Creating and Serving Your World

I have discovered there’s a lot of joy and new possibility available when you finally start owning that you are a creator. It has become a cliché for some people: “I am a Scorpio. I am a writer. And oh yeah, I am the creator of my world.” The power of this experience is only known when you take responsibility for the world you create and serve it. “I am the creator of my world! I love it and take responsibility for it.”

Being a conscious creator requires a strong vertical connection to the possible, the invisible aspect of being. People are creating all the time, consciously or not. If they are not conscious, they end up feeling victimized by what they create. For example, a person may long to have a home, so they buy a house but that doesn’t fulfill the longing. They may decide what they really need is a relationship, maybe a partner and maybe a few children, and still they are not feeling fulfilled. They end up feeling burdened by these acquisitions. A home or a healthy relationship occurs when there is something being brought into the experience, not when the intention is to get something out of it. As a creator of your world, you can create a home anywhere; and any relationship holds the potential for creative possibility.

The longing to create a home is natural, as is the desire to be in relationship. It is a longing to be connected to the source of all being, our true heavenly home and family. My experience is that our longing is related to our nature as a creator. We are designed to consciously create in the earth, manifesting a design that is sourced in our being. There is an experience of joy when we do that. There is a field created that includes everyone and everything that is in our world. People consciously creating together take responsibility for that world and use it for the revelation of being. It becomes a creative field.

This experience is connected to being of service. The idea of serving may be limited in our understanding. I looked up the definition and the first listing was “to be a servant.” That’s true, though being a servant might be thought of as being a maid or a butler. When I speak about service, I’m not speaking of that range; because being a servant, unless you really are serving something high and fine, would be just another job title. The listing in the definition that represented most accurately what I am speaking about was “to be of use.” I think that is a really good definition of serving: to be of use. What is important is: to whom or what would you be of use? If you’re trying to be of use to the limited vision you have of what it would mean to be a creator of a world that would satisfy you, you end up being self-serving. You are buying a house instead of creating a home. When you buy a house it isn’t of use to anyone but you until it becomes a home. Then it is of use to anyone who enters in. It provides rest, sanctuary and nourishment. It is useful.

There is a very basic part of our nature that has an awareness of the oneness of all being. We have created a culture that values individual accomplishment and independence. Unfortunately this has resulted in a sense of separation from that oneness. We have been trained by this culture that we need to take care of ourselves—“me and mine,” as they say. We need to make sure we have all our needs taken care of, because no one else will. We may have bought into the idea that our creative field is separate from everything else.

Not too long ago, when I was in a scary situation financially, a friend of mine said, “You’ve been so generous to your world—do you actually believe that world would not be generous back to you?” I had to shift out of the remnants of the reality I bought into of separation. I am connected to the world I am creating. I am connected to the invisible reality of being. I am in service to that and therefore useful to the creative field manifesting through me. I had trapped myself into a reality of separation. I am deeply appreciative for the space we have to speak about seeing these traps that we have set up for ourselves, and knowing we can undo them.

You may have heard the story of the young girl who was watching her mother prepare a baked ham for dinner. She watched her mother cut off both ends of the ham and put it in the roasting pan. She asked, “Mommy, how come you cut the ends off the ham before you put it in the pan?” And she says, “Well, that’s how my mom did it.” Her mother suggests she go ask Grandma. So she asks her grandma: “Grandma, how come you cut off the ends of the ham before you put it in a pan?” She answers, “That’s how my mom did it.” “Go ask Great-Grandma.” So she went and asked Great-Grandma: “Great-Grandma, how come you cut off the ends of the ham before you put it in the pan?” She said, “Because it was too big and didn’t fit in the pan.” A practical choice turns into a habit, which turns into a way of life, which in turn can be a trap. Being responsible for yourself is a great and true practical choice. When it becomes a way of life separate from the rest of the world, it becomes a trap of separation. You lose the opportunity to be of service, to be useful to the whole world, because you have forgotten you are connected to it.

There are things we believe and think, based on the way our mother or father taught us, the way our grandparents taught us, our teachers or our church taught us. There are traps of disconnection that we don’t even see. And we have the power to buy a new pan that holds a whole ham. We have the power to invest in a new way of thinking and creating that allows majesty and connection to be in our expression. We can reconnect to that internal longing that is connected to our true home and to all being.

A true servant is of use to all that is wholesome and life-giving. We are the creators of our worlds. As we release the trap of separate thinking, we create a world that offers blessing to all of humanity. We are designed to do that, and there is nothing more wonderful than doing it with others making the same conscious choice.

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