The Heart of Humanity Cries Out

David Karchere

Thus far, Poland has taken in 2.1 million Ukrainian refugees. They are offering them food, shelter, medical treatment, schools, and even free transit passes. It moves my heart deeply to see a nation embrace those who are so much in need. Other countries in Europe and around the world are doing the same. Their generosity reminds us of the significance of home.

The words It is done have a profound ring to them. They could mean two things. Or perhaps both of those things together.

When a cake is thoroughly cooked in the oven, we might say, It is done. A creative cycle has come to the point of fulfillment.

But we use the word done in another way. We might say, I am done with this!

I have felt something in myself, and I have witnessed it coming very clearly to focus in the heart of humanity over this period. It is done. With that comes a voice, upwelling from somewhere deep inside us, saying No! No! No!

And it is not just a fighting no, not just a no that says I’m going to go into battle with whatever I am saying no to. It is a no that wells up from someplace deep within the human spirit, saying, We are better than this. This is not who we are. I know it is who we have been, but it is not who we are now, and it is not who we want to be. No! No! We want more than this.

Some estimate that 200,000 people have fled Russia since the invasion of Ukraine. And for many of the Russian people, there is an upwelling of No! No! We do not want to be cut off from the rest of the world. We do not want to live behind an iron curtain. We do not want to live in tyranny. We do not want to be part of something murderous. No! We want to be part of a free world. We want to be part of humankind emerging. We do not want to live in chains, virtual or real. No. We are better than this.

We are here to be a blessing to Russians, Ukrainians, and all people alike. I know that the readers of this Pulse of Spirit are simply standing for what is right and true, and we are loving the reality within all people. That is the great promise we are fulfilling: I will make you a blessing for all families, all nations.

We are here today as people from around the globe to bring something that we hold in common with all people—a shared love and a universal truth.

I live at Sunrise Ranch, the headquarters of Emissaries of Divine Light. The man who founded Emissaries of Divine Light in 1932 was an American, and a very patriotic one at that.

I, too, am a fervently patriotic American. And I cannot deny that I am from American culture. Nonetheless, what was brought in 1932 and what I bring today with all my friends here at Sunrise Ranch and in America, while expressed through our Americanness, is not American. It transcends America. You might say it is the heart of America, the truth of America, just like it is the truth of every nation—every motherland, every fatherland, every aspiring nation. It is that same truth within all people that we bring here and that you bring where you are, through your culture.

What we are sharing here at Sunrise Ranch does not have mobs of Americans embracing it, even though there is resonance with many. This is revolutionary for Americans.

Sometimes people play this game.

Oh, you are bringing something American into my culture.

I ask, Is that all you see? We are bringing something transcendent to America and through American culture to the world. We invite everyone else to do the same. Bring the transcendent through your culture. And if we all do that, we are unified in that act. We are not defined by our borders, language, or past.

We are part of one transcendent nation, one world, one body of humanity. That is what the human heart is crying out for. As conscious spiritual people, we are here to bring that—the transcendent reality of our oneness.

Because this is Mother’s Day in the UK—and because I know a young woman who is in the early stages of labor on this day—the realities of what it means to bring forth life are prominent in my consciousness.

When we teach Attunement, we speak of the Spirit of the Womb. We all know where a woman’s physical womb is located and the purpose that it serves. But could it be that this physical reality is replicating something that is happening at other levels of the human experience?

When we speak of the Spirit of the Womb, we are not just speaking of physical conception and birth. We are speaking of that spirit through a person or a body of people that can receive the conception of Love. That is what the Spirit of the Womb does. It receives Love into itself. And that Spirit of Love conceives something in the womb of consciousness—in the human heart and human awareness, and in the human spirit. Conception by Love brings forth life.

That is how the physical womb works. It is a home for conception, and it holds safe what is conceived. It allows life to develop until it can be born into a larger space. That same principle is at work throughout nature, throughout Creation, throughout the cosmos, and throughout our human experience. And not just in giving birth to babies. It is intrinsic to our function as human beings.

As we teach Attunement, we say that this Spirit of the Womb comes to focus in the pituitary gland, behind the top of the bridge of the nose, within the brain. This is the place of the Third Eye.

This pituitary gland is the place of our connection with Love. It is where our enfoldment of the seeds of Love comes to focus. Our consistency in doing that allows life to come forth.

At a cultural level, this is exactly what is happening for the Polish people. The Spirit of the Womb is blossoming in them. They are holding out their arms. They are embracing, enfolding, and loving Ukrainian refugees so that their life can be preserved, so that they can continue to grow and develop. They are sending the Ukrainian children to school because they know that it is the best place for them. They have found Attunement with the Spirit of the Womb to that degree.

This is what the Spirit of the Womb does—it allows life to flourish. The Spirit of the Womb is reverence for life. And when we look out at the world—and we see what happens, where there is such massive destruction—the voice of the heart of humanity says, No! No! No! We revere life. Our nature is the Spirit of the Womb, and we welcome the conception of Love into this space.

When Attunement was originally taught, it was taught as the seven spirits of the seven major endocrine glands. What was also taught, and what we teach today, is that there can be an eclipse of these spirits in the human experience. That creates a shadow state.

