David Churchill offered extemporaneous piano music.

Joyce [Karchere] is bringing something into the room. It’s a crystal bowl, and it contains ice cubes. It is symbolic of the thoughts and feelings that have been melting for many of us over the course of these last few days. And I know there’s going to be some melting going on in this hour. As I see it, that is so important for all of what needs to happen for us, in our own experience, for our own upliftment. There does have to be something that melts. In the face of what’s incomplete in our lives, what is incongruous and imbalanced, there is something that needs to melt for all of that to flow and shift and change. For the ice cubes, there is not a lot of flowing that is going on over there right now. Ice cubes don’t flow so well. There are things that happen in a human life, the only answer to which is to melt. And there are things that can happen after the melting, but there is not going to be too much that’s going to happen of a creative nature before the melting.

So I invite you to meditate upon that in your own life in this time. What are the things that are up for you that are unresolved, that have some kind of incompleteness or imbalance or incongruity to them? You may think they need to change. But I’m suggesting to you that they’re not going to change in a good way until something melts in you about it. And if something melts, something in you can shift and change and flow around whatever that is, and may be even unrelated to that thing, whatever it is. But something can be loosened, set free; consciousness can move, and therefore there can be something altogether different happening in our experience.

Thank you so much, David, for playing. Such an enjoyment just to be with you in that and just to feel your spirit made musical notes on the piano. Thank you for that great gift. Donna De Lory has offered to be with us and offer her gift of song and music, and the profound flow underneath all that, that she brings. I don’t know how many of you were here for the concert last night. It was amazing. It was so beautiful, so deep, so rich. And talk about melting—oh, something just melting deep in the heart. And all of what was melted in us could then flow and go to unbelievable places. She is such a high priestess, taking people to all kinds of wonderful places. So I’m grateful that Donna was here last night and, along with her friends, playing, bringing all that magic, and I am grateful that she’s offered to play this morning.

DONNA DE LORY: How are you? Good morning. Beautiful morning. This is a little piece I want to play for you—it’s kind of an invocation that I sang at a funeral. They had a Thich Nhat Hanh poem in the program, and I thought it was so beautiful. I went home and I had it sitting on my piano. So, every day, I just looked at that. My dad had just passed, so I was looking at his picture and the poem. And it just came out that I put it to music.

Donna De Lory sang a medley of her songs, accompanying herself on piano and harmonium.

David lit incense and placed it upon the altar.

DAVID: One of the statements in Donna’s singing was “I am divine.” Do any of us doubt that when we were a baby, when we were conceived and born, that it began with anything but perfection? Or that, at the end of a human life, our life or anybody else’s on earth, it goes to anyplace but the perfection, completion and wholeness of the Divine?

In between, there is the creative process that we are involved in. Things grow and develop and go through cycles of incompleteness—and completeness at various levels, but there is a large part of our life that is in process all the time. Did the perfection that we began with, and that we’re going to, go away in the process? In a time like this, we drop deeply into that perfection, into the Divine. And we feel it coursing all up through us and flowing down into us, in the middle of everything that’s in process. The art of living is the art of allowing all the attachment to what’s in process to melt.

There is divine presence. It doesn’t help very much, in a state of attachment to what’s in process, to make the statement “I am divine,” because all that isn’t so divine. I suppose that the attachment is contained within the totality of the Divine. But within all that is the Divine, and the Divine has something to bring and something to say.

That reality that is within us is manifesting through all that is in process and will take it all to where it needs to be, if we let it. In order for that to happen, all the attachment to what is in process has to melt, so that the Divine that seems at first to be something other than us—something within us, something that we meet in another person, something that’s above us—we discover, in our melting, is the truest and most real thing about us.

Standing up here, I feel the invitation, the call of the Divine, moving. I want to give that expression in a very particular way. I want to say that it is my belief that not only is the Divine calling to each of us, it’s inviting something of each of us, inviting us to something. It is longing to say something through each of us. Here is how that goes through me: Come to me. Be with me. Belong to me. Be me.

At the core of each of us, right now, we are communicating to each other. I know there is the human level of the communication, but there is another level of connection that transcends all that. It can be expressed through the human—I gave a shot at it just now. But whether or not it’s expressed through the human, it’s present in the divine nature of each of us. At that level, we are always talking to one another, we are always greeting each other, we are always loving one another, we are always welcoming one another, we are always seeing one another, we are always blessing one another. We are always with one another. And we are always ourselves.

What a magical idea it was to create a human form where we could realize that experience as human beings. We could find ways to awaken to that experience in human flesh, and then find ways to confirm it with each other. And in confirming it, in communicating it, in bringing the resonance of it, to more fully awaken ourselves, to invite others to awaken, to remember. To, in essence, say to one another as human beings: “I remember. I remember you. Not because we went to high school together or anything like that. I remember you now.”

I call that vertical memory. It’s not horizontal memory—it’s not memory of the past. It’s vertical memory. I remember. I remember you. I remember me. I remember us. I remember who we are.

