Whence Are You?

In mid-September we will be holding the Creative Field Conference here at Sunrise Ranch. It’s titled “Bridging Science and Spirituality ~ The Power of Inner Peace.” Bridging science and spirituality is not a new consideration. There has been a battle going on for many years, but suddenly some things are beginning to come together between these fields. A few weeks ago I picked up this little booklet written by Martin Exeter, called Whence Are You? I’d like to read a bit from it that relates to this topic. It begins with a quote from Psalm 8:

“What is man…? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels….”

Personally I feel a closer kinship with the angels than I do with an ancestry reaching back into the primeval slime. How about you?…

What is man? [He’s referring here to mankind, male and female.] The sad consequence of senseless chance? The most complex organism and therefore the highest form of life mysteriously evolved out of more elementary states of living matter? Or could the fact of his presence on earth stem from a higher rather than a lower source? How about looking up for the answer instead of down?…

Are you merely of the earth, earthy? Or are you the angel alive on earth in a body of flesh? Shall the heredity of the flesh dictate your apparent worth or lack of it? Or is your real meaning inherent in the angel?

Consciousness-endowed flesh bodies, called man, are made a little lower than the angels. Without the angel man is dust. The angel is the life of man…. Whence are you?

This excerpt reminds me of the fact that spirit is moving through human form and creating, allowing change to happen nearby and actually far away—further away than we think! I saw a headline recently: “Top Scientists Validating the Supernatural Universe.” It’s been said that over half of all adult Americans have had a spiritual experience that has changed their lives. I believe that’s true. I know it is for me.

Human beings are capable of so much more than may have been thought earlier—we can look at the pyramids and other structures that have been on earth for thousands of years. Obviously they were not created by stupid people who were way down low on the realm of consciousness. When I was in Egypt in the early ’90s they had recently found a mummy that showed evidence of laser brain surgery five thousand years earlier. And the comment was that we’re not capable of doing that kind of precise surgery today. So that says something! I don’t believe it was aliens coming in to show us how to do these things. I think there was this great consciousness present in human beings that fell to a very low point, and now something is rising again. There are memories from time to time that remind us of our greatness.

Recently there was something in the news about a woman who lifted a two-thousand-pound car off her father, who was pinned underneath. This wasn’t an extraordinary woman; she wasn’t a weight lifter. Two thousand pounds is a ton—and she just did it! There was something in her, a remnant that I think is in all of us, which is capable of things far beyond what we might imagine.

It’s been said that science is merely concerned with the physical world and contends that certain things are impossible, but we know better. We know that there is more. We didn’t just crawl out of the “primeval slime,” as Martin referred to it. It has been proven that if the expansion rate of the early universe had been a trillionth of one percent higher, we wouldn’t have happened. Life as we know it wouldn’t have occurred; matter could not have formed. If the expansion rate had been a trillionth of a percent lower, the universe would have collapsed in on itself. There would have been no planets, no suns, no life. So things are very precise!

Someone recently visiting our community asked this question: “What’s the most important thing for a successful community?” And I said the most important thing is an acknowledgment of something higher. You can fiddle around with focalization and how to do the dishes and how to harvest the onions—all these external things—but without that vertical component, not much happens. I believe that this vertical orientation has been responsible for the success of this community and many other undertakings.

The other thing I was thinking about in relationship to this topic is the idea that many people subscribe to, and I certainly have, that there is a spark of divinity in us. David Karchere recently referred to it as an “individualized aspect of God,” which is who we are in reality. I’ve been thinking about the fact that that Being extends way beyond our physical bodies. So, you could say that the physical body is in fact inside the Being. Many are familiar with the “robe of radiance,” what extends out from the physical form, or the auric field. It’s all part of that beautiful Being. Every aspect of nature has an energy field surrounding it. But what makes us different is the fact that we are huge Light Beings, capable of creating whatever is needed on the face of the earth.

Jane Anetrini recently mentioned being in a frustrating situation, where the first flush of feeling was to pull back. But instead she realized that she really needed to pour herself into the situation. We have those experiences often in our lives, where more of each of us is needed. And it does make a difference—it changes the atmosphere and it changes the experience between people.

I’ve been thinking about the title “Bridging Science and Spirituality.” What is that bridge? I believe that bridge is in fact light. It is a light-bridge that connects us and allows us to find new ways to be together, new ways to care for the earth, new ways to care for what’s beyond.

This is an electrical universe, and our own bodies produce electricity that jumps from cell to cell—this affects the brain, with synapses firing, our heartbeat… It’s all like magic. And yet we are the intelligence behind this; we often don’t even realize that we have that intelligence, because everything works perfectly.

I found some interesting quotes on the Internet:

              The atom is a vibration pattern in the fabric of space.
                                                   (Jan Wicherink)

Here’s another:

Implosion physics describes the atom as a standing wave pattern of sacred geometry patterns in the ether…. These…were described by Plato in 300 BC as the building blocks of matter!…

Did you know, for instance, that the Hebrew characters, the language of the Old Testament, are actually shadows of a Phi spiral…?

Or that some researchers now believe that the Great Pyramid at the Giza plateau most likely was used to harness these Phi spirals or torsion waves and focus them into the King’s chamber (Pyr Amidos = fire in the middle)?

Could it be that the ancients had a far better understanding of these “new” forms of cosmic energy, while contemporary science has just started to rediscover it?”

(from Science and Spirituality)

There is “nothing new under the sun.” And we are that divine spark. I recall writing a song in the Sixties with the words: “Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? Is it unclear? In whose image are we? And where is God? Why have we come?” These questions were big in my consciousness at that time.

Today I’m thankful to have some sense of the answers to those questions and what it means to provide leadership in my own life, for my world. In fact we are here to call others “home.” And home is not a physical place—it’s a place of consciousness, and it’s a place of love.

A while back, David Karchere asked for our favorite Uranda quotes. Here is mine:

Take courage, dear fellow-student, the Way is before you. Say with the great discoverer of the new world, “Sail on, sail on, sail on.” The crew on your ship of life may want to turn back, and they may threaten to mutiny—but stand firm on the Master Seaman’s Bridge, and give the com­mand, “Sail on!”

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John Vandebrooke
John Vandebrooke
September 21, 2012 4:09 pm

Enjoyed the read, weaving vibrations of familiar EDL friendships dressing the present moment in an upward movement with a flutter of angelic wings. Good stuff.

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