A New Nation

There are times in your life where you have the opportunity for a conscious choice. Recently a friend mentioned giving up on healing the past. That’s a very powerful choice. She said that the wounds of the past involved people and a time that are no longer available. While the people may still be alive, you and they are no longer the same people you were when the issue presented itself. Trying to have a third party correct the issue doesn’t work, either, as they had nothing to do with the original event; and having them attempt to make it right will be dissatisfying. So it’s pointless to try and fix it. It became clear to me that not only is it wise to realize it’s unfixable, there is creative power in the now and the universe is ready for the now.

David Karchere recently spoke about the choice to welcome your world, even that which might seem distasteful. Oftentimes things seem distasteful to us because we don’t know what to do with them. So we attempt to avoid them. I’ve had that experience when a circumstance comes along and I’d like to excuse myself because I haven’t a clue what I should be doing in it. I can feel inadequate or certain I am going to make a mistake, or do something badly and embarrass myself. So rather than do it badly, I ask myself, “How can I get myself out of here quick?”

Standing still and acknowledging this situation has come to me and I can do something creative with it is another conscious choice. When we surround ourselves with friends who feel that way we become part of a team, a culture, a nation of people saying yes to our world. We can support each other in that. We can hold a space where our love for God and each other invites the world into a reality ruled by Love.

There is a poem that captures what is possible when we consciously choose to say yes to what the universe has in mind. It was written by my friend Chris Foster, back in1980 when he was living in 100 Mile House, British Columbia, Canada, so there are many references to Canada. I invite you to think of it in terms of wherever you happen to live. It’s titled “The New Nation.”

The time is different in Bangalore
Than it is here at 100 Mile House [or wherever you are].
Or in Shanghai 
Or Australia
And yet it is “now” both in the Cariboo and in India!
It is “now” in China.
It is “now” in South America and Europe and Timbuktu
And dusty old Wagga Wagga, N.S.W.
It is “now” everywhere on the face of the earth
And in the magic of this moment we meet
And in the magic of this moment a New Nation is born
That must handle what needs to be handled
And show the way home
In these grand and awesome days
Life has called an assembly
In this time of peril
And we are all invited,
The people of the East and the people of the West,
Those whose skin is white and those whose skin is black
Or apricot or brown.
No one is excluded
Save those who exclude themselves
Who prefer to be bound in the bondage of the past
The traditions of the past
The habits of the past
The achievements of the past
Than hear the call of the spirit.
Like a flight of Canada geese
Aloft in the still night air
Passing by unerringly in V formation
V for victory
So the spirit of the Creator passes by
High, high overhead,
Its call descending to the earth
With sweet, strong magic,
With all-encompassing love,
Reminding those with ears to hear
Of a world different from the familiar world
Of a state different from the familiar state.
Who will hear that call?
Who will answer that call?

As the geese pack their things and head north in the spring
Because they must
Because they are compelled
So we may be compelled
To take wing
And rise up above this earthly tangle of fear,
Suspicion and hate, 
That the truth of ourselves may be known.
We all have something unique and distinct and beautiful
To bring to the assembly where the New Nation sits
And acts
And governs
On earth.

The invitation has gone out to every continent
And the assembly is in session,
Not in some great cathedral
Not in some great temple, synagogue or mosque
Not in stately Houses of Parliament
Not in Mecca, Washington or London
Not in Moscow or Rome
Not even in the United Nations
But in the hearts of individual men and women
Who have space for the true essences of spirit
For courage and compassion 
For stability
And that precious quality of flexibility.

Where a person lives
The political system to which he belongs
His position, upbringing, class, culture
All these are as nothing when there is space
For the spirit,
The great universal spirit of love and truth
That fills the universe
And reaches, when there are hands available,
Even to the slums of Calcutta.
The factory worker in Leningrad or Detroit
Making automobiles with a love for his fellows
And a desire to give his best,
He has not been forgotten.
The farmer, docker, scientist, housewife
Seeking to let something new and genuine come forth
They have not been forgotten.

The call sounds and resounds in the earth
Let the New Nation be born
That alone can handle what needs to be handled
And show the way home
In these grand and awesome days.

                                                            (from A Time for Heroes)

The new nation is being born by anyone who is saying yes in this moment to reveal the Truth of Love. A new nation is being born by those who are living consciously in the present moment, whether they’re in the Cariboo or Colorado or Wagga Wagga, New South Wales—it is in this moment where someone has to say yes and allow what is coming to them from the world and that which is coming to them from the invisible to be welcomed. A new nation is born when the opportunities, people, money, etc., that come to us are used to magnify Life. Can you be a nation unto yourself? I would hope that you would be the emperor or empress of your realm. When those realms serve the same thing, we become the true United Nations. We are, after all, one body of humanity, one nation under the invisible, under God, under the possible.

The new nation is made up of people who want to do this together consciously. How well are you extending an invitation to the new nation through your living? That’s not a rebuke. That’s a “Let’s check!” You might be the only person someone will meet in their whole life whose message is “There’s another way; there’s a great opportunity for you. Let me show you what’s possible.”

Creation is still occurring. It is an ongoing reality. Much of this world as it is now has been created by people who have not been paying attention to their part in it, have not realized something else can be created. We can be the pioneers of a new nation that is resonant with the design of how life works, people who say yes to more life.

There are people who say your destiny has been set. It will be based on your past lives or how you’ve lived this life to this point. I would invite you to consider that your destiny from this point forward can be totally different, based on the choices you’re going to make today. What will you serve? Who will you love? How will you love? How will you surrender? How will you dance? You can change your mind; you can change your choices. If they’re working for you, stick with it. If they’re not, pay attention to what works. Life is designed to work, to be a creative experience.

Now is a wondrous hour for all possibility to begin. I invite you to pay attention to how you think, how you feel, how you speak and act. Pay attention to how much life is resonating within you. Pay attention to what you are manifesting, what you are building. You can make a conscious choice to love and live a joyous life.

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