Remember Love, Forget Drama

I would like to tell a story. It is a human story, as all stories we tell ultimately are, put in terms that are familiar to us but nonetheless conveying a reality that transcends the story. I invite you to have a powerful, felt experience of that reality as you read.

In the deep of the unseen, in a world that is not yet manifest in form, there is a King and there is a Queen. They are the King and Queen of this creative field in which we live—this world, this planet, this little portion of the universe. They are a King and Queen of Love who are in perfect love, one with another. This King of Love is in ultimate service to his Queen, bringing all of his being in service to her; and she, likewise, is in total love and service to him. And in their union there is joy and there is creation, and the magnification of love. Through their union, a world is created.

All of the angels of this magical world are in perfect harmony with the King and Queen of the deep. All of the masculine angels are totally with their King, sharing with him his love and his service to the Queen. And all of the feminine angels are in total harmony with the Queen. You might say they are one with her and her love for the King of Love. Born from this pattern of harmony, there is a perfect, yet ever-changing constellation of relationships. Wherever a male angel touches a female angel in whatever way, they are touching the love between their King and their Queen, and therefore their love between each other.

You might say that this is a kind of fairy tale. Yet it is a story that portrays a reality that is not just a story. For us as men on earth, we have the opportunity to feel our resonance, not just with the story, but our resonance with an already existing pattern of love between masculine and feminine, and to know that whenever we touch a woman, whether we’re touching her physically or through a connection at any other level of being, we are not only touching her, we are touching the whole body of womanhood, and we are also potentially touching into the already-existing pattern of love between all women and all men. You might touch another in this way by sharing a thought by e-mail, or by sharing in a passionate conversation. However men and women connect, there is the opportunity to be part of an already-existing love between masculine and feminine, brought to focus by what’s represented in the story by the King and the Queen.

A man has the opportunity to know the privilege and the joy of sharing whatever it is that he has to share with a woman, in whatever circumstance, at whatever level. That opportunity is spoiled every time a man tries to own a woman for himself as a human being. She belongs to her Queen, and she belongs to her King. As a man acknowledges and honors that, he has the opportunity of an exquisite communion, and in that communion, oneness. Through that experience, both man and woman find they belong to a greater reality and they do belong to one another in that context—not because anyone staked out a claim, but because they have honored what already is and they are participating in what already is.

The same is true for a woman. She cannot claim a man as her own, because the truth of every man serves his King, and in serving his King he is serving his Queen. For a woman who knows her oneness and love for the Queen and for the King, she knows she is already being loved by a man who serves this reality. And thus, the two can find whatever the right pattern of relationship and communion is, at whatever level, in whatever constellation as men and women. It may be a passing meeting, a once-in-a-lifetime interchange, or a family relationship. For me, I still remember the sweetest of interchanges I had ordering a cup of coffee and a donut. It could be something that passing. It could be a sharing of ideas. It could be a business meeting. And it could be the kind of depth that comes from a lifelong relationship.

All of that is easy to navigate when a person lives in what already is, when a person isn’t trying to make something happen for themselves, trying to possess another person on some kind of solely human basis, without the acknowledgment that while, yes, we are human beings, there is a part of us that is still in the deep, that has never left the deep, and we already have a relationship in the deep of being. We already know each other before we meet on earth. And in meeting, we can recall that already existing relationship—and not just our relationship with that person, but we can recall and touch that whole pattern that’s present in the deep already.

What I am speaking of here is the reality of love, and then the pattern that allows love to be known creatively wherever it is known, but most particularly in our experience. Where there is communion, where there is a coming together of being, there is creation. Every morning when we arise, when we connect with another person, there is the opportunity to create that day anew. At a physical level, when there is communion between a man and a woman, there can be babies. Something is born at that level—new life. Life is conceived and the cycle of gestation comes to birth. But that is not the only level where there can be communion and the conception of new life and a new world.

