Activating the Spirit of the Pineal Gland

David Karchere

Sunrise Ranch holds a global service preparation meeting on Thursday mornings, 11 a.m. Colorado time. People from various parts of North America, Europe, and Africa join us. This past Thursday, Carol Robertson spoke, and as she did I found something was evoked for me. As with many sacred things we experience, it is hard to put in words just what it was, so I’ll just say it was something energetic or spiritual that I perceived. Whether it was intentional or not, Carol was evoking an increased flow in my energy field. There was something in me that was resonating with what she was experiencing and conveying through her words. She spoke of it as flowing, molten gold.

As I have prepared to teach Attunement, I have looked around to see what the scientific world says about consciousness and the endocrine glands, and the causal relationship between the two—how one affects the other. I found that almost all of the literature available is on how the function of the glands affect conscious experience. If your blood sugar is not right, if the insulin your pancreas excretes is not right, something might be happening to your thoughts and feelings. And so it goes with the adrenals and the rest of the endocrine glands. And there is very little reported on how it works the other way around. There is very little about the impact of consciousness on the function of the glands.

And you might say, this is par for the course—that we as human beings tend to see ourselves as victims of the world around us, and even victims of our own bodies instead of masters of our own souls, as creators. And so, when it comes to this vital function of the endocrine glands, it is no surprise that we tend to see it that way. And yet, I had a vivid experience with Carol on that occasion of something that was exactly the opposite. I felt an energy being activated in my pineal gland and a shift in my conscious experience.

In last week’s Pulse of Spirit, I spoke about the Great Pyramid of Giza and how its capstone is missing. I spoke of the pyramid as a symbol of a human being and of the body of humanity. And of how, like the Great Pyramid, there is substance at the apex of our human experience that is missing. I also asked readers to envision an invisible, inverted pyramid above the visible one. This invisible pyramid symbolizes all the intelligence and power that is brought to focus from wherever it originates throughout the cosmos, for the individual and for us all as the body of humankind.

The capstone of the Great Pyramid is a metaphor for the substance generated through the pineal gland in the middle of the brain. This is the apex point for the human energy system. It is our connection with the cosmic origins of our human experience.

I invite you to raise your arms out to either side and reach for the sky. You might recognize this as a traditional gesture of praise. Open your heart to all the love, wisdom, and power that is coming to you right now. Perhaps you can feel how it lands in your heart center, where your thymus gland is, at the top of your breastbone.

Now check the energy field between your two arms, especially from the crown of your head, where the pineal gland is located, down to your heart center. What do you feel? Perhaps something similar to what Carol was evoking—an activation of the spirit of the pineal gland.

This is a quote from Zechariah, a prophet from the 6th century BC.

Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit… (Zechariah 4:6)

I take might to be about physical strength. We need some physical strength as a human being. But I think what is being said is that our physical strength—our physical effort—though needed, is not enough. We are not going to lead a fulfilling life based on strength alone. It is not going to happen just because we work hard at it. We wear ourselves out on that basis.

And not by power. And what does power mean here? This kind of power is worldly authority. It is making things happen because we have a position, role, or temporal authority. Sometimes some worldly authority is helpful, and I don’t want to deny the part it plays in the world. But this kind of power alone does not lead to a fulfilling life.

Today is Father’s Day. What a role that is! But a man does not become a true father just because he has donated the genetics and gained the social status of being a father. A man becomes a true father because of spiritual character and function.

Authentic leadership comes, not just because someone is strong or has status. The crown of a true leader comes because of something that we call spiritual. And what do we mean by that? The word spirit comes from a Latin word for breath. Perhaps that tells us something. But, most of all, that word spirit just means this: “Solve for X.” It is a mystery to be discovered. An unknown quantity—a big I don’t know! We do not really understand it because it is functioning at a higher frequency than human consciousness as it is usually experienced.