The Spirit of the Womb is eclipsed when there is a spirit of fear. When fear is present, there is a sense of victimhood. A fearful person sees themselves as a victim and sees aggressors all around. But they are unconscious of their own menacing, aggressive behavior.

Be not afraid.

These are words spoken by the Polish Pope John Paul II at the inauguration of his time as pope and repeated often by him.

Fear eclipses the Spirit of the Womb, and the shadow state of the Spirit of the Womb is the spirit of barrenness. We use the word barrenness in two ways. A physically barren woman is unable to conceive. Where there is a spirit of barrenness instead of a Spirit of the Womb, a person does not experience the conception of Love in their heart. There is a hardness of heart, frozen by fear, and an inability to receive the conception of the Holy Spirit of Love.

But the word barrenness is used in another way too. We speak of barren land. When a small community of people first came to Sunrise Ranch, they found land that was farmed out. It was a dryland farm with poor mineral content and low organic matter in the soil. There was barrenness that made it hard for anything to grow. And so, they added minerals and dumped truckloads of manure on the fields. Water came from the other side of the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains.

At the level of the human spirit, barrenness is not only the inability to receive the conception of Love. It is also the inability to sustain life.

Today, humanity is saying no to barrenness. No, that is not who we are.

We teach that we, as humankind, are designed to be the Great Mother, the Spirit of the Womb, at work in the world. And deep in the human heart, all people know this to be true of them, even though so many have lost conscious awareness of this reality.

It is natural for us, knowing that Spirit of the Womb, to open to Love and all that Love brings. Love is the power of the universe. It is the spirit of the universe. It is the spirit of all Being. It connects us with the constellation of Being and the implicate order of Creation.

Having the faith that comes with the Spirit of the Womb is particularly significant in dark times. As the Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard said, Faith sees best in the dark.

When we connect to Love, we find our place in the wholeness of things, in the wholeness of humankind, and in the wholeness of the great God of the universe.

Thinking about this word God and the reality it points to, I am aware that we could use a name for the Divine and use it consistently, as is done in some religions. And there might be a certain kind of power to that.

In some religions, the name of God is repeated over and over and over again, and there is a sense of focus and a feeling of power in that repetition. Our Father… Allah!… Baruch atah Adonai… Om Namah Shivaya.

To me, such chants and prayers can be deep and profound. And I am not trying to criticize them. But I know there are risks to the repetitive use of a name for God. A person can quickly come to believe that it is all about their God. But ultimately, that is not what the human heart cries out for.

From my heart of hearts, I do not cry out for my God, and I do not cry out for yours or anyone’s God. The human heart cries out for the real God, the God of us all, by whatever name. I believe this is true at the deepest part of all people’s experience. The Spirit of the Womb is crying out for the real God and for the Love that comes forth from that reality.

John the Revelator made this simple statement:

And God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

God Himself—and we could add, “and God Herself.” Not my God, not your God, not the God of our belief, not the Emissary God, not the Christian God, the Jewish God, the God of Islam or Hinduism. God Himself, God Herself. And so, whether people know it or not, what cries out in their hearts is an appeal to that higher reality, an appeal to connect and know it.

Allah! Allah! 

El Shaddai! El Shaddai! 

Elohim! Elohim! 

Adonai! Adonai! Adonai! 

I give thanks for the names of God that have appeared through the faiths of the world. Many of them have vibrational resonance with the reality of God. And still, in using those names, I do not refer to the God of any religion. I do not call out to the God of any faith. I call out to the one God, the one reality that is cosmic in stature and yet which is present… Close… Near.

It is touched and known where the Spirit of the Womb is present to receive it. And when that spirit longs for it, calls out to it and welcomes it in. Then life is conceived in the space that we share.

I call out to the Spirit of Love, the spirit of the one reality of Being.

If you desire to deepen your Attunement and bring the Spirit of the Womb to the world, I invite you to click here and join our Attunement Guild leadership in a 2-session online program beginning this Friday, April 1, at 10 a.m. Colorado Time. 

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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
April 2, 2022 7:34 am

It is the start of Ramadan, the Jews will be anticipating Pesach and some will look forward to Easter in a few days. The arteries of religion are flowing. A holy month for Muslims, freedom from oppression for Jews, and Christ the risen. All of these roots of faith are flowing into present reality.

It is a holy month of reflection, prayer and giving. We are saying NO! as did Moses long ago to oppression; people are fleeing. The Christ spirit is rising. As David says, “We want to be part of mankind emerging.”

The casing is breaking; the structures which have held for past ages do not serve the deeper resource of what is to emerge.

I was thinking, as I watched hundreds of joyous crows alighting in a tree at the bottom of my garden yesterday, how mankind longed for flight; it took long centuries for the technology to support the dream. How long has the soul been captive and earth-bound.

Now is the time for humanity to fly. No time for NO but for a resounding YES!

March 30, 2022 10:15 pm

We are better than this. This is not who we are. I know it is who we have been, but it is not who we are now, and it is not who we want to be. No! No! We want more than this.

This is such a beautiful and important reminder to us all – thank you David

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