Wherever human beings truly commune at whatever level, there is something conceived and, in the passage of time, new life is born. This is how the world is created, and in fact, it’s the only way the human world is created. Two people may come together and share a vision for a business. They may come together and, through the joining of their minds and hearts, share a vision of what could be achieved through that business, of what could be brought into the world. Through their coming together, a new world is born, a world that involves people and things and money and resources, and then families and all manner of things. People can come together in so many ways. According to the quality of how they are coming together, and the reason why they’re coming together, so will be the world that is created.

We have an opportunity to participate in creation by love. We have the opportunity to participate in the dance of love in our life. In fact, we are doing that right now: together around the world, people who are sharing this meditation are coming together in consciousness. We are conceiving something. And in the collective womb of consciousness that we hold together, what we conceive will grow. It will be born in the days to come, I can promise you, because I know there will be at least some of us that hold the womb space of consciousness in which living things gestate and come to full term and birth. We have that commitment to each other and that commitment to the process, knowing that there are things that take time to work out.

So this communion in which we share is a now thing, and a present thing. But we have to stay in the now, and we have to stay present to hold the space in which the things that are conceived may gestate and continue to grow over time. We are participating in creation by love in doing this.

In order to participate in that creation, we have to turn our response and energy away from the endless sad drama of the world in which we live. That drama includes the friction and polarity between men and women. It is a struggle that comes when a person falls out of the awareness of the already-existing pattern of love and harmony. It seems easy to do and there are all kinds of justification for doing it. The world around most people is very generous in its offer of justifications for falling out of love. It has all kinds of ways of telling us that we deserve to feel hurt and angry. So if you are looking for justification for drama, it is readily available.

This is the karma of the world in which we live. It is the karma of fragmentation. And there’s a drama to fragmentation. There is a drama to people coming apart. If you live out of that karma, it is guiding and controlling your life. The karma of fragmentation is telling you how you have been victimized and how you deserve revenge or sympathy. If you live out of that karma, you are also living into it—you are giving your life force to it and perpetuating it. If you do so, it is your choice.

In this drama, there is a victim, there is a perpetrator, and there is a rescuer. No matter which of these roles a person plays it is all part of the drama. A person can think that because they are playing a different role in the drama, that they’ve left it, but actually the sad fact is that all these roles are part of the drama.

Most people are sucked into the drama as a victim of it. Someone hurts them, often someone older, or someone who is more powerful in some way. Or perhaps a member of the opposite sex. In that sense, they are bitten. What a person is often unconscious of is that once they have been bitten, there is a tremendous tendency to bite. They become infected with that karma, so there is a tremendous tendency to pass it on.

There is really only one way to let go of the drama of fragmentation, and it is to become aware that there is an already-existing dance of love that’s going on all around us and within us. Surrendering to that dance of love, choosing to live into it, we can let go of the drama of fragmentation and find that we can come together with others who likewise are awakening, and find that the story of love isn’t just left to some other place. We, here on earth, can do the human work of remembering and letting there be a core of love in our life. We can live out of that reality. And even when the people around us are living the drama of their karma, we can bring the dance of love to that person. We could bring our remembering of the already-existing reality, and our remembering could be a wake-up call for them.

If we remember, we have the privilege of seeing others who are ready to bring love into the world on a selfless basis. We discover others who are having a powerful felt experience of what already is, and we find our right relationship with them. We create a new world together through our communion in whatever way is right for us to commune. Some of us are communing from halfway across the world, but we are communing and we are creating a new world. There are all kinds of creative ways we can come together in love with other people. We become aware of those opportunities when we remember, and when we are ready to forget the drama of fragmentation that is present in the karma of humanity.

So I hope you say with me this day, “I remember.” This memory is a felt experience of the communion of love. I remember.

David Karchere
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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
November 16, 2012 2:35 pm

Karma is drama; I like that! What I live out of, I live into. This is beginning to make sense to me. The only place to be is in the now, the access point of love.

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