Spiritual Circuitry

David Karchere

The present moment is the great equalizer and the great gathering place. It is the present moment wherever you are, as it is for me and for everyone reading this article. In fact, it is the only place any of us have to be, and when we fully arrive here, we find each other.

Finding each other, we create a collective generating station for the life-giving current of Creation. We gain that collective capacity because our thoughts and feelings reach out to each other to form a collective field of consciousness that generates spiritual current.

For me, as an author, part of my process in writing is to reach out and connect with you, my reader. I envision all who read what I write. I feel you here, in this present moment.

I am touching the spirit you are, reaching out through my heart to share the Love I know. This is the One Love that includes us all. By the magic of consciousness, when we become aware of the One Love, the One Presence, and the One Reality, we are instantly part of a spiritual generation station.  

As a human being, the voltage we each carry is the potential for spiritual current to flow through us. Electrical voltage is a potential electric current, and it is defined as the pressure that moves the current. We each carry spiritual voltage as human beings, which is our potential to bring the current of Love and Light into the world. And we sometimes feel that potential as pressure or even stress.

What is the reason for spiritual voltage? In an electrical circuit, the voltage moves the current through the wiring to fulfill the purpose for which it was created—to power a toaster, illuminate a light bulb, or run a washing machine.

Spiritual voltage has a purpose too. But to fulfill that purpose, we have to let it activate the spiritual current through us in the circuitry of our life. For most people, there is little conscious awareness of this potential. So they feel the spiritual voltage as pressure, like a weight pressing down upon them. But they have little conception as to how they might let that voltage power their spiritual flow.

And so, what are they to do? Spend a lifetime feeling pressure bottled up inside them with no release? Or leak the current away by keeping themselves entertained or distracted? Or worse yet, give themselves a momentary escape from the pressure by short-circuiting their spiritual current in the destructive sparks that fly in their contact with other people?

Thankfully, the process of generating and radiating spiritual current is partly instinctual and innate. So even without a clear, conscious awareness of what is transpiring, the process is at work to some degree. But how much better to become aware of our spiritual circuitry so that we can enjoy the pleasure and fulfillment of the process—and so that we accomplish all of what can be accomplished by the flow of spiritual current.

In our spiritual circuitry, the energetic pathways in the spiritual dimension of the world in which we live are the equivalent of the copper wires in electric circuits. These pathways run through our own spiritual nature, the spiritual nature of other people, and in the spiritual dimension of the world in which we live.

Lloyd Arthur Meeker was the founder of Emissaries of Divine Light. He wrote and taught under the pen name Uranda. He said the following, that is relevant to the fulfillment of spiritual current:

There can be no form without that form having a spirit of its own, even if it be but a stone; for there is a spirit in all things, and each has its own spirit.

Our voltage powers the current that flows through our human spirit and flows effortlessly to the spiritual nature of other people and the natural world. That is always available to us.

There is a spiritual nature to all things that includes the human energy field. It is interwoven with consciousness. We are designed as human beings to bring spiritual current into that field.

There are many ways to name that field—the auric field, the creative field, or just “the field.” We could call it a field of pneumaplasm, chi, or prana. It is the spiritual nature of our own life experience, of our collective experience, and the spiritual nature of all things.

We live in a civilization that has gotten very busy controlling the physical nature of things—creating new chemical compounds, meddling with atomic form, and with physical structures. The world of physical form is not naturally the first realm of function for us as human beings. Our primal sphere of function is in the spiritual. And we are here to bring voltage into our spiritual nature and into the spiritual dimension of the world in which we live. Voltage creates power. In this case, it is the organizing power of Universal Love that we are here to bring. That current introduces a harmonizing influence into the spiritual nature of things, starting with human experience. And only then can the physical forms of the human world take their natural place.

St. Francis of Assisi wrote the words to a beautiful hymn that calls to the spiritual nature of all things. My heart sails when I hear or sing it. I imagine St. Francis stepping out the door of his abode into nature, inviting all of Creation to harmonize with the One Presence, the One Love, with the One Reality of Being.

All creatures of our God and King,
lift up your voice and with us sing.
Alleluia! Alleluia!

Thou burning sun with golden beam,
Thou silver moon with softer gleam!
O praise Him! O praise Him!
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
Thou rushing wind that art so strong
Ye clouds that sail in Heaven along,
O praise Him! Alleluia!

How often do you go out into your backyard and say something like that? We are here to bring that harmonizing influence into the spiritual nature of the world.

Uranda went on to say this:

The divine government carries a spirit of benediction and of blessing. In divine control, there is the establishment of peace…

We are here to bring that divine control. For us, as human beings, that word control can be anathema. When it comes to the human manipulation of the physical level of things, control can be an imposition. And therefore, the human heart often resists control at that level.

But still, somewhere deep within our human heart, we know we are part of a harmonious natural order that is not humanly invented. And when we become aware of it and embrace it, we do not experience it as an imposition. It is a joy. It brings that spirit of benediction and blessing, and it establishes peace.

