Attunement: Opening the Stargate

We have just completed our concluding three-day face-to-face session for our 2023 six-month Attunement Training at Sunrise Ranch. It is a comprehensive educational program that covers the energy medicine practice of Attunement, and far more. It has been a conscious journey and a process of personal development and transformation, all of which is part of learning to be an Attunement practitioner.

This program continues in the lineage of the founder of Attunement, Lloyd Arthur Meeker, who was known to people who followed his teachings as Uranda. He offered six-month Attunement trainings from 1952 to 1954 at Sunrise Ranch. Like today, these were comprehensive educational programs.

Since the 1950s, there has been the human tendency to limit the teaching and practice of Attunement. We have set Attunement free from any limited definition of what it is. Yes, it’s an energy medicine practice, but it’s also a way of life. It’s a consciousness practice. Yes, it involves the physical body, but it also involves the mind, the emotions, the heart, and the human spirit.

Attunement. There’s no need to box it in, limit it, or own it. Attunement is a gift from God that reconnects us with the Source Reality of who we are. We are here to know this gift for ourselves and, in the magic of Attunement, assist others to know their own reconnection.

We are setting Attunement free as a gift intended for all humankind.

The universe is a hierarchy of spheres defined by their physical scale and vibrational frequency. The immediate physical sphere in which we live is the biosphere of Planet Earth—a 12-mile zone surrounding the surface of our planet, supporting the forms of life familiar to us. Within the biosphere is a microscopic sphere of life below us, not immediately apparent to us, though vital to our existence. And beyond the biosphere is the solar and the galactic sphere. Beyond that, we are part of the Laniakea Supercluster, home for 100,000 galaxies, including the Milky Way.

It seems natural that the physical sphere most immediately apparent to us is the biosphere, and especially the human world within that sphere. That’s what we see directly in front of us. Nonetheless, our existence depends on the larger spheres within which we dwell. After all, the origins of our planet and thus, our race are from those larger spheres. And we rely on the power and gravity of the Sun to create and sustain life on Planet Earth.

There is an entirely different scale of physical proportion and vibrational frequency on the Sun compared to our planet. The Sun is so massive it could fit one million Earths within it. It would take 22 million Earths to equal the diameter of the solar system.

The average temperature of Planet Earth is 59 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature at the core of the Sun is unimaginable—27 million degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though the average person doesn’t spend much time thinking about the Sun—except to get a tan or avoid overexposure—we depend on it for life. We rely on the entirely different order of size and vibrational frequency of the Sun to sustain us. We are nourished by that larger scale. It keeps us in its gravity. We would not be here except for it. We couldn’t live on the Sun, but we couldn’t live without what the Sun provides.

We have a finely tuned relationship with the Sun that allows the tremendous discrepancies between it and us to generate life. If we were any closer or further away, any hotter or colder, it wouldn’t work in the same way.

The Sun offers a plainly apparent physical example of the fact that our relationship with spheres larger than the immediate is necessary for us to thrive. But it is not only the plainly evident physical realm where this is at work. The life force that animates our body doesn’t originate at the physical level, at least not as we know that level. The power of Love that fuels our hearts does not originate in the human self. And the intelligence and wisdom that can inspire our minds is not self-originating either. All these powers originate from spheres that exist at levels higher than the immediate range of human experience. How do we know? Because when we attune to these powers, we feel them, and they impact us.

For the ancients, the conception of dimensions at a level higher than the human world blended physical scale and vibrational reality. Immortal beings with supernatural powers—gods, angels, and other spirit beings—lived in the heavens above the Earth. In some of the origin stories of ancient peoples, we came from that realm and return to it when we die. And that heavenly realm profoundly affected our human lives. Astrology was part of an ancient understanding of the influence of the heavens on human experience.

Today, Attunement is about tuning in to those Source dimensions of Reality that exist at a scale and frequency higher and larger than where we live here. God is a word for this Source Reality. Just as our relationship with the Sun makes life possible in the biosphere of Planet Earth, our Attunement to Source Reality allows us to thrive as human beings. The difference is that our Attunement depends on the factors present in consciousness that either establish our connection and relationship with Source Reality or diffuse it.

Is this some strange occult or mystical practice? No, it’s how we’re made. We are made to have an ongoing relationship with levels of Being that are higher than the human sphere, not because we visit them somehow but because we allow them to power our life experience right here in the biosphere and in the human world.

Our name for the fact that we are born with a connection to higher reality is Primal Spirituality. We are made to be plugged into the higher Reality from which we came. You can see that connection on the face of a newborn baby. And yet, our culture can damage the human psyche and break that connection for people, making them feel alienated and lost.

If you look up the word Attunement on the internet, you’ll find it means many things to many people. It could mean attuning to other people or to nature. And Attunement includes all that because when we connect with our Source Reality at a higher level, it makes us feel connected to each other and to everything. But if you leave out that Source Reality and try to live in a connected world, you could try and try and try and try, and it just doesn’t happen. We know we are connected to each other when we find our connection with a larger Reality and find our place in it.

In the Attunement trainings he offered in the early 1950s, Lloyd Arthur Meeker taught a group of chiropractors who were experimenting with subtle energy. They were led by a man, George Shears, who ended up living at Sunrise Ranch for many years. The chiropractors were astonished when they met Lloyd Arthur Meeker, who had been working with Attunement for 20 years.

The name they had adopted for their group was G.P.C.—God, Patient, Chiropractor. This expressed their vision for the healing process, depicted as a triangle with God at the apex and the relationship between the patient and the chiropractor at the triangle’s base. Lloyd Arthur Meeker adopted this symbol for his Attunement training, which he called the G.P.C. Servers Training School.

