The Power of Our Words

David Karchere


I have learned in my life, through practicing affirmative prayer, that something profound happens when we center in the place of Love, allow Spirit to enter in, and speak from that place. When we do that, we are speaking as Spirit. We are saying, I am that reality.

Whenever you are I Am-ing anything, you are claiming it for yourself. You are bringing it into Creation, especially when those I Am words have emotion and energy behind them.

These words are from a talk delivered in 1952 by Uranda, entitled “The Creative Value of Words.”

Why has our program not moved ahead any faster than it has? Because there has not yet been a deep enough, vital enough, realization of the importance of the words that are spoken; for every word which carries any feeling whatsoever is a creative word. If it is a feeling of anger, fear, suffering, or of any other ill thing, then it is creative of that which is spoken. If you have ill conditions, by all means use your capacities to create more ill conditions! Isn’t that sensible? By all means let the words of your lips and the feelings of your hearts destroy what has been built and create more problems, difficulties, obstacles!

The sarcasm stings. Go ahead, use those words! Use them to mess things up.

The truth is when we become more and more conscious we become more and more aware of the power of our words. If we are made in the image and the likeness of the Divine, and we are, the Word was with God—it is with us as a creator.

The Word is vibration. We have its power in us. So our thoughts and feelings are vibrating.

When the heart and the mind come together and speak from a place of Love and Creation, magic can happen.

I have seen so many profound demonstrations of prayer that show the power of the Word.

If you look around in our culture, you can observe the unconscious words spoken. Take a look at social media and all the hurtful and destructive use of words that goes on there. Perhaps you come across a dramatic scene where people scream at each other and call each other names. You can feel it in your body.

Next post, please!

For myself, I want to become even more aware of how I am speaking in my day-to-day life. Even more importantly, I ask myself, How can I bring the power of the Word to my world even more? Even more!

There is no doubt in my mind that something amazing would happen if I did. Can you imagine what kind of magic could happen on this planet if we really spoke words of power, words of Creation, together, in unison?

What would happen if we opened ourselves more and more to speak words of Creation, Love, and truth?


Tony Robbins says this about the power of our words:

Throughout human history, our greatest leaders and thinkers have used the power of words to transform our emotions, to enlist us in their causes, and to shape the course of destiny. Words can not only create emotions, they create actions. And from our actions flow the results of our lives.

At one level, speaking is a physical act. We use our vocal cords, lungs, lips, and tongue to produce words. But the significance of our words is born from levels beyond the physical.

The part that thinking plays in speaking is obvious enough. When I coach people in speaking powerfully, I remind them that the quality and depth of their thought is an essential factor.

But if someone’s words have only physical and mental components, and lack feeling, we are probably not listening very long. Like hearing the college professor who drones on and on, we tune them out.

We have the opportunity to invest our words with emotion—with passion, excitement, and Love.

Brian Mullen is part of our Sunrise Ranch community. If you meet him walking around our campus, you get a big Hello! And through how he says it, he lets you know that he cares about you. And that he wants to uplift your day.

We all have the opportunity to fill our words with emotion that reaches out to other people.

Beyond the physical, mental, and emotional components of speech, we have the opportunity to invest our words with our spiritual experience. We can let a vibration move through our thoughts and feelings, to be embodied by the words we speak. Our spiritual experience can fill our words with a higher wisdom, a higher Love, and the energy of life reverberating in the physical space.

Martin Cecil said this about the process:

Human beings are inclined to imagine that somehow or other the purposes of God are going to be fulfilled by physical means. Now, there is physical action. There is physical action in the spoken word, but it is the formation that is given to pneumaplasm through the spoken word that reproduces itself physically. It comes forth into manifest expression in the true creative cycle.

The word pneumaplasm names the human energy field we inhabit. It is a field that responds to consciousness. And so, our spoken word can activate that field, for better or for worse.

We share this human energy field with others. If a person speaks into the field, it has the potential of bringing spiritual activation. Their words can set in motion powerful vibrations moving through the field.

What a magical ability we have with our words! It is so often underestimated, taken casually, and used haphazardly, so that random forces are unconsciously introduced into the human energy field and into human culture.

Did you see the slap heard ’round the world at the Oscars? On the one hand, you had a standup comic who used his words in a certain way. There was a smile from a second person. Then a third person—the wife of the second person—gave a look. And then, the second person went up and physically assaulted the first person, sat back down, and used more words that put an angry energy into the space.

Words, a smile, a look, a physical assault, and more words, all in the space of one minute.

Isn’t that how it goes in the human experience? There is the subtlety of what people put into the human energy field. Words, a smile, a look. Then there are acts, destructive at times. It is often not apparent how the subtle expression of words, attitude, and feeling gets into the space.

