The Measure of the Angel

Welcome to this Pulse of Spirit article.

My purpose in writing this article is to tune in consciously to what we already know. We know we are alive. We know we have a profound connection to an everlasting Love inside us. Our life is a journey of ongoing discovery. Yet the source of it is here now, in this moment, and we know it.

We know with our minds. We also know with our hearts. Celebrating that experience, we are becoming more and more conscious of what we already know. And living into knowledge increases our assurance.

Magnifying what we know and letting it be illuminated in our awareness, we celebrate the knowing of anyone, anywhere, throughout all time. We are all alive. We are creators who bring Love—the power of the cosmos—into the world. I celebrate anyone who has known that, anywhere, throughout time.

All human beings have an innate bond with the Source of Life. This bond is our primal spirituality, the spirituality we were born with. All people know that bond. So what’s the problem? All too often, the knowledge of that connection is covered over or lost. It’s there, somewhere in the recesses of consciousness, perhaps buried in the depths of the subconscious mind. The person knows it. But they forgot where they put the knowledge. 

Finding and declaring what we know, we illuminate it, and we bring a liberation theology to the world. And I am not talking about politics, economics, or social structure. I am talking about the liberation of the human soul. We need an existential understanding of reality and of ourselves. That is liberating. It frees the powers of Creation within us. It empowers us to be a creator in our life.

In this blog series, I have been writing about the holy city. The disciple John uses this phrase in the last book of the Bible, Revelation. He calls the holy city New Jerusalem. In the first century A.D., Jerusalem was a well-known reference point for people in that part of the world, as it is today. But he wasn’t just speaking about Jerusalem as it was then. The Romans controlled it at that point, and that was not what he was celebrating in the Book of Revelation. He was speaking of a new reality coming into human experience—New Jerusalem.

I spent ten years living in New York City. I learned to love the city, not just for the outer form of it—the buildings, the streets, and the people—but for the invisible essences of reality that I felt hovering in the air.

By the time 9/11 happened, I had moved to Sunrise Ranch in Colorado. Immense grief overcame me as the city I had come to think of as mine was hurt. I wrote a song, “New Jerusalem,” about the essence of New York that most people don’t see.

New York City already has the word new in it. There is a York in England; this is New York. I am interested in New New York City. I felt the holy city coming down from God out of heaven, right smack dab in the middle of New York, believe it or not.

How about New Sunrise Ranch? There is Sunrise Ranch as it is. But I am not talking about Sunrise Ranch as it is. New Sunrise Ranch is coming down from God out of heaven, the holy city of Sunrise Ranch.

There is a human city here with all the human things that happen, some good and some bad—the Old Sunrise Ranch. I am interested in the holy city of Sunrise Ranch. And I am interested in the holy city of this world.

How about where you live? Can you feel and see the New Vancouver? The New Cape Town? The New Edenvale or the New Gate House?

In the hermetic tradition, there is this saying:

As above, so below.

The holy city is the potential for our life and the place we live. It is the essential that could appear in the manifest. So the invitation is, as above, so below. Let the New Sunrise Ranch be the Sunrise Ranch we share. As above, so below. Or fill in the blank with the name of the place where you live. New ____________.

I have also heard it said, As within, so without.

We have the opportunity to let the holy city come into us—into our heart and soul, and into our awareness. And then we can let it come into the place where we live.

The holy city up there becomes the holy city in here, and then the city out there. As within, so without. And then we are living in the holy city together.

Several people have spoken to me this week about their great desire for spiritual family. That is another term for the holy city shared among people: spiritual family. Does your heart not ache for that? To share it with at least one other person? Sometimes we translate our longing as that, and certainly spiritual family has got to start someplace. And there is the high point of what we share with other people that may come to focus in a relationship with one person who has a very special place in our life. And yet, we have something beautiful to share with all people. There is a way that we all fit together in the pattern of the holy city—the holy city above, the holy city within, and the holy city we know together.

That pattern is present with us. We know the holy city. Everyone reading this article knows it. It is in us. Where is it known? Off in some corner of consciousness, buried below something else? Or in plain sight? Are we so preoccupied with life as it is—old Sunrise Ranch, old Jerusalem, or the realm of dysfunctionality wherever you are—that we don’t notice it?

The holy city is present. Do you think it has been totally eradicated from anybody’s awareness? It is always present, however deeply buried. We are there to find it, to magnify it, to live in it. That does not happen if we are preoccupied with the old city.

That kind of preoccupation occurs at Sunrise Ranch sometimes. People come here, and they see the old city. Of course, they are bringing the old city themselves. So, they see what is dysfunctional in somebody else who has brought some part of the old city. And then it is all about the old Sunrise Ranch. The grand booby prize of life, the old city! All the while, here is the holy city, known and shared by some of us. Here is the preciousness of it, the love of it, the beauty of it. We see how we fit together with other people.

