Evolving the Morphic Field

David Karchere

If something is transpiring for us and we do not see it because we are thinking of our life in other terms, isn’t it entirely possible that we will never come to the point of clear understanding in that scenario? Or fulfillment? Or happiness? That we could be forever struggling because we do not see what is really happening? And therefore, we are not cooperating and harmonizing with what’s happening. We are attempting to make something work that isn’t really happening. Except in our mind. How frustrating!

I believe that’s what is happening to humanity. We think one thing is happening, but actually there is something else happening that we have not seen.

Out of a desire to open our collective vision to what really is happening, I invite you to entertain this possibility: there are only two things that you can feel. You can feel the drumbeat of the universe and where it comes from, and you can feel the drum. The drumbeat is the vibration of Creation, the universal Om. It comes from the Creator. The drum is all substance of Creation at all levels.

There is the drum itself, but the drum isn’t static. It is being beaten by the Master Drummer—the Creator. It is reverberating throughout the cosmos. And here we are, as human beings, each one of us at the epicenter of the drum for our world, where the drumstick of the Master Drummer is striking the drum. The reverberation of that drumbeat is moving all through the drum. We are feeling that. The Master Drummer is calling us to take an active part in this act of Creation.

There is a personal dimension to those feelings. That drum is our creative field. It is everything that extends out from that epicenter, where the pulse of Spirit is striking the drum. And where is it striking the drum? Right at the epicenter of our soul. So it’s reverberating through our feelings and through the body of auric substance that we carry. It is reverberating through our mind and our body. And then that drumbeat is reverberating on out into the broader field that we are a part of. This is what we are feeling.

Our creative field has a physical dimension, just like we ourselves have a physical dimension. But we know from our personal experience that we are a whole lot more than just a body. There are all these other layers that are so important. Those levels that are higher than the physical dimension govern what’s happening in the body, do they not? What we think and what we feel moves our body around. We have an idea. I want to go someplace. I want to say something. And we do it. It is all governed by the higher layers. The physical dimension of the world is governed by a layer of culture, a layer which is the emotional body of humankind, and by humankind’s vibrational energy field. That is all part of the drum.

If we conceive ourselves, as human beings, to be essentially physical bodies with a little mental guidance, and if we conceive of our world around us to be a place of physicality and practicality, and if we don’t understand that there are all the layers of mind, emotion and vibration, we don’t begin to understand our opportunity.

In the creative field closest to us, there is our emotional body and the energy field that we carry. This is the personal dimension of a larger creative field. In that closest part of the field, there are patterns carried forward from out of the past. This personal field contains memory, just as Rupert Sheldrake described regarding morphic fields. Those memories are patterns of emotional behavior that tend to be relived until they are changed.

We sometimes speak of dysfunctional emotional patterns that we relive as emotional wounds. Is that any different from the rest of the creative field that we are in? Are there not wounds in that field, and tears in the drumhead all around? The big awakening is that those patterns are present, whether close to me in my personal experience or further away. They are all part of the creative field. They are not me.

We come into a place of not taking it all personally, not creating an edifice of personality and personal woundology that we say has to be cured. We just realize that this is part of what’s happening for the drum. We are here to bring the vibration of Universal Love, which is the cosmic vibration entering the drum. The pulse of this Spirit beats the drum.

What is the drum? It contains a world of human experience, a world of personality, a world of politics, a world of culture. All of that is part of the drum.

At the higher levels of the drum—which is our creative field—there are a few inextricably related ideas. There is the field of consciousness, the field of heart, the field of awareness, and the field of auric substance, which is also the morphic field, meaning it contains formative information for everything else that happens. All these things are part of one thing. If you ignore it and try to change the personality field, the cultural field, the political field, the economic field, or the financial field, without reshaping the higher levels of the field, it can be a risky, unproductive business. Without paying attention to what’s happening at these higher, formative levels of the morphic field, we could work very hard for a long time and not get very far.

When we realize that everything at a lower level—all the finance, all the politics, the economics, the culture—relates to what’s happening at the core of the human heart, we realize where our most powerful work lies.

People who seek to manipulate money and world culture and politics know about this. They try to control things so that they can steal the human heart. They motivate people through fear and envy. And why? Because they know that if they have your heart, they have all of you.