The voltage of Universal Love activates and reorders the field of auric substance, bringing peace. We are here to bring that peace. And for us as human beings, the pressure that we sometimes try to avoid or dissipate is the voltage that might power the radiation of peace in our field.

I doubt that you are interested in controlling individual human beings or even human beings collectively in some kind of human government. I know I’m not. I’m not even interested in a theocracy—a government that is theoretically based on religious truth.

The government of God is an altogether different matter. It brings harmonization among all facets of the human experience, bringing a benediction and a blessing, establishing peace in the human soul and the human heart.

That is what the pressure that we feel as humankind is for. If we do not know what it is for, we do not know what to do with that pressure. So we short circuit it, sending off destructive sparks with other people instead of sending the current into the spiritual nature of humankind, starting with our own.

Or instead of containing our spiritual current within our spiritual wiring, perhaps we leak it in unproductive ways—through mindless entertainment or addiction of all kinds. Or we unwittingly create some sort of ground fault. Instead of going through the spiritual circuitry that was meant to carry it, the current grounds out. If an electrical circuit is grounding out, you can apply as much voltage as you want, but it is not achieving anything. It is not lighting your lights or heating your toaster. It is just going into the ground. And if someone’s spiritual current is grounding out in random, meaningless, unfocused ways, the voltage of Universal Love is of no avail.

We are here to allow our circuitry to flow in the path it was meant to flow. That is what makes it easy to fulfill the purpose for the flow, which is the benediction and blessing of humankind, and the establishment of peace.

Our current is meant to fulfill the purpose for which it is sent, is it not? We do not have this current of Life and Love for no reason. We do not have it so we can walk around just feeling full of pressure all day. There is a right release of voltage—not to be fizzled away, but to accomplish the thing for which we send it. When it does, we know the joy of the Creator in the fulfillment of that purpose. We have the pleasure of creating something beautiful and wonderful in the spiritual experience of humankind and the entire planet.

In a very special way, we as human beings are conscious Beings. The rock has a spirit and perhaps even a consciousness. I will not take that away from the rock. Maybe you can even tune into the consciousness of the rocks. Where I live, in Eden Valley in Loveland, Colorado, I sometimes gaze across to the other side of the valley and see the beautiful sandstone rocks. We call it the rimrock. I can feel their presence through the ages. They have seen a lot, and they hold a lot.

And yet, we, as human beings, have a unique way of being conscious. And our consciousness is a vital part of our spiritual circuitry. Our current flows as we open up our thoughts and feelings to the voltage that is within us. As we become aware of it consciously, it moves through us spiritually and energetically. Opening up consciously, we open up to the voltage of Universal Love. It moves into our auric field.

The same is true of the larger, collective auric field in which we live. And most significantly, the field we share with others who are becoming spiritually aware. If you think that larger field is not there, it is not there for you. If you think you are disconnected from everyone else who reads this Pulse of Spirit, you are. If you know that you are connected and share one auric field with others, you do. If you know that we share one heart, we do.

Being connected to each other and open spiritually and allowing the voltage to activate the current of the ordering power of Universal Love through us, that activation transpires through our thoughts and feelings and our spiritual nature. We then carry the ability to bring peace, the power to harmonize, the power to bring the ordering nature of Love through the current that we bring into this field. We are radiating it now.

And so we know the joy, the invigoration, the delight, and the fulfillment of that. There is a reason for the pressure, and it has a right release, which is through the spiritual circuitry into the field. The voltage is not meant to be all bottled up in us. It is there to power spiritual current.

We activate that current in and through ourselves by self-expression in thought, feeling, word, and deed, and with our spiritual energy. We activate it when we let all the voltage within us pour out through us unashamedly.

I have no shame about my passion and enthusiasm for the voltage within me that I am here to release in my expression in life. No shame. I am here to release that current, and we are here to release it, each one of us and then all of us together, powerfully, activating this field.

And so, I invite you to allow your consciousness to light up spiritually, illuminated by a higher reality.

Light me up! Come through me.

Together we are forming a crucible for One Love and One Light. We are courageously opening ourselves to more and more of the voltage of that One Love and One Light to stream through us. We are bravely bringing Love into the world, allowing our hearts to melt to that current, no longer resisting it, but allowing higher levels of consciousness to kick in for us, higher levels of spiritual substance, and higher conductivity. And we know that, as we radiate this Love to one another, it does not stop with whomever we are sharing it with. It moves through them into all their connections, into all the world.

O great Spirit of Love, melt my heart so that I may be a conductor of that flow. May my mind be open. May I think the thoughts filled with your Light, and may the flow of Light open up through me and move into the world. Wherever there is a need connected to this circuity, let it open to this flow. May all who are connected to this flow feel our spirit of benediction and blessing. May they feel the harmonizing influence of the spirit of the Most High, calling us all to order and beauty. May they feel the joyful government of God in their life, establishing peace and health and well-being, vitality, and joyful living. So may it be.