Power, Presence, and Wisdom

Some of us have been reflecting on the journey we have been on for the last few weeks. There is such a sense of power building amongst us.

We have been speaking about what it means to let the lightning come down in our own experience, realizing that the lightning descends for us when lightning ascends from us. That is a scientific reality—meteorologically speaking, lightning works that way on the planet.

We have also been speaking about the multiple dimensions of the Reality in which we live. And then we noted the human tendency to stay stuck in limited dimensions—the physical, mental, personal, and emotional—all of which can be beautiful. But those lower dimensions of the Reality in which we live rely on higher dimensions. They do not work well if we have no conscious openness to higher dimensions of Reality that power the lower.

We have been talking about three elements of those higher dimensions: power, Presence, and wisdom.

Thinking of this past month, I celebrate what we have done. We pushed through blockages in our mental and emotional field. We have pushed through vibrational blocks. There is a clear conscious field we have created together.

Using the clear field we have created in this Pulse of Spirit, let us invoke the empowerment of higher levels of Reality—power, Presence, and wisdom.

Let’s begin by invoking a higher wisdom. To let that happen, we acknowledge the limitations of human intelligence and the limits of our own ability to sort through all the things that a human being encounters in their life. Don’t all of us face that? While we have gained whatever knowledge and expertise we have in our lives thus far, there is so much transpiring in our world that is beyond our ability to comprehend or solve. That is true in the world at large and in the immediate sphere of our own life.

We cannot figure it all out. But here is what we can do: We can open up to a higher intelligence and a higher wisdom. We can live in the faith that it is there for us and that what is available to come through us right now of that higher intelligence is enough. And it is wonderful. It lights us up, and it lights up our world. We see something different when we are open to it. We are guided by it. There is something more to do with that guidance. There is something more to see and to say.

I am guided by a higher wisdom.

The Presence we invoke is the Presence of the Wonderful One within.

Presence is hard to define. We are not speaking about the presence of something physical. We are not talking about an energy. We are talking about the presence of Self.

The religious word for the ultimate Selfhood is God. But God has gotten a bad name in so many ways because of the way people practice religion.

We are all entitled to name the Presence that is there for us and to address it in our own way. It is a very personal thing.

How do you invoke Presence for yourself? Chanting or speaking the name you have chosen can be a powerful act. If we have a loving partner, we probably do not just say, “Hey you!” We may speak the person’s name, or we may call them by some term of endearment. How do we speak to divine Presence? How do we invoke it for ourselves? And how do we make that relationship real?

I will be content with every circumstance. More than content, I will give praise to You. I will celebrate who is present in every circumstance, and I acknowledge that in all things. You have been there for me, always. No matter how alone I felt, how desperate I felt, how low I felt, you have been there. Thank you.

By the very nature of the relationship, we as human souls are in service to the higher reality of who we are, which is nothing other than us. So, acknowledging that that is the nature of the relationship, we open ourselves humbly to the Presence of the Wonderful One within.

Some of us might have more sparkling personalities than others. Some are extroverts, and some are introverts. But for all of us, outer personality means little, except when it is illuminated and animated by the higher Presence of Being that we are.

Let me bring that Presence through my human soul into the world in which I live.

I care a whole lot more about doing that than being a sparkling personality.

In my everyday interactions with people, let me be so undisturbed in an outer sense that the Presence from within can be felt by me and emanate through me in this world.

We have the ability to bring the Presence of the Wonderful One within.

We could be chagrined at all the times we have not done that. I say, Just leave that memory alone. Leave it! It does not matter. You are here now; I am here now; that Presence is here now.

The power is Love. Love is born from the Presence.

Is that not how Love works? When you feel Love from another person, it has meaning because of their Presence. It is emanating from their Presence. It is not some disembodied energy. It is nothing other than the radiance of Presence.

When we invoke the Presence for ourselves, we invoke the power of Love. And when that Presence shines through us, the power of Love emanates from us. It moves in the world.

When we invoke the Presence of the Wonderful One within, Love vibrates through the collective energy field in which we live. If we have invoked the Presence, we have invoked the power of Love, and then the vibration of Love is moving in our conscious energy field personally and collectively. It is rippling through the waters of consciousness and moving with power.

The power of Love is nothing other than the Presence expressing itself. The power of Love transforms the field of consciousness and energy we inhabit.

So good to consciously invoke the power, Presence, and wisdom of Being together! This is the lightning we are welcoming into this field. Let this Pulse of Spirit be an intensified experience of that invocation. And let us have the spiritual centering to allow the portal we are opening now to stay open in the time to come.