There is another field beyond might and power where people attempt to find fulfillment—the field of emotional experience. And people try to substitute emotionality for the spiritual. Here’s my experience. Just like all the rest of our human experience, our emotions are part of our fulfillment. In fact, they play a special role because an opening of the heart can create a doorway into a larger experience. And yet, as many of us have found, as vital as the heart is, and as much as the heart has to be open and soft, especially to Spirit, you can get as emotional as you want but you will not find the answer to your life in your emotions. We do not come into our own sovereignty and mastery just through emotion. We can become very emotional about spiritual things, and well we should—heart cracked open, soft, loving, passionate, and even zealous. And yet, the emotional body alone is not enough to have a spiritual experience, as vital as it is.

There is something mysterious, something that humanity has not known, that we call spiritual. And for the most part, our culture has allowed spiritual things to remain mysterious. This program that we speak of as Emissaries of Divine Light is devoted to making the spiritual real in human experience. So, what has been thought of as “up there” or mysterious or invisible becomes real to us and practical because it moves in our experience.

Emissaries of Divine Light is devoted to spiritual expression, to a quality of spirit moving through the human experience, at the highest level of human experience, at the level of the capstone. And when something is moving powerfully there, it animates everything else—all the rest of the pyramid of human experience. It brings love into the human heart, life into the body, and lights up the human mind. It radiates through the entire human experience.

How do we access the mystery of the spiritual? It begins with an acknowledgment at the mental level that I don’t know. It happens in a way that I cannot control mentally. It transpires at a level that is higher than the mental process. And in fact, spiritual expression and spiritual movement in our human experience are not initiated by us. We can open to it, but it is initiated at a level higher than the human experience. When we hear the call of what is higher than us and answer it, then that call is moving through us powerfully as spiritual expression, out of our control. Oh, God forbid, we are not controlling it! It is moving us. It has a control of itself. It has an authority unto itself. And when we surrender our attempts to be masterful and in control as a human being and submit to the ordering power of love, that begins to work through us.

The mystery begins to work through us, bringing a solution and an answer to our life that comes in no other way. And then all our might and all our power and all our emotion is activated from above. It becomes relevant and important, and significant in our world. It becomes a means for us to radiate—to bring presence and influence in the world and have the joy of being a human being, instead of the agony of having a life that we are desperately trying to control but which is actually out of control.

We gain sovereignty on this basis, and we begin to know that all the ranges of our human experience are the temple of the living God. And so, we bring this awareness to the world.

Behold the temple of the living God. Look out your window. Walk through your yard and down the street into the valley, into the hills, into the mountains. Stand before the sea and behold the temple of the living God. Look upon your neighbor, your friend, your family member, your community member, your fellow citizen, and behold the temple of the living God. 

A higher reality has called us to open ourselves to a Presence greater than who we have known ourselves to be—to Spirit. In answering that call, that Presence enters us. Its might, its power, its great heart enters us. And so, we bring the call of a higher reality into the world.

Behold the temple of the living God. Behold this temple of conscious awareness; this temple of the heart that is open and honoring the highest love. Behold the temple of the physical body, these luscious, fluid, liquid, vibrant bodies circulating with life current. Behold the temple of the living God.

We bring the spirit of the temple to the world. Let that spirit shine. Let it radiate, that all may behold and know the temple of the living God, so that all may know themselves as the temple, so that we together may sense and feel, see and know the temple of the living God that we are.

Let my words be a living chime, ringing in the temple. May the capstone substance of this temple be fully in place, as the vessels of this temple are fully restored. And may this temple become a lighthouse. May the light of this temple shine and radiate into the world, touching hearts and minds and touching the spirit of people whose faces are turned to this temple from far and wide. Let them see the lighthouse we have become as they are waiting for its light, waiting for you, waiting for me, waiting for us to assist them to know fully that they are the temple of the living God.

May the highest love at the capstone of this temple, may the light at the capstone of this temple, fill the whole temple; fill all our hearts, fill all our minds, fill our bodies, illuminating this temple and shining round about.

On this solstice day, the sun shines in its strength through you and me, and through us. We welcome the fullness of the sun on this day—the sun in the sky and the sun shining in its strength through us. On this day, we have become a sun.