If I do remember, I can sing that memory into being. I can celebrate it, I can live it, I can be it, I can dance it, I can speak it. I can speak words that embody that remembrance. But it isn’t just the words themselves—just like in movement, it isn’t just the movement itself. It’s the music behind the words and the music behind the movement. It’s the vibrational signature that’s contained in those words. They say that about ninety percent of our communication is nonverbal. It isn’t just about the words. Our words and our living, the way we are with other people, the way we look at other people, can all carry the vibrational signature of the Divine.

So check with yourself right now. Is there not that part of you that, relative to everybody in this room, would like to bring those people to you and give them a big hug? I’m not suggesting a group hug on the stage here. I’m saying that vibrationally there is something in us that is constantly calling to the people in our life and in our world to come home and be with us at home.

Practically speaking, my experience is that for a person to truly do that and live in that place of remembrance, something’s got to break. Something’s got to break and something’s got to melt. Did you know anybody who came to some kind of transcendent spiritual experience because they just waltzed into it? Is that how it goes for anybody? It’s not how it goes. Something has to break, and something has to melt.

There are things in your life and mine for which the only answer is to weep. There is no fixing them, there is no making them better, there is no healing them, there is no making it right, at least not right now. It might get right or it might get better, but there are things that just need to come undone in a person’s life. They just need to melt. And it’s hugely sad. There’s grief in that. Underneath that grief, there is compassion and love, and understanding that something has to break in the human experience, something has to melt. We may think of it for humanity as a whole: we can’t keep going on like this. We all know it, do we not, as humanity? We can’t just keep going down the path that we’re going and think it’s all going to be okay. It’s not going to be okay like this. Something’s got to break, something’s got to melt. It’s true for humanity and it’s true for you, and it’s true for me.

There is part of us that thinks it can just keep it all together and just keep going and live a happy life, and it’s all just going to be okay. At some level it’s not all going to be okay. It’s all going to come undone. That’s what’s really going to happen. It’s all going to break. But if we let it break, we get to open to what it is that’s already whole and already inviting all people and all substance to come home, to come to the most High, to ascend to the most High. We get to discover that our plan is breaking and needs to melt.

But there is something else that is very much intact, that flows from the perfection of all things. And in our melting, we are breaking open to that reality. We are hearing that music. And everything that we are doing is our opportunity to give body, to give voice, to that reality; to make sure that in what we are doing, that what is coming out of that perfection has the opportunity to live through us, to be through us, to create through us, as us.

So what is it that the Divine of you is saying right now? What is it transmitting? What is it calling for? There is that divine calling through each of us, and there’s also the divine answer to that calling. Over these last few days in this Vibrational Field Conference, I’ve felt both those things. I have felt the calling and I’ve felt the answer.

I’ve had the privilege, as many of us have had, of hearing that calling through other people. I want to acknowledge Bernie Prior, who is in the room. What a privilege, to hear that calling through this being, and then just feel the answer rising up with overwhelming love. To hear it in Donna’s music last night, to feel the deep melting of the heart and the deep response of “Yes, I’m with you; that’s me.”

And then I think of Lil Sum’n Sum’n, Gilly and Lisa (a percussion duo who also played at the concert last night). Was that not the call and the answer? There was Gilly, in all his joy and radiance, calling to the world. And there was Lisa, saying through her drumming, “I love you. I’m in this with you.” There was that beautiful call and response between the two of them. I think of percussion as being invigorating and powerful. I never knew it could be so loving, so romantic.

We are talking about the real romance of life. It is this calling and this answering. It’s happening already in being. Before it gets to us as human beings, that calling of the Divine is happening all the time: the sun to the earth, the earth to the moon. All through being it is happening. Actually, all of us, every bit of us, is answering that calling. I think for the most part we think we can hardly stand how much we answer to that calling. It’s so powerful in us. We’re made that way, as human beings. And we’re made to bring the calling.

That dance is happening in us as human beings all the time. Like Gilly and Lisa were there, inside us, doing that back-and-forth, with that kind of joy, that kind of release, that kind of vibrancy, that kind of life. When that is fully embodied through us, the creative process that seemed so troublesome, maybe agonizing, becomes the vibrancy of life manifesting. And we’re here for that.

One of the most powerful pieces that you did last night, Donna, was the one where you were speaking “Thank you… Thank you…” At the end of this cycle, where there has been all this magic and all this coming together, all this beauty, all this glorious expression, I am in that place of saying thank you. Thank you for this cycle. Thank you for being a part of it. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for remembering. Thank you to all the beings who have participated.

But we didn’t do it all by ourselves, did we? This Dome is symbolic of the All of Being that plays a part in our lives. Thank you.

So if it’s accurate for you to give thanks to the All That Is for what we have the opportunity to enjoy, for all that’s been brought to us, for that pleasure in the fulfillment that is ours to know, join me simply in this gesture [lifting hands high in prayer…].Thank you. In this gesture [open arms…]. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you…

David Karchere
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