Sovereign Being


I invite you to try something on and see if you want to adopt it for yourself. It is a very simple statement: “I am doing this because I want to.”

That statement has us owning our own will and desire. Perhaps it makes us reflect on what we are doing. And in taking responsibility for what we are doing, we might reflect on What part of me wanted to do this? The statement can also put us in touch with the very will of Creation as it is coming through us—the will and desire of all of Creation to manifest itself, to experience itself. This is the will of the Creator to create through us. I want to do this; I want to create.

I have been reflecting on how this works for us as human beings. Sometimes you watch people do self-sabotaging, self-destructive things. And when you reflect on the fact that they are doing what they want to do, it is stupefying! Why would someone want to do that? Observing human behavior can make us try to understand what is happening in the human psyche. How did that happen for this person?

Most of us would like to think that we are, individually, one person with one personality. The reality is that we are multifaceted as human beings. There are many creative essences, seemingly an unending creative flow to who we are, that we have the opportunity to express and explore and experience in our life. But we are also multifaceted as a personality. Sometimes the facets of personality are called subpersonalities. I think that if you reflect on your own experience, you will agree that there is a whole constellation of personality. It is not as if there is only one experience of personality. There are all these characters in us as human beings. There is me the professional, me the family person, me the community member, and on it goes. It is marvelous that personality is so multifaceted. We get to explore all the facets of ourselves and we get to experience all the facets of the people that we meet.

But what happens when a facet of personality goes rogue? In a psychologically healthy person, all the facets of personality are integrated. They are part of one structure of personality that is whole and that works together. In extreme cases, when the structure of personality has broken apart, we speak of that condition as a multiple personality disorder, in which at least one subpersonality has lost track of the rest of the subpersonalities that the person is experiencing. Or it is at odds with them. Perhaps one facet of personality wants one thing, and another wants another thing. And perhaps, on a particularly wet and rainy day, one facet of personality that the person has managed to keep stuffed down and hidden away decides it wants to come out and play and get what it wants that it has been denied. That picture is a little scary, but real in terms of what happens for people, and what happens for ourselves perhaps.

There is a way by which all the facets of personality are integrated and brought into one coherent structure of personality, so that all of the multiple facets of will end up being part of one coherent will. That happens when the Sovereign Being within that person is entertained in the highest place of personality available for a person to experience. There is the most essential aspect of personality that is the temple for the Sovereign Being of the person. When that Sovereign Being is present in the highest place of personality, then all the facets of personality can be focalized in that Sovereign Being. All the dimensions of will become focalized by that Sovereign Being and sovereign will, expressing itself in oh so many ways, but integrating all the facets of desire and will that are present in a human being.

For instance, there are all the desires associated with the body. My assumption is that there is nothing wrong with any of them. But they do sometimes go rogue. I had a meeting in my living room, and I put out a nice tray of chocolates. There was someone sitting next to the tray who was downing the chocolates all through the meeting. So we had a good laugh about it, and they kept doing it. I do not mind missing the chocolates, but some facet of will and desire went rogue with the chocolate. Now, there is nothing inherently evil or wrong with the desire for chocolate, as it is with so many other facets of what the body wants. And yet, if we let the body go rogue with what it wants, we are in trouble. All of the body’s desires have to be focalized inside of a larger structure of personality that connects with a larger will.

Sovereign Being is not a solo affair. When we are providing a temple for Sovereign Being to be present in the structure of our personality, in the place of the Most High in us, we are not only providing a temple for our individual aspect of creatorship, we are connecting to all of Being, because our Sovereign Being is connected to all of Sovereign Being. It is in right relationship to it. We are calling down the ordering pattern of Creation out of Being into expression through our psyche and through what we are expressing and embodying in the world. The result is that we have support.

The will of Sovereign Being brings along with it the power for the expression of a human being that powers them in every facet of their personality and in every facet of their life. It has with it the love of all of Being, that loves you to bits, that loves who you are as a Being, because that is how Being is: it loves itself in all the dimensions of itself. And when you are providing a temple of the Most High for your sovereign self, you are also calling down all that love and all the power that comes with it, and all the intelligence that comes with it that is now available to you, to your psyche and all your chocolate fetishes and everything else that is happening in the structure of personality.

Then you can make the statement, I am doing this because I want to do it, and it takes on new meaning. It is embodying not only the will of a subpersonality, it is embodying a larger will. And things feel different for us as a human being when that larger will is coming through us.

In another meeting in my living room, we were thinking about the upcoming event “Gathering the Tribe.” Rachel Morrison was saying how she wants us to share what it is that has made Sunrise Ranch the oldest intentional community in the United States.

There is a reason for that. There was a grouping of people who came here and lived from the temple of the Most High in themselves, and who allowed a larger will to come in. That larger will had with it the creative pattern that is inherent in it. They were here bringing all of that to this project. There have been those through the past 71 years of Sunrise Ranch history who have functioned on that basis. So this has been a human endeavor, but the human endeavor allowed for something larger to come through that transcends the merely human.

