The Spirituality We Are Born With

A human being is never more spiritual than they were on the day they were born. Every human being is born hardwired to the Divine. This is our primal spirituality.

The word primal simply means “first.” Our primal spirituality is the spirituality we were born with. It is the spirituality behind all the world’s great religions. It is what inspired the original teachers of all true spiritual paths.

The teaching of primal spirituality does not put anything “new” into a human being. Instead, it uncovers the spirituality that’s always been inside them, just hidden.

This is a practical, embodied spirituality. It is the art of living in which you have access to the vast resources of Universal Love and Universal Truth.

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The Hidden Switch

Human’s spirituality connects to each other through the heart, so emotional intelligence is key to a positive human experience.

Primal spirituality helps increase emotional intelligence because it helps people deal with the oppressive beliefs they’ve been taught by mainstream culture—beliefs that hinder the natural development of emotional intelligence.

Primal Spirituality offers an in-depth, intuitive education on emotional intelligence. It outlines the patterns that create the emotional dynamics at work in a human life and helps us master our emotional experience.

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The courses, workshops and trainings offered by Emissaries of Divine Light will help you uncover your Primal Spirituality through profound self-expression, where you’ll access deeper and deeper dimensions of the creative spirit within you.

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