A Powerful Felt Experience

We are having a powerful felt experience of the reason why we are in service to this mission!

For those of you who were present at the September Servers Gathering, you will remember that this was one of our statements of intent. And giving some deep thought to my experience over the last week, I realized that I am having a powerful felt experience of the reason why I am in service to this mission. A powerful felt experience has everything to do with the field that I’m living in, with the field that’s around me and around us, backing us all the time.

Here are a few ways I have been experiencing my field this week. It started early in the week with various e-mails of love and support, both sent and received. Then I received a letter including me and others in a proposed intention and direction. It was a reminder to all of us to rise up, to fill in the gaps for things that we see lacking around us, and an invitation to support, offer protection, and love one another. That was followed by a few more experiences: I considered an essay on the meaning of God that was being circulated, and meditated on one of Martin Exeter’s services.

Throughout the week these things were coming into my awareness, some of them online from websites, and others through friendship connections on Facebook. I noted how all of these things fitted together, energizing me.

All the exchange and interchange made me realize how much I was present with each individual, how much I was in the middle of a vibrant living field. I experienced energy and excitement, a level of creativity, and the understanding of the reality of interconnectedness. These were people I knew, and the vibration moving between us was being activated very strongly. There was pleasure in this connectedness. And the pleasure indicated the felt experience.

I’m very much a kinesthetic person, a body person. I love the experience in my body of the intensity that’s moving. There’s an equivalent experience moving in our collective body, a sense of the vibrant living field that we are all in. This gives us a greater sense of assurance and confidence, an ability to step up and speak out, a confidence to stand for something. What are you willing to stand for? And who do you stand with? These are really good questions to consider, to be clear about what it is that we are here to do in the world.

Experiencing and exhibiting a greater sense of confidence and assurance also attracts people and questions, and facilitates the ability to answer them in a spacious, easy way. This ease is part of the deeper understanding that is present in our collective body today.

Here is a short piece from the essay on the meaning of God that came my way. It’s written by Tzvi Freeman.

G-d is not a thing that is or was or will be. G-d is isness itself. Oy! The frustration of the language. We need new words: Ising. Isness. Isingness. Isifying. Isifier. In Hebrew you can conjugate the verb “to be” in all these ways and more….

And the proof: We ask questions that make sense only in English, but in Hebrew are plainly absurd. Such as, “Does G-d exist?” In Hebrew, that’s a tautology, somewhat the equivalent of “Does existence exist?”…

Think simple: You wake up in the morning and, even before coffee, there is. Reality. Existence. Not “the things that exist” but existence itself. The flow. The infinite flow of light and energy. Of being, of existence. Of is. Think of all that flow of isingness all in a single, perfectly simple point. Get into it, commune with it, speak to it, become one with it—that is G-d.


That really assisted me to understand the flow of being, this creative field, the sense of the universal that’s present in my experience, and the felt experience of communion I’ve had with various ones throughout the week.

Another piece I want to share with you, which further deepened my experience, comes from a piece of writing by Julian of Norwich, a 14th century mystic. As I was exploring the theme of connectedness and being, I was drawn to a book about seven female mystics, and the book fell open to this quote from Julian—an anchoress, dedicated to complete openness to God in prayer. An anchorite was attached to a particular medieval church and chose to enclose themselves in a single cell for the sake of undistracted prayer and meditation.

Because of her particular circumstance and her visionary nature, she received these revelations:

This fair lovely word “mother” is so sweet and so kind in itself that it cannot truly be said of anyone nor to anyone except of him and to him who is the true Mother of life and of all things. To the property of motherhood belong nature, love, wisdom, and knowledge, and this is God.

                                                                                    —Julian of Norwich
Long Text of “Showings” 60
Enduring Grace
Carol Lee Flinders

Her deep understanding of the nature of God, of the flow of being, was that it was both mother and father—that there cannot be anything created on this earth without it being mothered by the universal Source of all. And here is the understanding of God the Father mothering all of creation.

In all of this I’m aware of the importance of mothering what is new in us, what is emerging, what is seeking to be felt in this creative field.

With all the felt experience focusing on nourishment, support and protection needed for what is showing itself, for what is emerging, I wrote myself a note: “Focus on that!” Focus on the importance of providing support and nourishment for the emerging field, and for loving that. I am feeling the newness, and the beauty, wisdom and intelligence of all that is coming through. I stand for that.

Ruth Buckingham
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Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
November 11, 2012 9:49 am

Thank you Ruth, you invite re-enchantment, romancing, inviting new possibilities for us all – to reveal who we really are in our True Selves, True Stature, what a purpose, what an adventure, what a delight. Thank you for ‘standing for that’ for me.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
November 9, 2012 1:02 am

Thank you for this wonderful piece. I think, if I could ask only one question in the midst of all that is going on in my world, I would ask: “What is?” This cuts to the very thing itself which requires love and attention in the moment; not all the fabrications and projections. This is how to be purposeful and creative. Isn’t this simple?

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