Receive a heavenly download at our Sunday Service!

Every Sunday morning at 11 a.m. Mountain Time, the Sunrise Ranch community meets with people around the globe for a Sunday Service. Accompanied by music and poetry, inspiring speakers from Sunrise share their most current insights into the unfolding human story.

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Join us this Sunday

You can attend Sunday service in person at Sunrise Ranch on Sundays at 11am Mountain Time, or online via Facebook or Zoom.

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At our Sunday Service, we invite you to:

Come to a place of deep peace, Universal Love and profound meditation

Enter a safe space to let your mind open and your heart melt

Hear an enlightened message on the spiritual birth transpiring today

Equip yourself to bring your highest possible creativity to the world

Find a deeper attunement with the life-giving current within you

Share a liberating, conscious spirituality

See Video Excerpts from our Sunday Services