Take Over Your Own Mind

David Karchere

Enlightened thinking is thinking that opens up to our spiritual nature, where the truth of who we are resides. The truth of who we are is an aspect of Divine Being. The truth of who we are as a Being connects with all of Being. So, when we are tapping into the truth of who we are, we are tapping into all creativity everywhere. When we are tapping into our own creatorship and ourselves as a Creator-being, we are tapping into the Creator. We’re accessing all wisdom and all knowledge and all power.

All of that is available to our own minds. It comes in proper proportion. Would we want to be tortured by knowing everything everywhere, all instantaneously, now? That portion of all knowledge that is relevant to us in our lives and our function is available to us when our mind opens up to the spiritual. We become brilliant, and the ordering power of the Universe comes into our lives through our conscious awareness. This wonderful instrument of consciousness was meant to become aware of that—not all of it for Pluto and for the far reaches of the Milky Way galaxy, but all of it related to us and our life function. The ordering power of the Universe comes into our psyche and into our world.

Clearly, if we look at our world today, this experience is largely missing from the human psyche. We don’t have to be with people very long in our own lives to find out that something else is happening.

Enlightened thinking lets our spiritual nature define us. It banishes lower definitions of selfhood that the world attempts to foist upon the individual—you are afraid, you are bad, you are not good enough. It changes thinking that endlessly reacts to events around us to thinking that expresses the genius within us. It transforms scarcity thinking to abundance thinking. Enlightened thinking defends us against the assault of the unenlightened thinking of the world.

For many people, the amazing faculties of the mind are not open to enlightened thinking. Instead of being turned to their spiritual nature, which is the source of creativity and order within them, the function of the mind is generated by the mind itself without the benefit of the creative flow from the spiritual nature of the person. And so, instead of the natural protection of the human soul by enlightened thought, the thoughts of the mind attack the human soul. The mind becomes like the immune system in the midst of an autoimmune disease. Instead of defending the human soul from beliefs that are foreign to its nature, the mind turns on it, eating at the human heart.

Harsh picture? Overstated? For anyone who has earnestly offered assistance to a friend who was in the middle of an internal crisis, this picture is all too familiar. Or perhaps we have been a friend to someone for whom this is a chronic experience. For any observant witness of human experience in the helping professions, this is common. It shows itself as worry, doubt, anxiety, shame and self-loathing.

Healthy mental function preserves order and goodness, and is meant to dispel any errant thought that isn’t true and any belief that is not life-giving. The mind is there to be alert and conscious, so it may maintain the order of the Universe in the human experience. But obviously something has happened that disrupts that, whether we look at it from the standpoint of the individual or from the standpoint of the culture in which we live. That capacity of mind that is designed to keep the order of what is true of the person and true of their world can turn on the psyche, and then turn on the world.

We look at human culture and we see the minds of human beings not only turning on themselves but turning on each other. You might think that in a given circumstance there might be some kind of self-protective logic to it, however cruel. Perhaps there is a halfway-reasonable kind of competitive logic that the person will advantage themselves over another human being. But so much of what we witness is so plainly not even that. It is obviously irrational and self-sabotaging, leading to a downward-moving cycle for the person and for the world around them.

In Greek mythology, Prometheus was from the race of Titans, a second generation of deities from after the creation of the world. Prometheus means “Forethought” and he was known as a clever trickster.

Prometheus stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to humankind. As a punishment for his crime, he was chained to a rock where an eagle came to peck at him perpetually. Because he was a god, he healed at night, only to undergo the same terror the next day.

There are many hints in the story that reveal its symbology—the very meaning of Prometheus’s name, the fact that he was a trickster, and the stealing of fire. And in ancient scripture, a bird is often used as a symbol of thought.

Here is the ancient’s way of describing the self-destructive nature of unenlightened thoughts. Thoughts prey on the human psyche when the mind takes over; when the mind attempts to usurp the role of our spiritual sovereignty. This is when the mind takes charge, irrespective of you. And irrespective of your connection to the ordering power of the Universe that is available to you. When the mind does that, it tries irrationally and chaotically to be in charge. And the mind is a cruel master of the human experience. Instead of defending the human psyche against what is false, it begins to pick at the wounds of the human experience.

I invite you, dear reader, to consider these things for yourself, in your own experience. Is there any way in which you are allowing your own thoughts to prey upon your soul, stealing your happiness, your joy and your creativity? Or are you letting the thoughts of others invade your own heart and do the same? If so, I invite you to bring a change to this state of affairs.