So, realistically, what has this meant? Rachel’s point was that there has been a no matter what attitude involved. There were people who have continued, no matter what. It brought to mind for me a little booklet by Martin Cecil, entitled very simply Love Never Faileth. Love is always present, love is always continuing, love always has a way. The will of love through us is powerful when we let it in. And we become powerful, and we never fail, when we are an expression of that love that is coming through us. Yes, human love, but there is something that is larger than that. Love, the power of the universe, the very power and glue of Creation, is coming through us, and love never faileth. And we never fail when we are an expression of love. That was Martin Cecil’s point in this little booklet.

Love never faileth. This is about doing what the Creator does through us when we allow the larger will to come through us. The Creator takes responsibility for His or Her Creation. What else would the Creator do? I cannot picture the Creator walking away from our planet, or from the solar system. The Creator of the solar system is holding the solar system. The Creator is operating it, taking responsibility for it, with authority.

The same is true when we are in our creatorship. When Sovereign Being is present for us, we are present as that. We create, we have authority in what we create and we have a natural responsibility, just because it is ours. Our life is ours, our body is ours, our world is ours, our creations are ours. Knowing that, we do not stop. We assume the discipline as a human being of being an expression of the creator that we are, and we embrace our Creation.

Considering all the facets of personality we have, there is more than one discipline. There is entrainment needed for all the facets of the human personality, and the full scope of human expression.

When discipline is fully known, what does it become? If you witness an athlete with a very high degree of discipline in their sport, or if you witness a musician with a very high degree of discipline in playing their instrument, what do you see? Do you see discipline? No, you see grace. And if you interviewed them, do you think they would describe it to you as discipline? Probably not. That ballerina who is doing whatever move, or the ice skater, or the violin player, experience grace and a joy.

From our own perspective as a creator, when we have developed the mastery personally, there is a liberation in the performance. In areas where I have a high degree of discipline, I am released into the expression of my creatorship in that area, and it is a joy, because the will of who I am is coming through that creatively and I am expressing the pattern of Creation that I am meant to embody. All the practice, all the discipline has receded from consciousness and has now created a pathway of creation so that I can embody the fullness of whatever I am meant to embody. The experience of discipline is moving through the awkwardness of what has yet to become disciplined. But once it is disciplined in the expression of creation, it becomes something else.

I was speaking with a friend earlier in the week, describing how these things have unfolded in my own life. Perhaps you have similar stories. There came a point when I was on my spiritual path, and I had gotten clear about what was important to me as a human being. But I knew full well that I was still a young man who did not have a lot of capability in many fields where I wanted to be capable. And I became interested in being masterful. And so I became interested in being disciplined, and I wondered how that could happen.

I found men who were masterful in various fields of creative endeavor, from whom I could learn. God bless them, they mentored me in those fields. I really did not care very much about the virtue of those men as human beings. Perhaps that was selfish on my part. I cared for them as human beings, but what I was focused on was what I could learn from them. And if they had flaws, okay, I could figure out what was flawed and what was not flawed, and I could figure out what I wanted to emulate and what I did not, and what I wanted to learn and what I definitely did not want to learn. But I did want to learn, I did want to know the discipline in that field, so that I could be masterful and express my creatorship, and so that I could do it for myself in my life and so that I could be creative in that situation.

We miss our opportunities when our life becomes about the flaws of other people. What defines the life of someone who is a creator is their own creatorship. Love never faileth. Love is present and looking to find expression. That is what matters.

When we learn this individually, and when we come into masterful creatorship individually, we become interested in others who are sharing that creatorship with us. This is true for me at any level of my life. I have always loved working with creative people, even if they were not spiritually conscious. But now, bring it into the spiritual arena. Where are the spiritually capable people who have not only opened up to their interest and desire for the spiritual but have truly let it in and let it through and assumed the discipline of being a creator? Who know for themselves that love never faileth, and because love never fails I never fail? I am present in that expression. And it does not mean I do not make mistakes, and it does not mean I never have setbacks. But I am here, present, in the expression of love, seeing the process of creation through.

Such people together hold a vibration of love for the world. They hold a vision of love for the world. They hold intelligence and wisdom. They hold the temple of the Most High, collectively, for humanity as humanity undergoes the birth process that it is in. That birth process includes a dying process, apparently—turmoil of all kinds, apocalypse if you will, apparently so. We have 3.4 million people in Puerto Rico who lost power and have had their island home devastated. We are building the temple of the Most High, not to escape all that but so that there is a place from which we can be of assistance to the world at this time of apocalypse and birth.

What is needed is a temple of the Most High within the body of humanity that holds a vision for the future in the midst of this perilous process that we are in as humanity. That takes people who have a degree of spiritual mastery together, and who together know that love never faileth. And because love never fails, we never fail. We do not fail to be present. We are up for this, in this temple for the Most High that we share together, which is most essentially a place in consciousness and a vibrational home wherever we live on this planet. In the safety of this place that we care for and hold with integrity, there is a temple for the Sovereign Being of humanity to be present, to ring a tone of assurance in the world.

From age to age, Love’s word rings forth, “The truth is true, and all is well, Unconquerable life prevails.”

That is an expression of the tone of assurance that rings out from Sovereign Being into the land, and into the body of humanity, when the temple for Sovereign Being is present and intact. That does have to be, first of all, an individual experience, and then it can be collective.

I feel the will of Sovereign Being as it moves through me, saying, I want that for you. I want it for me, and I want it for us, and I want it for this planet.