See What the Eternal Has in Mind

The essence of truth, when presented, seems like an idea. It seems like something ephemeral, or abstract. How else could it be? Usually, the substantiality of truth only begins to impress itself in human awareness as something significant as it takes on some kind of manifest expression. Truth has to be embodied in human experience before its relevance is proven. The more it is embodied by a person, or by a group of people, the more significant it becomes in people’s thinking. It didn’t become more significant, actually, because the truth is already significant, even when it’s not embodied. It’s still true—people just can’t see it. And if you talk about the truth or speak words of truth, if you are one person, those words will seem thin; they will seem abstract. You may seem like a “spiritual” person. How else would it be, until truth is embodied by all concerned?

How was it said of John the Baptist? He was the “voice of one crying in the wilderness.” The truth is also spoken of as a still, small voice; hardly worth paying attention to. But all great achievement comes from what initially seems insubstantial.

So the work we have to do personally to bring spiritual regeneration to this world is to let the truth come to focus in us, because we have the courage to embody the truth in our living. That is what gets traction in the human world. I think a voice crying in the wilderness can be brushed off as crazy. A body of people expressing and manifesting the truth, bringing the current of spirit through their living, individually and collectively, becomes undeniable.

So here we are, at this point in the creative process. There are many ways to measure where that point is: it is 2012, nearing the end of the Mayan calendar, or whatever other way you may want to mark time. But here we are now, with all the facts as they are in our life and in our world. In this present moment, we come together as spiritual beings in human form to share a true vision of what must be if spiritual regeneration is to be a reality. We are present to set in consciousness, and in the human energy field that we share, what must be in the days to come if what is true is to manifest.

What is ours to do now to allow the truth to be embodied? The Trustees of Emissaries of Divine Light met recently at High Noon, outside of Cape Town, South Africa, to consider this question. What steps do we have to take? What yet has to be ignited in us? What yet has to be purified and cleansed from us? What further resolve has to land in heart and mind? What further ferocity has to come through us, so that we say no to things we need to say no to, and yes to what we must do?

I write with the conviction that what will happen in the days to come will be no more than the vision we hold right now. We have no right to think that what will happen in the future will be greater than the truth we are perceiving and giving voice to now. Because the limit to what will happen in our future is not established so much by the events outside of us as it is by the nature of our vision now, and by our courage in being a voice for that vision and acting on it. So how strong will that vision be? How high will it reach? How clear will it be? How consistently will we act on it? We have no right to expect that anything more than that will transpire in the days to come. And if it did, we wouldn’t have the capacity to participate in it. If the future is happening to us instead of because of us, we are doomed.

In our Trustee sessions at High Noon, we spoke in very practical terms about what might be possible in our field of service and what the path might be to get there. We recorded parts of that vision on flip charts as we went along. By the time our sessions concluded, I had a desire for the seven of us to stand in the middle of our meeting room with those flip charts posted around us, and then ask ourselves, who are we going to have to be if that’s going to manifest? What stature of man, what stature of woman, what stature of leader, must we be if this vision is to manifest? I believe that this question is relevant for anyone who holds a compelling vision of the future.

It might seem that it’s a call to be something greater than we are. It isn’t really. It is a call to give up the smallness that most people cling to for most of their lives. It is an exercise in expanding our awareness of who we are and what is possible to us if we will be all of who we truly are.

I think it’s easy to see that we could never create in our world what is possible to us through arrogance—by trying to be something more than you really believe you are. No, it could only happen because we get down on our knees in acknowledgment of the stature of who we are created to be, who we are at our core, and get humble enough to accept the largeness of that stature—not because we can make ourselves into that but because that is how we were made by the Eternal within us. In the humility of accepting that reality, we can stand in our true stature, putting away any of the pettiness that we might be inclined to give way to in our life, because we cannot bring the voice of what is truly possible to our world by being petty in any way.

To embrace the Divine Reality within us, our own heart has to be split open, that we may truly be penetrated by that creative spirit that is our source. We have to be ready and willing to be split open in feeling and in thought, shattering any cheap concepts of spirituality, any playing small, so that we may think the thoughts of what is truly possible, and see what the Eternal has in mind.

David Karchere
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