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All that Emissaries of Divine Light bring to the world is a result of the generosity of people since 1932. This is a collective endeavor fueled by all of us who participate.

Here are three ways to contribute:

  • Financial Donations
    • Your financial donations carry the power of your love for the mission we share—the spiritual regeneration of humankind. From a practical standpoint, they make possible service to the world that otherwise would not be possible.
    • Your donations empower our work. They support our programs, like the Creative Field and Attunement education. They support Sunrise Ranch and all the love it brings to the world. And they assist us to create a thriving future for Emissaries of Divine Light.
    • Your donations are tax-deductible in the United States.
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  • Labors of Love
    • People from around the globe offer their service to the activities of Emissaries of Divine Light. They volunteer at Sunrise Ranch and at other Emissary Centers. They bring spiritual generation to the immediate world in which they live. And they offer their talents to our collective work. Our labors of love are a vital part of weaving the fabric of this spiritual community. And without them, we could not fulfill our mission.
    • If you would like to write to someone about offering your labor of love, click the button below:
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  • Life-Giving Words
    • We are all endowed with the power to speak or write words that inspire, encourage, and enlighten. From the beginning, the words spoken by Emissaries of Divine Light have done exactly that. Without those words, we wouldn’t have a program, and we would have nothing to offer the world.
    • The heart of this ministry is the Pulse of Spirit and the words spoken and written by many that carry forward its message.
    • If you would like to contribute to this lifeblood of our work, you can do so by sharing your creative words by clicking on the button below and sharing a comment.
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Thank you for all the love and inspiration you carry in your heart and for all the ways you manifest that in the world.