Your Superpowers

Jane Anetrini

Let’s talk about superpowers. Superman got his superpowers by being born on the planet Krypton. Spiderman got his powers because a radioactive spider bit him. How did you get yours? I got my superpowers by being in the presence of someone who had claimed theirs. And what is that superpower? It is the ability to Love in any circumstance, be in the present moment, and participate in the creative process. Participation in the creative process requires only this—being open and available to Love and bringing it into the world. When I am in the presence of someone owning their superpower, mine gets even stronger. And my specific power is revealed in the gifts that are mine to give.

Today is the celebration of Pentecost. This is what it says about Pentecost in the Book of Acts:

And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost.


As a child, when I learned about Pentecost, I was told they were supposed to stay where they were until it was complete and they did not. They rushed out impulsively. At that time in my life, I assumed that meant to stay in that room—in the place where they had this remarkable experience. But I know now, with greater understanding, that the invitation was to stay in the knowing.

How is this relevant to superpowers? When you have realized you have a superpower, abide in that awareness and be filled with that knowing and understanding. Stay in the experience you are having so that you might know how to function in the world and bring that Love. My experience of the creative process is simply staying present and allowing Love to be known through me because I am bringing it. We sometimes have difficulty staying present because we get distracted by what is going through our mind or by what is happening in the situation in which we find ourselves. We may even want to escape and be anywhere else but where we are. How do we get back to the present moment and let Love radiate?

Here are some effective, practical steps.

If you are feeling distracted and you do not feel as though Love is moving through you, just breathe. Take a breath. And as you take a breath, you find yourself in the moment where your breath is coming in and going out, and you are now present. You are present to allow the current of Love to move through you easily. You are alive and engaged with the Love that is animating you. You don’t have to go looking for it—it is already present. So breathe. And you will find the universal presence of Love that is with you.

Allow yourself to Love someone. Think of someone you Love and allow that Love to move.

I used to be on a board with someone I found it hard to relate to. We had a lot of responsibility, financially and spiritually. And this person did not particularly like me or the way I worked. They were critical and unkind. I tried to figure it out so I could make some changes and was unsuccessful. I felt, I want to be anywhere else but here with this person.

After a while, I gave up trying to figure it out and realized the only thing that worked was more Love. And no one was responsible for that but me. I just had to Love the person more and Love the circumstance more. I became unmovable, like a tree, because Love was the sap of my Being. I decided to be ever more present, ever more myself. Who we are is a Being of Love. Being ever more present means that the Love that is within has more opportunity to be expressed.

I allowed something more powerful to move through me than the discomfort I was feeling. I had more compassion, more understanding, and more forgiveness. I had more intelligence because I was not worried about whether or not I was upsetting this person. I became smarter, and I became more engaged, having eliminated the fear and eliminated the desire to get out of the situation.

 Now that’s a superpower! So, when I say Love someone, I mean that you activate your superpower when you Love the person who is right in front of you. Or you could simply Love the circumstance and the factors that are present now.

Here’s another step to get back to the present moment: Extend yourself into your world. Yes, you can Love, but extending your gifts into the world allows you to be ever more present, ever more here. The gift could be your humor. The gift could be your physical strength. Your gifts could be your wisdom, your kindness, your patience. Extending that into your world makes you ever more present. As your gift goes out, your creative field expands. And when you are present, extending yourself, you let Love move consciously and generously.

Another choice to make to be fully present and open up our superpowers is to be compassionate. When we are compassionate, we see the world differently. Compassion opens us to understand a person’s circumstances and history. I often don’t have the chance to hear the story that explains why a person behaves as they do. But with compassion, I find myself present, knowing there is more going on than I see. Someone can be in pain, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. I can Love them as they are now with me.

I once made the mistake of thinking someone was angry with me and later found out they had just received some bad news. Their mood had nothing to do with me. Compassion assists us not to take things personally and allows us to be present with things as they are, not wishing things to be different.

Your Love may assist another person to find their superpower and gifts because compassion provides a soft place to be. Compassion allows a person to feel seen.

As a Being of Love, our superpower can ignite the superpower within another. That’s how it happened for me. It made me aware of my ability to Love. When another person witnesses us embracing our superpower, we are reminding them that they too are a Being of Love.

On this day of Pentecost, how do we assist people to abide in the place where they know their superpower? How do we bring heavenly culture so that it can be on the earth and allow any earthly dysfunctional culture to pass away?

When we bring our superpowers together, we perform an act of service. Together we bring a unified spirit of Love that creates a new culture. We allow that one heavenly spirit to penetrate the fields of consciousness and culture that have forgotten love. And because we do that together, it has a far larger impact than when we do it all by ourselves. We increase the penetration of Love into the world. As we do this, we provide the opportunity for others to touch and remember the vibration of the truth of who they are, something that they may have forgotten.

For ourselves, the parts of us that are still holding on to an old story have the opportunity to be in the more substantial current that we bring together, because we are in agreement with the Truth of Love. I have the experience every week of something new in me still being awakened. Something more is being born all the time through my expression. There is something to be let go of and something to come forth. I love being with my friends who bring the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Life. I continually find myself falling in Love. I find that everyone who brings this current is juicy, filled with the potency of life. And life moving through a human being is incredibly sexy.

Here is something Terri McCartney wrote in the “Open Windows” interfaith blog this week: 

There are so many examples of polarization crying out for Love in our world. It’s just life inviting us to remove all obstacles to love. How? By seeing from the perspective of heaven. By seeing Love where it appears not to be. 

Isn’t that a wonderful invitation? To see Love where it appears not to be. There is nowhere that Love is not. Embracing our superpower vision to see Love where we think it is not, we are more here than we have ever been. We no longer have the desire to escape. We see that our chosen family is much bigger than we thought. We see the Beloved in another person reminding them that they, too, are a superhero. They have a gift to bring.

So turn on your superpower. Get your server on. Breathe, Love someone, extend yourself, be compassionate. Be ever more here. Offer your Love, welcome people into your heart, invite people to know they are important and vital. Let them know their magnificence. Show them where the switch is to their own blessing machine. Appreciate their blessing so that they know that they are being received. Let our chosen family grow. Let the culture of Love be known. Let the sweetness of heaven be seen.

Ultimately, be yourself—be your loving, beautiful self.

And what’s that sound I hear? A rushing mighty wind from heaven, filling this field of conscious awareness we share.