Think of the world. There is all the contention. I could begin to name the current places of conflict in the world—whether it is Taiwan, Ukraine, or U.S. politics. There is all the obsession with me and mine, or us and ours, with what separates us, what you have that I want, and all that goes with it. When there is that kind of self-obsession, no one notices the holy city.

Sometimes, there is a bully in the sandbox. And sometimes, that bully has to be addressed. But even then, can’t we find a way to proclaim the presence of the holy city—the pattern that all humankind is a part of?

Here at Sunrise Ranch, someone recently broke into the Pavilion. So we have to deal with that bully in the sandbox. But if I met this person, I would look for a way to communicate this: Yes, you just stole something from Sunrise Ranch. Still, the holy city is in you and me. How about sharing that?

The holy city is the true pattern for us as human beings, and it is present somewhere in consciousness for every one of us and for all of us as humankind.

Spiritual ignorance is ignoring what you already know. Some people are on a never-ending search for truth. They are discovering it, and they are enlightening the rest of us. But meanwhile, they are ignoring what they already know—the holy city.

What happens to a person if they pretend they do not know what is true and go searching for it? Permission. I didn’t know. So the person permits themselves to do what they might not otherwise do.

They say that ignorance is no excuse under the law. Ignoring what you know is no excuse. It does not make it any better—and by the way, it does not make you any happier to forget what you already know.

It is far wiser to find what we know and live by it.

This is from the Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu, Chapter 11:

Thirty spokes share the wheel’s hub;
It is the center hole that makes it useful.
Shape clay into a vessel;
It is the space within that makes it useful.

Here is an expression of what humankind knows. Many people worldwide ignore the truth expressed in the Tao Te Ching. It is a truth related to the holy city, the pattern of life. And still, here it is, present within the world’s culture.

Here is another expression of truth related to the holy city, hidden in plain sight within world culture. It is from Chapter 21 of Revelation. John is talking about the design of the holy city and says this:

He measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel. 

What does that mean? He is talking about the wall of the holy city and says it is “according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.” He is equating three things here and saying the measure of them all is the same. The design—the pattern of them all—is the same.

The pattern of the city is the pattern of a man, and the pattern of a man is the pattern of the angel, the in-dwelling Being of a man or a woman. The pattern of you, the pattern of me, is of the angel—and it is the same as the pattern of the city. It is all the same pattern.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

How I am made is how you are made. And it is the pattern for how we are all made together as humankind. That originates in the angel, in this invisible pattern of Being before it was ever made manifest.

The implication is that you cannot touch, change or corrupt the pattern of your Being. Not unless you have learned how to climb up into heaven and mess with it. But you cannot. It is perfect. It is the beauty of you. And you can’t change it.

But here is what you can do: Allow it to come down into you. You can allow the wisdom of it to fill you, to tell you who you are and what your life is meant to be. At the same time, it tells you how to relate to the person next to you.

The question is, are we paying attention? Or are we obsessed with the state of human separation in the old city? With what we want from another person, what we demand, what we are disappointed about, or what we are fearful about?

Let us look up, like John. Let us see the holy city. Let us feel and know the angel, who is constantly telling us who we are.

In our Attunement Practitioner Training, we are teaching about the thymus gland and the Spirit of Purification. The gland is located under the top of the breastbone. In speaking about the thymus gland, we are also talking about the heart center, and the physical heart contributes to the Spirit of Purification.

Here is what I invite you to do. Cross your hands, lying flat over your thymus gland, and allow your heart center to soften. Allow whatever hardness, stress, or tension has come into it relax. Allow your heart center to open so that the prophecy of the hermetic tradition comes true: As above, so below.

Let the higher levels of your Being cross over through your heart center and enter the lower dimensions of your Being. Let the holy city come down into you so that the dominion of the angel, which is the dominion of Love, comes in.

At the same time, there is kundalini rising. The knowledge of kundalini is out of the Eastern tradition. I said there is knowledge present in human consciousness around the world. And out of Hinduism comes the knowledge of kundalini energy rising up through us to the heart center and through it.

All that is out of the old city—all the fears and resentments, all the greed and jealousy—is coming up here to the heart center. And why? To be purified here, which is why we name the spirit at work through the thymus gland the Spirit of Purification.

We are purification machines. Everything arising through us is purified here, at the thymus gland, and rightly we do not object. We are not telling the world, Bring us better things—better people, better circumstances, better health. Bring us things that are pre-purified.

We are here to welcome the world as it is. We are purification machines. It is all being purified in me. It is ascending in me. The kundalini is rising, and I am not objecting. Let it come to where the Spirit of Purification is at work in the heart center, or in Sanskrit, the Anahata Chakra.

The holy city is coming down from above, through our heart center to the world. Let it come down. Let the pattern of the angel become your pattern, so it may become the pattern of your world.

This is our primal spirituality. It is how we are made. Let’s share this liberation theology with awakening people, wherever they may be.