program. We gave people an opportunity to blaze through all the cultural malaise that tends to infect us, so that they could get to the point of empowerment and know that they were the creator of their world. The rest of the day on Sunday was about inviting them to embrace that. To feel it.

Authority is needed in anybody’s life. If you are to have a creative life, you have to move with authority in that life—the authority to make decisions, take action, and exercise will. That is at the micro level of human experience—the individual. The same is true in the macro—for us as a species.

Somewhere between the micro and macro are groups of people—families, organizations, communities, and nations—who need to find their collective creativity and authority so they can prosper. This global community of people, Emissaries of Divine Light, is such a group.

We demonstrate our individual creatorship and authority together. And then, we demonstrate our collective creatorship and authority. We do this in physical communities on sacred sites in Colorado, British Columbia, South Africa, and Australia, and in our service to the world beyond our communities. By the way, I am not claiming any kind of ultimate achievement in this regard. I am saying that this is what we are demonstrating at whatever level of achievement we have attained thus far.

The same principles that allow an individual to realize that they are a creator—someone who is responsible for their creation and has authority over what they create—are at work for us as a community. The difference is that while all the facets of creatorship at an individual level are held within that person, for a community of people, they are held by many individuals. The creative authority is held by the group.

For any of us as an individual to inherit the full potential of our creatorship, we have to open ourselves to it. At some point, we have to face the fact that we haven’t yet reached our full potential. So we must open ourselves to the inspiration, wisdom, and power that allows us to reach it. We have to make ourselves a cup for those creative energies, so they may pour into us and overflow from us.

At the same time, we have to notice what has invaded our psyche that is antithetical to our creatorship—that is disempowering, isolating, shaming, or fear-inducing.

This is how we come to know ourselves as an individual creator and how we gain a natural authority over our lives and our immediate worlds. Exactly the same process is at work for us collectively.

If you are going to be a cup, whether you look at this individually or collectively, you cannot leak. No matter how much you pour into a leaky cup, it won’t stay full.

A leaky cup also allows the cup to be filled from around the cup instead of from above. The implication is that the individual can be invaded by damaging vibrational influences from the culture around them at any time. And those influences can debilitate their creatorship. They can be antithetical to their primal spirituality.

The same is true collectively.

The person who lives a mediocre life doesn’t even notice. They don’t realize they’ve been invaded. They don’t realize they are leaking. And they are not being filled to overflowing with the creative powers that activate their creatorship and give them a natural authority in their world.

Most of the leakiness people experience is unconscious. The person is not aware of what is happening. If they saw what was occurring, they would probably do something about it. Or look the other way so that they could go unconscious again. It is hard to watch yourself leak and not do anything about it.

If we see someone leaking, we probably feel compassion for them. We might also feel the urge to say, Wake up!

As they say, ignorance is no excuse under the law. So they are enduring the experience of being leaky, even though they are asleep to it. What is the answer? Simply to become conscious of what is transpiring so they can let themselves be a cup that is filled from above, a cup that does not leak and is not invaded by vibrational energies that have no business being in the cup.

These principles are at work at every level of human experience. For a time in my life, I lived on 14th Street in Manhattan and worked in a corporate office in the New York Financial District. There are intense vibrational energies in New York, and I had to learn quickly not to be leaky. And I had to learn to let my cup be filled from above in the middle of that world.

The same principles are at work at Sunrise Ranch, the spiritual community where I live in Loveland, Colorado. We have thousands and thousands of people who visit here every year. With the great gifts they bring to our community, some also bring vibrational influences that we cannot allow to alter who we are or the integrity of what we are doing.

Reading this Pulse of Spirit, you are participating in our global community. You are part of this cup. I invite you to feel the deep vibrational connection you have with other members of this community. Together, we share a web of relationship between all people who constellate Emissaries of Divine Light. This web of connection creates our collective cup. And the fidelity of how we relate to each other prevents the cup from leaking, so it can be filled to overflowing from above.

Let us welcome Love into this cup. Welcome, Light from above. Welcome, higher wisdom. Welcome, Higher Presence. Fill this cup. Let our cup overflow.

Feel the natural authority we have to be of service to our world.