Have you ever been with a group of people when suddenly the atmosphere changed? You notice that two people are not getting along—they have gotten grumpy and angry. And you are thinking, What happened? Whatever it was, I didn’t even see it!

Yes, it is a word, a look, some more words—maybe not a slap or any kind of physical assault—but damage is done to the human energy field you share with other people. You sense it vibrationally. The space feels different.

What just happened?

The Spirit of the Womb is a name for the wonderful ability we have as human beings to enfold and embrace what comes to us—to create a space where new life can be conceived. The Spirit of the Womb establishes a place in us that welcomes the conception of Love. We can hold this space for ourselves, and we can create this kind of space collectively.

Most often, the nature of the vibrational space people hold is a mix. To some degree, the Spirit of the Womb is present. But then there is an unconscious tearing down of what is growing in the space, or an erosion of the space that should be the Spirit of the Womb but isn’t because of unconscious function. The Spirit of Barrenness appears, and things cannot grow.

Then people wonder, What is happening? Why does it feel like it does around here? Why are people acting as they do? Why isn’t anything growing?

Some words, a look, more words… All the subtlety of human interaction that affects the space.

Uranda put it this way:

Words are spoken that may be designed to be creative words of unity, of strength, of peace, but always there are other voices, selfish, self-centered voices that are creating a void; they create misunderstanding, distrust, and fear.

I have often thought this: If every human being was perfectly centered spiritually, and one person spoke a destructive word, it would not really matter. 

If we all kept our spiritual centering, then that would nullify the negative words of that one person, and they would not influence anybody. I think of that at Sunrise Ranch, the community where I live. If everybody at Sunrise Ranch were perfectly centered spiritually, then it would not matter if one person came along and said something destructive.

And so, in my heart, this is what comes up in the face of destructive words from someone. Come on, people, let’s stay centered, despite this.

Here I am, doing my best as a community member to inspire spiritual centering and Love and create the Spirit of the Womb. And then someone drops a destructive word into it, and what happens? So often, people do not stay centered. There is reaction all over the place.

Then the rest of us have the job of rebuilding. The destructive words spoken and the reaction to them have eroded our efforts up to that point. To some degree, our work comes to no avail, and now we have to redouble our efforts. We have to help people to be more centered. We have to build the Spirit of the Womb—the spirit of home—once again. We rebuild and rebuild and somehow fortify ourselves against the destructive influences of words that people speak. We have to use our words creatively to inspire and uplift, to bring compassion, joy, creativity, and spiritual centering.

The Spirit of Barrenness is what appears when the Spirit of the Womb is eclipsed. And how is it eclipsed? By fear.

Fear is a reaction to all the destructive influences of the world in which we live. Those influences are prolific and pervasive. It is extreme in Ukraine right now, and the Ukrainian people are called upon to stay centered in the middle of extreme circumstances.

Thank God that the influences are not that extreme for most of us. Nonetheless, there are destructive influences near and far. There are people near to us who do not know what it is to stay spiritually centered and bring a creative influence. And then there is all that is happening on the world scene.

In the face of the destructive influences around people, many let the Spirit of the Womb be eclipsed by fear. That sets in motion something terrible in the human experience. Because if the Spirit of the Womb is not there, what is the implication of that? The most immediate and terrible implication is that that person cannot receive Love. If there is a Spirit of Barrenness, the Spirit of the Womb has been eclipsed by fear in a person’s heart, and there is no space in which Love can be welcomed in. And they can try to be loving; they can pray to God as much as they want. They can meditate. But if the person’s spirit is barren, they do not have the necessary quality of human experience to receive Love. And if you cannot receive Love, you do not have Love to give.

What good is a human life if a person cannot know Love? If they cannot share Love? It is meaningless.

Love, in all its forms and its many colors, is the meaning of life. Where there is an experience of barrenness, Love is eclipsed. We have softer words for that experience, like resentment and bitterness. Ultimately, the shadow state of Love is h-a-t-e.

Fear creates barrenness. And barrenness eclipses Love in the human experience.

When a person knows the Spirit of the Womb, they receive a download of Love, and within that download is the power and pattern of the universe. Divine Presence is known.  

That person can then invest their words with that reality—with presence and the ordering power of Love. Love is then reordering the conscious energy field in which they live.

This is the power of our words.

I invite you to use your words to bring the power of Love to the space we share by writing in the comment section (found below this Pulse of Spirit blog).