Here is what I propose: a massive, organized takeover of our own minds. By us. Sometimes people try to claim their innocence and their openheartedness, while ignoring the unenlightened thoughts of their mind. While the remedy of innocence and openheartedness is a balm to the soul, at some point the unenlightened thoughts of the mind have to be dealt with.

Sometimes a person attempts to battle their own thoughts. So, they have thoughts struggling with thoughts in a never-ending inner turmoil.

What I am proposing is something altogether different—a massive takeover of our own minds, by us! I propose we own our minds, as is, as ours; that we step into them to guide and redirect them from the core of our soul. That we demand that they reorient to spiritual inspiration. That we use our mind’s protective ability to fend off the lies of the world around us, and demand that it stops using that protective ability to attack our own soul.

The enlightened mind has been called a guardian angel. It guards the heart from believing and absorbing what is not true. And it guides the heart to know the love that emanates from our spiritual nature. What a wonderful function! It can bring the ordering power of the Universe into the human psyche. But just like an immune system that turns against the body itself instead of the invasion of what is foreign to the body, a mind has the ability to turn its guardian abilities against the heart and soul of the human being.

Thus the need for the takeover. To be free, we have to step into our own mental function and own it. And then liberate it. We liberate our own capacity of mind by opening up to a higher wisdom, a higher intelligence, a higher order that doesn’t begin in the mind itself.

If we have to chain our mind, let’s chain it to the spiritual and tell it, “You will never leave me and my use for you. You are my mind.” And to put it in the childish expression, “You are not the boss of me!” My own thought process is not the boss of me. I could add, “and neither is anybody else’s.”

What is the boss of me is the guidance that is available to me spiritually—my spiritual calling. It’s the direction that is constantly available for my life; it’s that urge. And I find that my heart is my ally in this, not my enemy, because my heart is part of what connects my mind to the impulse of Creation. It commands me:

Do this. Go there. Help this person. Speak this. Create this.

These words are from Lloyd Arthur Meeker, dated March 16, 1937. They have the power to open up enlightened thought if allowed to do so. They speak of conscious participation in Creation. Consider them imaginative and fanciful, or perhaps real as it relates to a time long ago. I am far more interested in us here and now. I am much more interested in the conscious creative work that we are about and the necessity for harmonization of the creative forces that are at work through us, which these words invoke.

Through this Perfect Temple Vision of Reality you behold the Truth of Creation, and you know that all of the God-Beings Who function in the Whole, Holy World were drawn together and ordained to Their appointed Places as the first great step in the creative process. It was in this great step in the beginning of the creation of this world that the Christ Kingdom was set up for this world. The Christ Radiance flows forth from all God-Beings eternally, and that Radiance did not begin with the beginning of creation, but the God-Beings involved did not come into the specific Harmonization which allows the Lines of Force, or Vibration, by which the world was created, until the time when the creative work was to begin. So it is that the Christ Kingdom for the Whole, Holy World was set up as the first step in the creative Process, and is, therefore, the Foundation of the world.

 You also see that Vibrations of the Creative Lines of Force could not be set up until the Harmonization of God-Beings took place, any more than a scattered group of men can begin the activities of business and commerce until they are organized as one group, as in a corporation. The Organization of God-Beings took place for the specific work of Creation, and this Harmonization had to precede the setting up of those Vibrations whereby Creation took place. This Divine Organization, or Cosmic Harmonization of God-Beings, is the Christ Kingdom for this World, and that Christ Kingdom was not set up until the time of that Harmonization insofar as this world is concerned.

These words remind me of what the indigenous Australian people call the Dreamtime. There is the Tone to be sounded in the Dreamtime, and the Dreamtime is not long ago. The Dreamtime is now. And it’s not just someplace else. It is among us who are consciously incarnate as spiritual Beings now. We are here to bring that harmonization and allow the ordering power of the Universe to come through consciousness. We are here to unleash the holy power, which is the order of the Cosmos—not to crank it out, mentally speaking, but simply to open up to it and allow that power to move through us and among us, and in the space in which we live; no longer letting the function of the mind turn on ourselves to destroy and eat us up, but allowing it to order the human psyche within us and around the world, and bring life.

So may it be on this day, in this place where we are, now and always.