We see what the game is for ourselves. And so, we take the courageous act of exposing our innermost heart to the Master Drummer so that the Highest Love beats strongly within our heart of hearts. We invite in the Highest Love, who is the rightful owner of our heart. In that act, we are liberated. The drumbeat is moving through us powerfully. It gives life. We are set free because that pulsation contains within it the vibration that guides, shapes, and forms our life. It becomes the basis of our navigation of all things. It tells us who we are and where we are going and what must be for us.

There is great care needed not to offend anybody if you bring a political message and want to persuade the voting public. There has to be care at all these levels of human culture to tiptoe around the personality world. Here at the highest level of things, yes, there’s some care to be accurate to the drumbeat. But we are here to allow the fullness of that beat to pound in our heart and then to take up the drumstick ourselves and strike the drum with our full power and with free abandon.

So when I say that we have misconstrued and misunderstood our place in things, and what’s going on, I am referring to the way most people take what they are feeling personally. They are feeling their entire creative field, and they are feeling the drumbeat. They then interpret that as a personal emotion, as if it were all about them as a personality when they are feeling the act of Creation.

Generally speaking, we have not understood that we are connected to the Master Drummer through feeling. Martin Cecil made the remarkable statement that feeling is the body of the spirit of God. The remarkable truth is that within your feeling realm and mine, with whatever else is going on, if you can find it—and you will find it if you want to—there is the very presence of the Divine. Not somewhere far away or somewhere disconnected. Within your feeling realm is the pulse of the Master Drummer, who is calling you and me to pick up the drumstick and, for a moment anyway, forget the politics, forget the economics and all the practical things, and all the emotional wounding, and make our drum available to the Master Drummer. Then beat the drum.

We allow the drumbeat of the Highest Love to move out into the field. Suppose at some lower personality level we tried to let the full power of who we are move to one another with reckless abandon. In that case, we might be shouting at each other, trying to push each other around, force each other to do something—being emotionally or physically demonstrative. At those levels, there is rightly great discretion and care—and restraint. But at the highest level of the field, we can, with great abandon, pound the drum. Let it reverberate.

We are not trying to change anybody. At this high level of our function, we don’t have a personality-directed message for anyone. We’re not trying to correct anyone or tell anyone what to do. We are beating the drum for all to hear and to allow the drum to reverberate within them, inspiring all to open to the Master Drummer and beat the drum.

The drumbeat guides and shapes our life. If there is something broken, it heals it. I’m not here to tell you what your wounds are, and I’m not even here to analyze all my own wounds, although I sometimes see them. Let them be seen. There are things I feel. Let them be felt. I’m not here to fix, and I don’t believe you are either. We are here to sound the drum, having faith in the Master Drummer. He knows us, She knows us, and gives us what we need, and sounds the vibration for this world’s healing and evolution.

Some of us have been reading a set of literature to prepare for the Emissary Servers Council. It includes a piece by Martin Cecil entitled Pneumaplasm and Evolution. Pneumaplasm is a word for auric substance. It is the substance of the creative field that we can feel. When we beat the drum, that drumbeat is evolving the auric substance. Things are happening in the substance. New patterns are forming. The essences that become culture are taking shape in the morphic field, and they begin to inspire culture to let them take outer form in the world.

We are here to evolve the morphic field. We could try to evolve the physical form directly. And I do not deny all the practical things that we need to do in our life—that’s all a part of it. But perhaps we are beginning to realize that our physical world is ultimately reflecting the morphic field. So we are evolving the morphic field as we beat the drum, sending the reverberation of Universal Love into it.

As lightworkers, this is what we are doing in every moment of every day, sometimes in a focused and conscious way, such as in the writing and reading of this Pulse of Spirit. And often as we beat the drum while we carry on very normal activities from day to day.

We are evolving that field. We are letting it take shape. There are wonders appearing and new possibilities taking form in the creative field. We are feeling, seeing, and knowing the seminal shapes and forms of a new world. Hearts no longer captured by fear, envy or lamentation; we are liberated to create. Clearly, we feel those emotions. But our hearts are being freed up so that we may beat the drum, and the substance of our creative field may evolve and take new form.

Let the vibration of the Highest Love reverberate through our collective drum.