The Party Inside You

We cannot settle for a vision of a human being that sees us as simply a hollow reed through which spirit is going to come into the world. Oh, that it were that simple! But that is not how it is for us as human beings. That may be the beginning of a process of spiritual awakening, but what we discover is that if our full potential is going to be realized, it has to come through the dynamics of our humanity. In fact, our humanity is made for just that.

It is tempting to attempt some kind of human bypass so that the spiritual can come into the world in a magical way that doesn’t involve these human capacities or our relationships with other people. If only we could get the ego out of the way. Many spiritual practices are designed to let the usual self-directed sense of self move into the background to make space for a transcendent experience. That can be wonderful. But what happens when you move into all the other areas—your work life, home life and your relationships with others? Our fulfillment as a human being calls us to be far more than an open channel. The wisdom and power of the universe is not coming through us, leaving us untouched as it streams on out to the world around us. It is throwing a wild party inside us on the way through!

A real and complete spiritual experience involves both oneness and dynamism. Universal Love brings an experience of oneness—between oneself and all Creation, among people, and with Universal Love itself. Dynamism requires at least two. Dynamism is created when there is a relationship between at least two things and there is power at work in that relationship.

There is dynamism between energy and matter. In the human experience, there is dynamism between the creative energy within a person and the forms of their life—their thoughts, feelings and actions. So here is a question to think about: Does the universal energy and consciousness come to you as one integrated reality? Does all of it relate to all of you? Or is it more complicated than that? Maybe parts of that one reality come into parts of you, and then interact. Maybe that is what it is like to be a human being.

Certainly, between us as people, energy and consciousness are both streaming through us all together all the time and also interacting among us. Universal Consciousness may activate my thoughts that I express to you, which then activate your expression of Universal Love through your emotions. Your emotional expression of Universal Love may activate someone else’s actions, which are born from Universal Consciousness and Universal Love.

The Divine Masculine can express through a man, and that expression can interact with the Divine Feminine through a woman. In that case, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine have not yet had the union they will know through that man and woman prior to having been expressed through them. They are in dynamic relationship in human form and their union is fulfilled in form if they let it be.

So it is clear that there is spiritual dynamism taking place between us as human beings. While it takes an uncommon personal perspective to see it, the same thing is happening within people all the time. Masculine and feminine dynamics are constantly at work. Thought is affecting emotion and emotion is affecting thought. And when people are open to the spirit of love within them, it is affecting both thought and feeling. All of this motivates the overt physical action of the individual.

It seems so easy to think of all that happens in us and among us as human beings as if it was just a human experience. It isn’t! It is the Divine at work dynamically through the human experience. Usually, it gets very messy because the people involved have so little consciousness of what is happening. The opportunity for divine dynamism turns into human drama.

So here’s my point. There are all-powerful universal forces at work inside you all the time, and you could let that happen in a totally masterful way. Those forces are interacting with each other and that is what is bringing dynamism to your experience. Think of it! The truth of the universe is constantly activating your thoughts. You may or may not be open to it, but it’s trying. The love of the universe is constantly working in your emotional realm. That’s why being human is such a wild ride.

The ancients depicted the Godhead as splitting into four cosmic forces. Here is an ancient symbol that portrays this process, discovered by the author James Churchward in his book The Sacred Symbols of Mu.

The symbol shows those four cosmic forces, symbolized by the four arms of this cross, all of which are in motion. This symbolizes the constantly changing dynamism within all Creation and within us as human beings. So even if a person thinks they have life figured out for a moment, the dynamic changes.

While this can seem mystical and esoteric, it is, at the same time, immediate and familiar. Because these four cosmic forces appear through these four aspects of a human being: thoughts, feelings, the physical body and the human spirit. They are all an expression of the Godhead, the Creator, the source of all Creation meeting within you, to join in you and become the expression of you to the world. That’s dynamism!

Jesus spoke brilliantly about the way this process works. Addressing the human experience, he said this:

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

Jesus is speaking about four aspects of human experience.

Heart = Feeling

Soul = Human Spirit

Mind = Thought

Strength = Physical Body

The four cosmic forces at work through these four aspects of the human experience move into an elegant dynamic relationship, without a “grinding of gears” when the human experience is acknowledged by the human being as originating in the Creator and when the human capacity is in total love response to the source of the energy that is coming through it. Then the dynamism has the opportunity to come into the rhythm of the Creator, represented by the ancient symbol above. There is elegance, grace, wholesomeness and vitality in the creative process.

The Creator is throwing a party inside you. Enjoy it! Invite others to join the celebration!

David Karchere
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