The Harmonization of God-Beings

The words below are from a softcover booklet we publish at Sunrise Ranch, Letters to You. The booklet is comprised of a series of letters that were written over a six-month period to those on the mailing list of Emissaries of Divine Light, from December 1936 to June 1937. The letters were authored by Lloyd Arthur Meeker, who wrote under the pen name Uranda. This is from letter Number Twelve, dated March 16, 1937.

As you behold the New Vision of the New Earth in which you find your ordained Place revealed to your Temple-Consciousness, your old concepts fall away, and your understanding yields willingly to the moulding power of your Lord before Whom you are the Priest, or Priestess, of your Body-Temple. As you receive the anointing of the Oil of Love at the Hand of your Lord so that the Temple-Consciousness, which is the Spiritual Self-Consciousness of the Temple Individually, is drawn into a Recognized and Realized Oneness With your Lord, you become aware of yourself as a Priest, or Priestess, in the Temple of your God.

In your Priestly Office before your Lord, you function in the Vision of the Single Eye, which is your Temple’s Open Window of Heaven, even the Window Above in your Ark wherein are the Three Stories, or Planes, of Being, and in which all the creatures of the earth find salvation from the flood of waters.

Through this Perfect Temple Vision of Reality you behold the Truth of Creation, and you know that all of the God-Beings Who function in the Whole, Holy World were drawn together and ordained to Their appointed Places as the first great step in the creative process. It was in this great step in the beginning of the creation of this world that the Christ Kingdom was set up for this world. The Christ Radiance flows forth from all God-Beings eternally, and that Radiance did not begin with the beginning of creation, but the God-Beings involved did not come into the specific Harmonization which allows the Lines of Force, or Vibration, by which the world was created, until the time when the creative work was to begin. So it is that the Christ Kingdom for the Whole, Holy World was set up as the first step in the creative Process, and is, therefore, the Foundation of the World.

You also see that Vibrations of the Creative Lines of Force could not be set up until theHarmonization of God-Beings took place, any more than a scattered group of men can begin the activities of business and commerce until they are organized as one group, as in a corporation. The Organization of God-Beings took place for the specific work of Creation, and this Harmonization had to precede the setting up of those Vibrations whereby Creation took place. This Divine Organization, or Cosmic Harmonization of God-Beings, is the Christ Kingdom for this World, and that Christ Kingdom was not set up until the time of that Harmonization insofar as this world is concerned.

Here is a very beautiful portrayal of the truth that creation is born out of being. For so many people, that experience is lost. Creation seems to be happening to them, all around them, and there is a loss of connection with the truth that creation comes out of being. For this world, the creation is coming out ofour being. There is a picture of God-Being in this beautiful piece of prose by Uranda: God-Being, not just as some monolithic heavenly Father, but God-Being as a constellation of being, a pattern of beings coming deeply into relationship with each other for a creative purpose. It is a portrayal of the creation of a field of vibration formed through the deliberate intensification in that pattern of relationship.

This is a picture of creation as it is. This is what you and I are already doing and have been doing for eons at the higher levels of our being. We are in relationship already. We are creating together already for the greatest of purposes—creation and re-creation. It is fulfillment in form of what is already true of our being—and in that, a celebration of being. It is also a healing of whatever is broken in the human experience.

How far the human race has come from this reality! For the most part, from the usual human view, creation comes from technology. While technology can play a part in creation, all the technology in the world cannot compensate for human beings who experience themselves as victims of circumstance. It cannot compensate for hate and resentment in the human heart. Technology is not a substitute for the already-existing creative field we share.

Real creation happens for us when we remember who we are and we remember this larger pattern of being in which we are already participating. This is vertical memory—an awareness of the higher planes of our being. And then, as Uranda so beautifully described, as a priest or priestess of this body-temple, these powerful feelings and this illuminated intelligence can be an expression of what is happening already in the heavenly realms of our being. In the heavenly realms of our being we are holding vibration between us and we are intensifying creative vibration. As a constellation of God-Being, we create a field of awareness and energy. Creation at a physical level precipitates out of that field. Therefore, we are creating according to the nature of that field.

So, very deliberately, we are raising the vibration of that field that we are holding, as enthusiastically and as energetically as if we were members of a band who were raising the energy of our musical performance. We know that whatever we create in this field of energy and consciousness between us will precipitate out into the manifest world.

We can participate in this process unconsciously, as humanity has been doing for centuries. We can be unaware that we are holding a field of consciousness. And if this is the case, it will be a field of darkened consciousness, for the most part, and darkened, distorted energy. We can be unaware of the destruction that is precipitating out of that state of consciousness. The creative opportunity we have now is to do through our physical bodies, and through our human minds and human emotions, exactly what we are already doing in the inner planes. We can allow vertical memory to deepen in us.

As vertical memory deepens, we rise out of the self-preoccupation and self-referencing that goes on in our humanity. We rise out of the vicious cycle in which that quality of consciousness creates a conflicted world, which reinforces self-preoccupation and creates more conflict. Vertical memory takes us out of that vicious cycle into an experience of real creation. We open up to the higher awareness of who we are and who we are with, and what we are here in flesh to do, which is exactly the same thing we are already doing at higher planes of our being and what we have done for eons.

From that perspective, I can well say I know you and you know me. I may have never met you before in my life, and you may have never met me. I may not know your human story, but I know your divine story, and you know mine. We can live in that awareness and create together on that basis.

The image in my mind is of a trampoline. The fabric of the trampoline is the field of consciousness and energy. When vertical memory deepens, we become aware that the divine reality of who we are is already holding that field. As a human being, we can do that very same thing in this world with other human beings who remember who they are. We become like the spring attached to the grommet on the trampoline, holding that field with others who are doing likewise. There is no greater honor than to hold this creative field of awakened consciousness.

Because of those who have come into that deeper awareness of who they are and who they are with and why they are here, this field is present in the larger field of human consciousness. The vibration moving through vertical memory and into an awakened field of consciousness is, even now, having a profound impact on the nature of that larger field.

David Karchere
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Matthew MacAskill
Matthew MacAskill
August 18, 2013 7:09 am

Beautiful meditation here. Wonderful realization of the Divine Memory within us all. Meditate and think on these things.Thank you, David

Brian Henry
Brian Henry
August 10, 2013 4:59 pm

This is a grand view and a true view presented eloquently by both Uranda and David. It deserves to be read several more times and meditated upon so that the full richness of vertical insight becomes deeply apparent. Thank you.

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