Receive This Love

David Karchere

Consider a part of the world where there is now a terrible war, Ukraine. It is situated between Asia and Europe, East and West. We have a similar transition between North America and Asia, yet in between is the Pacific Ocean.

There is land that extends through Europe to the British Isles, and then all the way to Siberia, China, Korea, and Japan. And there is no body of water to mediate the flow of culture.

The historical roots of Ukraine go back to the early Slavic people. Vikings settled in Ukraine from the north and Mongols from the east. There was a prolific cultural interaction with Byzantium to the south.

So Ukraine is a confluence of culture and history. And here, at this place of confluence, something terribly unresolved is seeking resolution.

A week ago today, a doctor and a nurse in Kharkiv, Ukraine, who were working together to offer medical assistance as their city came under attack, got married in a metro station. Their names are Anastasia Grachova and Anton Sokolov.

The photos of the wedding are full of Love amidst the rubble, and defiance, as he lifts her off the ground, holds her in his arms, and kisses her on the lips.

Anton said this:

Love will defeat everything. 

Despite all the atrocities committed in Kharkiv and Ukraine, there’s still space for Love… 

Anastasia continued:

…and for kindness and warmth. Only feelings like this can help us to cope–and to win.”   

I celebrate the presence of Love in the midst of whatever is happening in our world and the opportunity we have as human beings to let Love prevail.

The past two issues of this Pulse of Spirit series have highlighted the significance of the Spirit of the Womb. We use this poetic phrase to name something. The Spirit of the Womb focuses in the pituitary gland as we practice Attunement, which sits in the middle of the brain, associated with the Third Eye. The Spirit of the Womb is a beautiful, poetic naming of a spiritual reality, and its symbology is remarkably accurate. But to simplify, I want to say that the Spirit of the Womb is simply our ability to receive Love. Everything good starts with that. And without that ability to receive Love, nothing good happens. You can try to Love, but if you cannot receive Love, you cannot Love.

When the Spirit of the Womb is present, there is a conception by Love.

Love is the ultimate value, but it means nothing to us unless we can receive it. If you cannot receive it, you cannot know it. If you cannot know it, you cannot give it—you do not have it to give. If you can receive it, you have Love; you know Love. And if the Spirit of the Womb is truly present, you can hold that Love in your experience and let new life be conceived.

Life is precious. But there is no life worth living without receiving Love and holding Love, so that life can be born.

We call the lack of the Spirit of the Womb a spirit of barrenness. Life is barren without the ability to receive Love. And where Love is not received, there is a shadow state that is horribly destructive. The shadow state of Love is h-a-t-e. In that shadow state, life is not held sacred. There is death and destruction.

Today we are witness to crucifixion on a mass scale in Ukraine. It symbolizes something for the whole world. It is certainly not the first time such a thing has happened. And while it is extreme, there are lesser crucifixions of life around the globe every day. Wherever there is not the Spirit of the Womb in which Love is conceived and life flourishes, there is a kind of crucifixion.

It is said that crucifixion happens first in the skull. Golgotha is the place in Jerusalem where the Romans crucified Jesus. It is referred to as the place of the skull. Physically, it is a rock formation you can see to this day that looks something like a human skull.

From an Attunement perspective, within the skull and within the human brain, there are two precious endocrine glands: the pineal and the pituitary. The skull is also where the functions of the mind come to focus.

The way we think can either set up the reception of Love and, therefore, the conception of Love in our human experience. Or it can be “stinking thinking,” as it is sometimes said, the fear-based thinking of our “monkey mind.”

Fear-based thinking hardens the heart so that Love can’t get in. This sets up the conditions for crucifixion in the human experience. The Spirit of the Womb that comes to focus in the pituitary gland becomes the spirit of barrenness. The Spirit of Love that comes to focus in the pineal gland becomes the spirit of h-a-t-e.

We are here to allow our human mind to release itself from fear, so it can facilitate the process that leads to the conception by Love in our experience. We are here to allow the mind to guide the heart into openness—take the heart by the hand and say, Here. It is safe. Open yourself to Love.

Perhaps this was what Anton was saying to Anastasia amid the terror that they were in. He held her in his arms, lifted her up, and told her that it was safe to allow Love in.

Let us be Anton in this world, guiding the heart of humanity in the middle of whatever crucifixion is happening in people’s lives and in the world. Let us be Anton, who says, It is safe. Open your heart to Love. Let Love in. For God’s sake, there is never a better time. Now is the time!

From the standpoint of human anatomy and physiology, the pituitary gland is sometimes referred to as the master gland—or, as my friend Dr. Carol Robertson says, the “mistress gland,” because the pituitary gland has a feminine quality to it.

From a hormonal standpoint, it controls what is happening in many of the other endocrine glands. From a vibrational perspective, it is also at the apex of the other glands. All of the other glands and all the rest of the human experience is there to embody the Spirit of the Womb, to receive Love at all levels of the human experience and at all the vibrational frequencies at which we operate. The apex of that reception focuses in the pituitary gland. But the reception is not meant to stop there. It is meant to go all the way to our fingers and toes. And it is not meant to stop there, either.

