How We Fit Together

David Karchere

How do we fit together as human beings? It is a universal question. But it is also specific to the people in my life and yours.

How do we fit together? How are we meant to interact together?

We can see a failure to fit together in human culture at every level. Looking at that failure, what is needed for the divine pattern to show itself? Do you believe there is such a pattern? An unfolding design intrinsic to how we, the human family, are made?

Do you believe that there is a way that we fit together according to that pattern, where we are naturally in each other’s lives in a way that is just right for you and for me? Whether it is between two people or any group of human beings? What is the divine pattern for us?

There is plenty of evidence of a failure to find how we fit together. So, there is conflict at every level of human experience, including all-out war.

How do we, as human beings, find the divine pattern? If it truly exists—and I believe we all have some experience that it does—how do we experience it together and then operate within it?

It is said that we have a relationship with all human beings on the face of the planet within six degrees of separation. So, if you counted all the friends of a friend and extended that out six times, the idea is that you would be related to every person on the planet. It is a fantastic thought. I do not know if it is absolutely true, but I believe it is mostly true.

There is a broken pattern of human experience that we are all in the middle of. And it is the same pattern, replicating itself in our families, communities, nations, and among nations. In every collective of people—any organization, any group—this pattern shows itself. And often, it is filled with ignorance and a lack of understanding of how we fit together.

Is love the answer? You can try to love another person. But if you have no sense of how you fit with that person, where does that go? Well, it could be offensive, could it not? If somebody tries to love you inappropriately, that is not much fun. So trying to love, in and of itself, does not get us there. Somehow the divine pattern has to be found, so that I know the place that I have in your life where I can be creative for you, and I know the place that you have in my life, and I welcome that.

We have the opportunity to make a profound impact on other people’s lives. Parents have this most profound impact on a child’s life, beginning with birth. It does not get much more profound than that. And yet, there are seeds of new creation at many levels that we all have to bring to each other when it is right. We have those seeds to bring; we have them to receive.

Among countries, there is the possibility of co-creation at so many levels—culturally, economically, philosophically, and more. There are precious goods and services that move around the world to keep us all alive and well-supplied. What a profound impact! And yet we end up holding such things hostage.

In all these relationships, between individuals, among groups of people, and between nations, there is an opportunity to find the divine pattern in which we fit together.

These words are from the hymn “Let Love Command,” by George C. Hanson:

Filled with glory, we abide in this blessed place.
Sacred tones our voices sound, reshaping hallowed space.

Filled with the glory of life, the divine pattern activates the power of consciousness. Our whole being resonates with the power of that pattern. The space we inhabit with others changes. The divine pattern takes shape between us.

Glory is the radiance of life. Opening to the source of spiritual activation, I experience the mystery and wonder of being together with people worldwide who know what it means to open heart and mind to the source of divine activation. That source raises our collective vibrational rate and changes the field of consciousness and energy we share. Our voices sound with the sacredness of life, and the space begins to be filled with glory.

There are many complicated solutions proposed for human problems. And yet, without this spiritual activation, none of it works. Without this field of consciousness rising, without the heart being activated and changed, what happens? Do people ever find the divine pattern? How do they fit together? The simple answer is they do not.

Filled with glory, we abide in this blessed place.
Sacred tones our voices sound, reshaping hallowed space.

There is an activation of the space through the expression of the voice and through all the facets of human expression. When that expression is filled with sacred activation, it vibrates the space at higher and higher levels. The space reshapes, and the divine pattern appears easily and naturally.

In that space, I see you for who you are. I know you for who you are. And I can be seen in that space for who I am. The divine pattern can begin to show itself.

How much desire is there for people to find that divine pattern in the world in which we live? They can have all kinds of ego objectives “for me and mine.” For a person for whom those personal concerns are uppermost and who has no desire to have an experience of being filled with glory and finding the divine pattern until something shifts, they don’t know it. And that is the kind of world that we live in. I am not saying it is the only thing going on. But if you are a person who is spiritually activated, you are swimming upstream in the context of the world as it is. You are an uncommon person, and your spiritual activation is transpiring in the face of the world as it is.

We could point to Ukraine and Russia for blatant and grievous examples of people unable to find the divine pattern and how they relate and fit in that. But at every point of separation, at every level, from the micro to the macro, that same broken pattern shows itself. So if we are trying to fit in, that is the pattern we are fitting into.

There has to be a deliberate turning of the heart and mind to the source of the activation to relate creatively. Then the activating flame can come into the human experience, and the field in which we live changes. The activating flame is not only within us individually and shared by us collectively. That source of fire and light is not just present for us, and it is not just present for other people from its invisible source. It is there with them because we are here.

For the most part, people have a hard time finding the source of spiritual activation when it is not immediately present, when it is only invisible. They can find their guns, missiles, bombs, and tanks, but they cannot find the source of this all-powerful divine love. But when the activating flame is present, known in human experience through a group of people someplace—anyplace—it is findable.

Isaiah said something about that. In the Book of Isaiah in the Bible, he said:

Seek ye the Lord while he may be found. (Isaiah 55:6)

Seek the presence of divine Being while it is immediately available. When Isaiah was alive, that presence was known by him, and he gave voice to it. We are here, coming to the point where we can say the same.

Seek the divine presence—it is findable. It is known in human experience. It is known because I take personal responsibility for it to be known in my experience, for this human being for whom I have ultimate responsibility.

It is known by me because I make sure it is. It is known by this collective of people because we are taking responsibility to make sure it is, not just hoping we have entertaining activities.

I am here to make sure that divine presence can be found on earth through me and, to the degree that I can do something about it, through us, so that we collectively can say: Seek the divine presence here, because it is being known through us. That does not make us inherently different or special. But if we have awakened and taken responsibility, then we have something to offer and we take responsibility for offering it.

Sacred tones our voices sound, reshaping this hallowed space, in this field where the vibrational rate has increased and the flame is burning.

I invite you to allow that to happen ever more so in your life and in the creative fields in which you function every day. I encourage you to take ever greater responsibility for your human experience and for the world in which you live, so that the world experiences an increase in vibrational rate because you are there.

I also want to invite you to participate in the Creative Field Project, where you have a chance to work these principles and experience them with a small group of people. It is an opportunity to illuminate the creative field you share with that group and the lives of all who are participating in it.

If you are already participating in the Creative Field Project, I invite you to bring more and more of the ignition you have to bring, more and more of the flame of love that you are, so that the space in that small group transmutes because you are there.

Awake people are bringing the divine pattern to the world in the face of a culture that is ignorant about how we all fit together. We are reshaping the hallowed space we share and lighting up the world with our collective flame.