Uniting Love’s Thread with the Invisible Link

As we hold a vigil for humankind with spiritually awake people the world around, we are issuing a daily Pulse of Spirit for the next several days. We are quickening the pulse. 

Each one will radiate our collective love and light for a world experiencing transmutation at the most profound level. Thank you for being part of this radiance.

~ David Karchere


I can’t believe the synchronicity and the power of the invisible that has threaded our connection together today, because we’re all on the same wavelength, and it’s so inspiring to me.

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK and I’m blessed with two children. Lewis, my oldest, is thirty-six, and my daughter Aishia is twenty-seven. Motherhood is the best role I could have in my lifetime—to be a mother and to be their mother with them through life, and for them to be my children.

I want to share a journey with you on trusting the invisible. It’s an incident that really blew my socks off. My son is currently struggling with colon cancer and having chemotherapy. I can’t see him because of what’s going on with the coronavirus, and his immune system is impaired. I come each day to my meditation room because the only way that I can connect to him is through the invisible. 

One evening a few days ago I was standing, stroking a photograph of him looking well and vibrant, and focused on consciously connecting with him. I was feeling his energy so strongly magnifying towards me. And within seconds of my stroking his photograph, he phoned me out of the blue. I just fell to my knees in praise and awe of the connectivity of the invisible.

Love is invisible. Creative Source is invisible. When we apply love to that thoughtful creative connection, we can create everything we see, feel and touch. Through the invisible loving realm, my son felt me and phoned me. I hadn’t spoken to him for a few weeks because of the sporadic connectivity that we have. That’s been difficult because he’s been very low with his energy levels because of chemotherapy treatments. So, the phone call out of the blue was a reminder of our Divine connection.

At this time, when we can’t see or touch each other, I go through this routine with myself when I feel I’m missing out on giving or feeling loved. I literally cross my arms and hold my own shoulders, with closed eyes, and I imagine I’m being touched by a particular person I miss very much. Then I stroke my arms down and feel the presence of them so very close to me and take them into my heart center. And through that subtle flow of the invisible lines of the ether, the interconnection of trust just carries my love towards them and I feel their love coming towards me.

This kind of connection is all some of us have at this present moment in time with the necessary isolation. We can practice this method of accessing the invisible thread of flowing love connection that surrounds us all. I feel the pulsating spirit of love, even more powerful than ever before. And knowing that I have these pristine energies around me, I feel so strong and so connected that I don’t feel as if I can ever fail in life. I can’t fail if I’m alone in life, I can’t fail if I’m stranded somewhere in life, because I know I have this invisible, loving connectivity with you. The presence of heart, mind and connection is so very strong, and we have to trust it more than ever now.

I’m going to share with you a chant that I came up with today as I was walking through the woodland. There are pathways all the way through this beautiful wooded area. And these pathways behind me and in front of me inspired me to think of the pathways that we’re going through en masse, together. The journey that we’re taking together is so unique now, and we have to trust the journey that we’re all on together and trust that invisible causeway to keep us connected.

Because of you I learned to stay on the journey
Because of you I’m bringing light on the pathway
Because of you I’m standing strong and tall, my heart is beating pure
Because of you I’m not alone,
I’m not afraid.