It is said that man was created, male and female, as the Crowning Creation—not to dominate but to receive Love in this conscious way that is available to us as human beings. Because this whole Earth was made to be a place that receives the conception of Love and therefore gives birth to life. And, of course, that is happening, no matter what we are doing as human beings. But we play a critical conscious role on the planet, for better or worse. In so many ways, what is happening on Earth is not the conception of Love that leads to life but is a crucifixion of species. And still, I say, there is no more perfect time to be Anton and invite the Spirit of the Womb to be present, and to be Anastasia, who says yes.

Chris Foster wrote the words to a beautiful hymn, “Where Beauty Might Be Born.” In it are these words:

For God did make the earth a womb
Where beauty might be born.

The Earth is made to be that. And we, as human beings, have a remarkable role to play in letting that be true. But it cannot happen if we do not receive Love.

Martin Cecil said this in his epic poem Thus It Is:

From age to age
Love’s word rings forth,
“The truth is true and all is well,
Unconquerable life prevails.”

In the midst of whatever is happening in the human experience—our own personally and individually, in our neighborhoods, families, communities, and the world at large—all is well. Unconquerable life prevails. And why? It prevails in our experience because whatever is happening, we receive Love and hold it safe in us, individually and together.

Holy, holy, holy. 

Holy is Love, Lord of our human experience. Holy is Love on high. Holy is Love whenever and wherever it has appeared. Most immediately, holy is the Love to be conceived in us. Holy are the seeds of Love that we hold together, the spiritual DNA of a new world.

Holy, holy, holy.

May we hold the Love given to us as precious, that it may be itself, true to its spiritual DNA as it emerges in life, in our culture, in all its forms. And may we sow the seeds of the spiritual DNA of Love for this world, having received it ourselves.

In the face of crucifixion, let us be the encouragement of Love that says, Receive this.

Receive this Love. 

Whatever is happening in your life, whatever you are witness to, whatever ails you, whatever sickness is around you, receive this Love. 

Whatever is happening in your world, whatever strife, conflict—personal, emotional, in relationships, or your family—receive this Love. 

Whatever is unresolved, unfinished, unfulfilled, unhappy, receive this Love. 

“The truth is true and all is well. Unconquerable life prevails.” Receive this Love. 

Receive this Love, hold this Love, cherish this Love, the one Love given to all people.

Let it increase; let it conceive new life. 

Let Love be held safe by you, by me, by us together, in this field of consciousness that we are responsible for together, ultimately with all human beings on the face of this planet. 

Hold this Love safe. It is for the birth of the Christ. It is for the resurrection of the Christ in and through us, as human beings, as a human race, as a planet. 

Hold this Love. 

Hold it safe, for it is precious above all things. Without it, we have nothing.

And with it, we have everything. 

Hold this Love so that there might be life. 

Hold this Love safe so that we might live.

So may it be. So it is, between you and me and between us all. 

So may it be for all people, that we may reclaim our humanity in the name of Love. 


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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
April 16, 2022 2:35 pm

That which separates us is often that which joins us. You might say the UK and the USA are separated by the Atlantic Ocean, yet the sea also allows passage. Again, it is said that the two nations are divided by a common language – English.

The same language is spoken, but idioms and “headspace” often bring about quite different interpretations. So, this is why having a sense of what is apparent or appropriate is important; that feeling in the gut. Sometimes, it is right to distance oneself, sometimes it is necessary to bridge the gap. This is where Love is the key and having the sense of the “fitness” of things; sensing what works.

Boundaries are useful but can be intransigent, holding little possibility for dialogue or other intervention even when crisis looms large. There is a state of impasse in Europe. There are righteous attitudes. There is war! And how does it get this way?
The answer is to look up. “Let Love Command”. To begin to see beyond the horizon. To enter a bigger stage of implication and of possibility. To invite resolution. To pray. To let Love itself radiate to dispel hatred and misery.

Anyone can take a stand on this; be of any creed or colour; be anywhere geographically. The magic is at hand. Bring the glorious reciprocation of receiving Love into oneself and radiating it out generously in all ways; fill the void, or rather the womb-space, to make active substance available for right action and creativity. This is spiritual true technology.

Ron Free
Ron Free
April 15, 2022 4:41 pm

Now is the time.

Let us receive and hold this love, safe and sacred, to put an end once and for all to the crucifixion(s) created by the fraudulent spirit of barrenness.

Holy! Holy! Holy!

Laurence Gawronsky
April 15, 2022 2:55 pm

To be a loving and caring person we have to become conscious of what we say and the impact of our words. There is a lot of unconscious expression people just feel they have licence to blurt out anything in the moment in a self-centered way. There is a power when we use our words wisely and maintain the vibrational space in a centered and spiritually aligned way. We can then provide that stability for other people. When we are spiritually centered we can then hold a safe space for love and enliven our lives.

April 14, 2022 2:10 pm

I am deeply touched by this message and that this Earth is a place where love might be born. It is often in the adversities of life that the greatest love can shine forth. How beautiful is that.

April 13, 2022 5:25 pm

These words and all that follow bring out the true beauty of life….Receive this Love.

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