And if you want to explore the power of your words more deeply, join Sece Foster for her 4-part course, Unleashing the Superpower of Prayer. To enroll, click here if you are already a member of the Becoming a Sun Programs, and click here if you are not yet a member.

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Steve Lange
Steve Lange
April 13, 2022 2:19 pm

It’s always good to take a closer look at how I am using my words thoughts and feelings
To create with.. I really appreciate the way this was presented , the comments that followed and the opportunity to Drum for this service .

Bob Ewing
Bob Ewing
April 10, 2022 7:34 am

I am the one who says Yes to peace. No consciousness of war can distort my life force—all memory scars blow away, like ash in the wind. I respect danger but overcome fear, providing the radiant atmosphere of the Womb, protecting all hearts.
I am realizing forgiveness for being a soldier of war, and the only recovery and usefulness is in aspiring to be a prince of peace.
As my Word is formed into thought and feeling, my every breath becomes a positive prayer.
I join Angels on Earth who provide this field, or Womb, which is full of the essences of Creation. Dancing in the Light, before our Beloved….

Cheryl Moretti
Cheryl Moretti
April 9, 2022 11:46 pm

I find that I am constantly being challenged to keep, internally, and to act out of, externally, whether in words or actions, the Spirit of the Womb. I have a little mantra that I say to myself sometimes: “Stay above the fray, and keep a kind heart.” We don’t need to be concerned about what we perceive as being wrong in our worlds. If my response is in the right direction, everything is always perfect. (Actually, that is true even if my response is not in the right direction, although my experience of it will probably not be that pleasant!)

Kari Bye
Kari Bye
April 9, 2022 9:37 am

I have noticed that the power of my words that I speak as I meet people in the morning, has something to do with the words I speak in my prayer before I fall asleep in the evening.

Laurence Gawronsky
April 8, 2022 11:09 pm

As we focus on what the tone of our speaking or thinking it also ripples out. Even the tone of the conversation that one has in one’s head with oneself has an impact on one’s life. Do the words we use damage, discourage, criticize, threaten and destroy. If we are harbouring those type of thoughts, when they get expressed, they can have negative consequences on ourselves and others.

We see this in the media and in social media where people engage in conversations which are undermining and reveal a mean and nasty undertone, that drags the discourse down. The alternative is to have a different level of conversation, one that welcomes, encourages, inspires, invites, motivates, shows interest and is interesting. The conversation that we have with ourselves or to with others has an influence on our atmosphere and shapes the world in which we live.

The words we use also shape what goes on around us and the quality of relationship we share with colleagues, family and friends. They determine to what degree we live a creative life. How we relate to others as we live our life, will determine our inner sense of worth.

Tom Cooper
April 8, 2022 10:51 pm

Yes all the way round to what David and the dozen people already posting have said. May the WORD of God imbue my words. May our words rain from heaven to nourish all upon whom they fall. I so appreciate Sece’s and David’s work in this area. May my and our words be words of attunement which fertilize all of the creative fields upon which they fall. THANK you.

Shareen Ewing
Shareen Ewing
April 8, 2022 2:55 am

Thank you, David and Sece, for this timely message!
“Loose lips sink ships” appeared on posters during World War II, reminding citizens and those in the service that careless talk could undermine the war effort. Spies could be anywhere! A thoughtless word can also cause untold damage in a person’s life. I often think about how important teachers are in our educational systems around the globe.
I have always loved Solomon’s message in Proverbs: “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” What an image of beauty. May all my meditations and emotions and words bring light and love into the planet.

Howard Goodman
Howard Goodman
April 7, 2022 4:58 pm

Thank you for placing emphasis on the Spirit of the Womb.

Theres a saying that powerfully points to what creates and builds our world … that has been the central tenet of Faith for Emissaries of Divine Light from the very beginning, paraphrased in this way`; “unless the Highest vibration of Love that lives in every human soul is expressed and given form through the creative spirit of our words, thoughts and emotional expression, we live our lives in vain…. as is so clear in the world today, preventing the revelation of would otherwise reveal a world filled what is true of Love, and generously known, shared and cherished by all people in the world.

As you say, ‘how we use our words will either uplift, bring compassion, joy, creativity, and inspire spiritual centering in others ‘or tear down and destroy, make barren what Life is seeking to bring into Being every moment of our lives.

Thank you for bringing this to account in this pivotal time of choice for our world through each one of us.

linda Moore
linda Moore
April 7, 2022 4:47 pm

This is a profound consideration to be activated in my living through passion and the longing of my heart. To live the heart and mind of the Creator being that lives within through momentary conscious awareness in each word, thought, feeling and action is a conscious choice. The possibility of this thrills the soul, fills my being, to be able to actualize this great Love and Truth in each moment and bring it into the earth, to be fully present and aware. Thank you, David for these words you have shared.

