Becoming a Sun

Our vision is of humanity becoming a sun—for all human beings to become on the outside what we already are on the inside: a radiant, individualized aspect of the reality of the Divine.

We are beings of light and warmth, and we are meant to exude that through our presence in the world and through everything we say and do.

Our Struggling Planet

As the world faces the grave issues of climate change, decimation of species, nuclear war and the breakdown of culture, something else is emerging. The ancient creative impulse of Universal Love is more present than ever.

That emerging reality is burning away the restrictions of out-of-date cultural norms, incinerating our collective fears and consuming our disillusionment and disappointment.

The sun emerging through us all is dissolving our illusion of separateness and shining light on our oneness.

Humanity Awakening

The story of humanity awakening is unfolding before us. Emissaries of Divine Light are committed to that awakening and to playing our part in letting it happen.

We are finding many conscious friends around the globe who are on the leading edge of this awakening and who are carrying the torch for its ultimate fulfillment.

Let Us Build a Sun

In the opening chapter of his book, Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life, David Karchere says it this way:

What your world and the people in it need most from you is for you to be a sun. It is the most natural thing for you to do to bring your warmth, your light, and the gravity of who you are. And when you do, you provide a point of orientation for your world. And as you are a sun in your world, any shortcomings and limitations have a way of being transformed and transmuted. They do not stop you from being a sun.

Everyone’s world needs them to be a sun. In fact, we are born to build One Sun. Not just a sun for your world. Not just a sun for my world. One Sun for THE world. Are you ready to be a Sun builder? The world needs such a Sun.

Every time people have come together for this grand task, there has been friction among them. People resist their own calling to be a sun. They fight with other people who have that same calling. As Sun builders, our job is to transform friction to fusion. Let the gravity of the One Sun that brings us together bring fusion within the body of humanity. That transforming power! That gravity!

Let us build a sun.