What we acknowledge today is that, yes, there is a relationship at the base of the triangle, and not only in a healing context but in all of life. But that level of relationship doesn’t come together unless there’s a common centering in a higher level of Being. God is a word for that. I don’t mind so much what word we want to use. It’s the Reality of it that matters.

Attunement is about our connection with the Source Reality that lives at a level higher than we do as human beings. When we experience Attunement, we open up an aperture that is a Stargate to those higher levels.

This access to higher levels of reality is what allows the rest of the human experience to come together. It’s not that the rest of the human experience is unimportant. It’s just that it can’t come together without opening the Stargate.

Attunement introduces people to the Stargate. It allows them to open it up and experience it for themselves. Emissaries of Divine Light are devoted to making this available to the world. We know that when we allow the Stargate to open, something comes through that profoundly changes us.

We have names for what emerges through the Stargate, knowing that it is the reality of it that matters most, not its names. We call it Love, Holy Spirit, or a stream of Truth. Love fires the heart, and Truth fires the mind. There’s life and life more abundantly, as Jesus put it.

Jesus was the ultimate Stargate. He allowed a majesty from above to come streaming through himself. He was that transparent, that open.

It is natural for us as human beings to have a Stargate form in our midst. There’s a Stargate for us individually to relate to and experience. We have the responsibility of keeping that Stargate open. And there is the collective Stargate to open for any group of people and for humankind.

If we allow ourselves to be subject to fear and reactivity to the world in which we live, we get taken down by that, and the Stargate within us closes. We lose our access to the Source vibration of Creation. We lose our sense of ourselves because who we are as a Being emerges through the Stargate. We are not just a human being. Yes, we are a human being, but we are not just a human being, and the Source reality of our Being comes through the open Stargate.

These might be lovely, fantastic things to think about. But how do we know? We know because we let the Stargate open and experience what comes through it. We prove it to ourselves that way. I can’t prove it to you, but you can prove it to yourself. You can prove it by allowing your own Stargate to open, finding that you know yourself like you never have before. You are more yourself than you have ever been. You are whole; you are a Being of Love. You are a Creator, and you have emerged into your human experience.

So, there is a Stargate for each and every one of us, and yet that’s not enough. Jesus came on Earth not just to be a Stargate for himself. He didn’t just come on Earth for himself. He wasn’t on some personal learning journey. I’m not saying he didn’t learn something—I can’t account for that. But it’s clear he came to be a Stargate.

He came to show the world the Stargate for humanity. Yes, for every individual human being, pointing to the fact that there’s a Stargate within each of us. But also to open the Stargate for all humankind. We share a Stargate in common, connecting us to one Reality.

What’s on the other side of the Stargate? We can have all kinds of imagination about it. It is vast. It’s the cosmos.

The solar system is vast. But it has a focal center in the Sun. It’s not just an unfocused, homogeneous cosmic soup. There is order and design to the solar system, with a common focus for all its planets.

On the other side of the Stargate is one vast Reality with many dimensions to it, just as there are to us as humankind. And yet, it is one Reality.

What does it take to fully open the Stargate for humanity and invite humanity to attune to the Source Reality on the other side? When the Stargate is open, inspirational, activating energy emerges into the human experience. The power of Love comes through. When we open the Stargate and attune to what’s on the other side, it all comes flooding down and changes us. So amazing! Enlivening! Motivating!

There is also something that comes back up through the Stargate. There is an ascension of the human experience. In a religious context, it’s called praise and giving glory to God. It’s the rising gratitude, joy, and praise that lifts the whole experience and gives back the fruit of our experience to the Source from whence it came.

This is not occult, mystical, or weird. We are built this way. And yet, as human beings we tend to live a life that doesn’t utilize how we are built. Our Stargate is broken. And that’s not the way it’s s’posed to be. 

So what do we need? Attunement. That’s what opens the Stargate.

I’m proud of our Attunement Training faculty—Sece Foster, Jane Anetrini, Gary Goodhue, Howard Goodman, Lana Roach, Oren Yakovee, Keahi Ewa, and me. We delivered a comprehensive program covering so many facets of the Attunement process. We are Keepers of the Stargate, and we opened the Stargate for the people coming into the program. And so, the people in the program had the experience of attuning to a creative reality they hadn’t experienced like that before. Whoa! What is this? 

We stand at the Stargate, allowing what comes down out of it naturally to come down through the opening that we create through our Attunement, and we stand at the Star Gate, welcoming what’s rising into it.

I don’t think we, as a faculty, come off as a group of egoic blowhards. That’s not what this is about. Because we’re very aware that while we have things to do—and it’s a diligent group—what’s transpiring is because of the Stargate and our relationship with what’s on the other side. That takes selflessness and an attitude of service to the people for whom you are opening the Stargate. That is why Lloyd Arthur Meeker called his Attunement education a Servers Training School. He was training people to be in service to humankind.

Jesus had his own way of saying it. Even though the Christian world tends to idolize Jesus and make it like it’s all about him, that wasn’t his attitude. And he said it this way:

The words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.

The Source Reality on the other side of the Stargate worked through him. That was the Love that people felt and that we feel even today. The activating power of Spirit came through the Stargate.

That is our attitude. We are here to keep the Stargate open and allow the enveloping arms of the Spirit of the Great Mother to extend out through the Stargate and enfold her people. That’s what happens when the Stargate is open. The Great Mother from above reaches out her arms of Love and holds people in that Love. The activating, creative power of the Father comes through. It penetrates us, changes us, and activates us. And the people standing at the Stargate welcome people home. They welcome what’s coming from people to ascend through the Stargate and be received into the heavens, the dimensions of Reality above us—so majestic, vast, and full of power we can hardly imagine.

The Stargate is open. We are bringing Attunement to the world.