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
April 7, 2022 1:03 pm

I love investing my words with EISH – a South African slang for ’emotional intelligence and spiritual health’; and as David describes in this Pulse, investing our words with the reality of the Spirit of Love and the Spirit of the Womb, births Heaven on Earth.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
April 7, 2022 10:58 am

Now it is for us to consider our words as gifts. Gifts of love and appreciation. Encouragement. Forgiveness. Joy and Peace. Creativity. Having an open and willing disposition, we can all speak our truth and use our words fitfully where we have a healthy regard for those with whom we are communicating. In doing so, being respectful to the circumstance and what may come.

We are here to change consciousness by being conscious participants.

Laurence Mendes
Laurence Mendes
April 7, 2022 10:56 am

I trust Life more than ever,
Beyond major living situations near and far I live,
And breathe the sweet fresh air of creation,.

In sentient being all is well,
As I abide in the well-spring of Spirit,
Whilst blessing all within my loving touch

These are my words,
May they ever remain strong and true,
As I vibrate in holy harmony,
Eternally with you.

April 7, 2022 8:58 am

To be here now reading,and hearing the Word of last Sunday, moves through my being,
I cant do anything else than check,and know whats mine to each moment,
Trust that it comes by my nature,………..and I do now when its not true.

I feel that I am in the midst of the Motherland, being a safe place for all.who needs that…
My Mother has always been an inspiration for me in my life,and I am going to celebrate her in a performance we are making about “The Fifties”.with the heartfelt stories of the 12 others in my group
Trough my life,…..
I am feeling blessed by Jesus, Uranda, Martin,David and Sege,Tony and so many others.,
and all the right and wrong things I experienced and unconsciously created.
Becoming and being conscious now,to Bless it all .
.. .
I am thankful for being with you in our Alive mission, bringing my Love and Truth.


Ron Free
Ron Free
April 7, 2022 12:53 am

Our thoughts have a certain power to create in the manifest world. If we give expression to those thoughts, either through our written or spoken words, that power is substantially increased. And if those thoughts are filled with deep feeling, the process of manifestation is increased yet again, for good or ill depending on their nature and quality. Therefore it behooves us to stand as guardians at the gates of our consciousness to insure that nothing that defiles is allowed to enter in, much less find expression in verbal or written form.

Willow Winddancing
Willow Winddancing
April 6, 2022 10:34 pm

Thank you for this Pulse of Spirit moving through us this week. Two components move me deeply as expressed in the following words offered by Sece & David. (Uranda & Martin)

We share this human energy field with others. If a person speaks into the field, it has the potential of bringing spiritual activation. Their words can set in motion powerful vibrations moving through the field.

For myself (David writes), I want to become even more aware of how I am speaking in my day-to-day life. Even more importantly, I ask myself, How can I bring the power of the Word to my world even more? Even more!
There is no doubt in my mind that something amazing would happen if I did. Can you imagine what kind of magic could happen on this planet if we really spoke words of power, words of Creation, together, in unison?
What would happen if we opened ourselves more and more to speak words of Creation, Love, and truth?

YES, I can imagine for I Know. It is “courage” which has brought the power of the word & the powerful energy vibration of the word that moves my field of creation. I have known the power through me to stop bullies & perpetrators in their tracks. I have known the power of created word to heal a wound and disease; to soften a heart. The limitless potential of human expression through the word as guided & directed from the Infinite Source of All; is the spiritual activation & evolution of our new earth. I am grateful for the Attuned Pulse of Spirit moving through me. AUM.

April 6, 2022 10:01 pm

Beautiful words – When the heart and the mind come together and speak from a place of Love and Creation, magic can happen.

April 6, 2022 8:45 pm

At this time in our world we see on display you might say the very best conventional weaponry being used in the latest and most hideous way in the assault on Ukraine. The use of these weapons was preceded by the employment of weaponized words such as accusation, blame, criticism, condemnation hatred, resentment, etc. There exists of course a huge highly developed arsenal of these destroyers within present human experience close at hand and ready to be used; and most often in complete ignorance of how their usage in the so called mini wars of personal , professional political cultural or
whatever relationships absolutely play into what ultimately appears on the world stage.
I give deep thanks for all those who have disarmed and whose
words born out of the heavenly womb of love moment by moment bring only peace, understanding and healing in this
intense yet magnificent cycle of creation we are privileged to
be consciously a part of.

Oren Yakovee
Oren Yakovee
April 6, 2022 7:35 pm

May The Word be unleashed in spirit, heart, mind, soul and strength!

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