The Living Temple

The Pulse of Spirit brings the central guidance system of Universal Love for the human experience. In the carrier wave of Universal Love comes the unfolding pattern of Creation for each of us and for all of us together as humankind. The knowledge of this unfolding pattern is the wisdom of Creation, made available to us all.

Reflecting on the human experience, there is a disconnect in the heart of humanity that blocks this central guidance system and prevents it from being fully received. There is a stubbornness and arrogance of mind that maintains the disconnect in the heart. But that doesn’t mean the Pulse of Spirit is not present. Universal Love hasn’t gone anywhere, despite the disconnect.

Our role as Emissaries of Divine Light is to make the Pulse of Spirit immediately available to the world. This publication is a relatively small but important part of that process. It is an expression through human media of the Pulse of Spirit. That is how this publication got its name.  

The Pulse of Spirit is supremely relevant to the human experience. What could be more relevant? It contains the source code of life. That source code has information regarding every facet of human experience—every field of endeavor, every human relationship, the flow of human thought and feeling, and the intelligence that is constantly telling us who we are. And so, for us, as we open to the Pulse of Spirit and let it flow through us, we are offering what is supremely relevant to all humanity, starting with our own human experience.

Relevance is one of the properties of the Pulse of Spirit. But it is not relevance alone that makes it meaningful. There is so much available in world culture that is relevant to humanity but which lacks another essential qualityorientation in the true reference point. The true reference point is the north star for humankind. It tells us where we are and points to the invisible source of life within us.

So much of human culture is self-referential from the standpoint of humanity as a whole. It refers to some other element of human culture—what someone else thought, felt, created, or experienced. And so, the dynamics of culture ricochet about the world, bouncing off each other. Of course, everything originates in Universal Love. But without a conscious connection to that reality, the central guidance system for the human experience isn’t received.

How do we deliver something of value through ourselves that is not only relevant but also a powerful gift that meets the needs of the world? So much is available in the world that references another element of world culture. And so, human culture has a way of getting recycled, at all levels, whether it is the arts, music, philosophy, politics, religion, spirituality, or anything else. And while culture is something we share in common, to bring value, we must reference something that is not of human culture. Yes, relevant to human culture, cognizant of human culture, but not of the culture, not just a recycling of the latest popular ideas and fads. That latest fad could be of art or music. It could be of spirituality or personal growth, self-improvement, or any of the things of human culture.

To bring what has supreme value, we have to bring what doesn’t just reference human culture. We have to bring a creative expression that is not of this world. As it has been said, we are in this world, but we are not of this world.

Physically speaking, we are made of the substance of Planet Earth. But we are bringing something that originates from beyond it. When we do, we are a Living Temple. Here is a name for something composed of English words from our culture. The name might sound religious. But it doesn’t appear in the Bible and isn’t commonly used. I’m using it here to name something not of human culture.

What does the name evoke for you?

We are a flesh temple for the presence of Universal Love in the world and for the presence of Being, from whom it comes. We are a Living Temple.

This Living Temple is a home for the Living Word. The Living Word is the voice of the universe as it comes to focus here. It is the creative current that brings life relevant to our planet, our race, and our culture. And yet the Living Word is a reality that is not of our culture. The words might sound familiar—they are English—yet they refer to something not of culture: The Living Word.

In the magic of how we are made, our words can bring the Living Word. In that sense, our words can become the Living Word, not in and of themselves but because they express the ineffable, which is the central guidance system for our lives.

We are holonically made as human beings and as humankind so that, just as in our physical bodies, an individual cell contains the pattern for the whole body—not just that cell; the same is true for us as cells in the body of humankind. We have within us the pattern of all of humankind. And we are bringing the Living Word into the cell of the body of humankind that we are. As we do, we become a Living Temple for the Living Word.

When that happens for us individually, we carry the central guidance system for humankind. We are offering that pattern to the world in which we live. We are bringing that global blessing.

This global blessing is the power of Love. Love is the carrier wave. And on that carrier wave is the truth of the universe that is relevant to our human experience. That is the Living Word. The Living Word brings life.

The power of Love, without the creative pattern of its unfoldment in a human life, is not a blessing. It is a fire that burns. But that fire of love, with that pattern for a human being and for all of us as humankind, is the blessing. And if we are to know it all around us, and for our children and our children’s children, we have to be listening to it, attuned to it, referencing it—not simply referencing the culture of the world in which we live. We are attuning to something invisible. And we have faith in our ability to do that and faith in the messages of the universe that are coming to us, do we not? They come so that we might live, that we might be reborn, each of us individually and certainly as humankind. We are reborn into a new experience of who we are as someone who references the universal, not just ourselves.

As human beings, we are not here just to reference ourselves and each other. We are relevant to each other, and we are profoundly connected. And yet we are of service to each other because we become the Living Temple for the Living Word. Then we bring that to each other.

I invite you to a time of deepening Attunement. I invite you to raise your hands, first of all, to reference our north star, what is higher than you and me as human beings, not pretending that this higher reality can be contained in a human concept or belief or in a religion. We relate to our north star, so we might receive what radiates from it. We surrender to the wonder, magic, and mystery of the Living Word. We attune to it and to the holy presence from which it is born.

The Living Word is carried by the Holy Spirit. May it penetrate us deeply and profoundly, and totally. May we be penetrated by the Holy Spirit and by the Living Word, that we may know our own field of energy as the Holy Ghost. May we bring the Holy Ghost into the world—that illuminated auric substance that allows us to be a Living Temple for the holy presence.

We let it in, that it may breathe through us, shine through us; knowing that as we do, through the holonic structure of humanity, it stirs in the heart and soul of every human being, calling all to wisdom, to love, to life, to health and well-being at every level, for anyone as they release into the flow of the Holy Spirit and the Living Word.

We are made for this. This is what we are made to do as an individual. And if it was not so, we could not allow it to happen. But we are. And this is how we are made as humankind. We did not make ourselves, and we cannot find our health and well-being from ourselves. We cannot find life from ourselves or love from each other alone. All these gifts are abundantly available from their source.

And so, we open to these gifts, which are innate and primal for us as individuals and all of humankind. We receive these gifts from within ourselves, each of us. Let them in. We let in the Holy Spirit, receiving its blessing and no longer resisting it. We let it breathe into us, surrendering to it, and breathe out the blessing to all who will receive it. We breathe it out to each other: Receive this blessing. Receive this Holy Ghost. Receive this Love. And we breathe it out to the world.

We hold each other in the power of the Holy Spirit, that together we may be the Living Temple of the Living God. Behold the Temple of the Living God. We are the Temple of the Living God, and we are the Living Word in that Temple. As we fulfill this promise, we see that the earth and everything in it is the Temple of the Living God. Behold the Temple of the Living God. All human culture is designed to be the Temple of the Living God. Let it be so.

Feel the current of the Holy Spirit streaming through you now, doing its magical work, which we might perceive in various ways but make no claim to fully understand—nor do we need to, for it is the magic of life at work in its own way, doing its own magical work. May we allow it to do that work now, in this moment, and in all the moments to come. Aum-en.