From Friction to Fusion

At Sunrise Ranch, we just held a one-day course, Primal Spirituality 1: Blessing, led by Gary Goodhue. The course assists people to open up to an experience that is the foundation of a joyful, fulfilling life—a heart opening to the ultimate power of the universe, which is love.

Most people—at least at some point—aspire to achieve things in their life. And perhaps they aspire to become something more than who they have been in an outer sense—to learn more, or to become more physically fit perhaps. But where do those aspirations lead if a person hasn’t learned to open their heart to the fire of Creation, which is love? Without that fire, where is the fuel to accomplish what the person wants to accomplish? And even if something is accomplished, what kind of enjoyment is there if a person is living with a cold heart?

Blessing is opening up to the fire of love, the most elemental aspect of human experience. Blessing is the first lesson we learn as a human being. We are learning that lesson when we are hugged by our mother or father. And all other lessons in our life are built on that first lesson—in relationships with other people, the natural world, and God.

Yes, we should accomplish all kinds of creative things. We are here to manifest wonders in the world. But that is only fulfilled when it is built on a foundation that is so primal to a human life that people often overlook it. They don’t realize they’re walking around with something closed off inside. And then they are trying to do great things and trying to live a happy life. But there’s something cold and vacuous inside because they’re not letting love in.

And I’m talking about universal love, the One Love that manifests as all the kinds of Love we know in our life. This is love beyond infatuation. This is the pure power of Creation. It is the essence of the creative urge within us all.

In the Book of Revelation, the Apostle John sent a message to the church in Ephesus. Here is a contemporary translation from Revelation, Chapter 2: 

I know what you have done—how hard you have worked and how you have endured…. 

However, I have this against you: The love you had at first is gone.  

Remember how far you have fallen. Return to me and change the way you think and act, and do what you did at first.

The word primal is from the Latin word for “first”: primus. The love you had at first—or your first love—is primal love. Is it possible to know our first love without opening our hearts? I can’t imagine how.

When the human heart opens to primal love so that love is at work in human experience, its power has gravity, and it attracts. This opening heart occurs simply because our emotional attention turns to the source of primal love at our core—when our heart returns to our first love. That turning, or returning, generates the power of attraction that is an essential part of our ability to manifest creativity in our lives.

The radiance of love is attractive. We are interested here at Sunrise Ranch, and for Emissaries of Divine Light around the world, in letting something happen in the physical space, in the social space, and in the culture where we are. We are interested in letting the power of love be present in that space. That can’t happen if the heart is shut down.

Think of the sun. It has so much gravity that it holds our earth in its orbit, even though we are eight light-minutes away. That gravity holds the sun itself together. It attracts hydrogen atoms to the core of the sun, which is where nuclear fusion turns them into helium. It takes tremendous gravity to overcome the repulsion of hydrogen atoms from each other and to bring them close together enough so they can fuse. And in that process, they release fantastic amounts of radiant energy that we experience as sunshine.

That gravity, leading to fusion, is at work among us as human beings when we live with an open heart, so the attractive power of love is at work. That is why I entitled my first book Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life. This is from the first mini-chapter:

As the gravity of the One Sun calls us together, there is always friction. Expect it! As Sun builders, our job is to transform friction to fusion. Let the gravity of the One Sun that brings us together bring fusion. With the warmth of the Sun. With the light of the Sun. With each other, so that together we may be One Sun. On earth! Within the body of humanity. That transforming power! That gravity!  

Let us build a sun.

If there are people whose hearts become gateways for universal love, it is attractive. People begin to draw near to them. But then, those people experience friction. They experience repulsion from each other. This is how the physics of fusion work on the Sun. 

A substantial energy barrier of electrostatic forces must be overcome before fusion can occur. At large distances, two naked nuclei repel one another because of the repulsive electrostatic force between their positively charged protons. If two nuclei can be brought close enough together, however, the electrostatic repulsion can be overcome.

And what causes hydrogen atoms to overcome their electrostatic forces so they can fuse? Gravity. And the tremendous power of gravity concentrates the atoms at the core of the sun.

Do you see any electrostatic repulsion at work among people in your world? Probably so because the same principles are at work for us as human beings. There have to be sufficient gravitational forces to bring people to the very core of a field of love before the friction among people can be overcome and fusion can be known. That fusion brings a knowing of communion and oneness.

Without the gravitational power of attraction, there is no proximity. And without proximity, there is no friction. You are probably not experiencing friction with anyone you don’t know halfway across the world.

Without emotional and social closeness, there is no friction, but you have something else—loneliness, which is epidemic in our post-modern society.

Gravitational power brings people closer together. And then, friction is inevitable. What do we do then? One solution is to re-distance. Just close your heart. That shuts down the attractive power through you. And walk away. No proximity, no friction. Problem solved. But not really. You are back to loneliness and isolation, where there can be no fusion.

If you notice friction in your life, be grateful. People are coming together. Help them move through the process of attraction so they can come to the place where the friction is transformed to fusion. And if you are aware of how the attractive power of universal love works in the human experience, assist people to move through a transitional time while they are coming near the core of this field of love, where this transformation is taking place. The greater the force of gravity and the greater the response to it, the shorter the timespan before there is fusion. And the larger the opening in the heart, the greater the gravity.

The sun we are building is a place of radiant love and enlightened awareness. It is a holy city within love’s radiation. In the process of fusion in this place, we lose our isolated, egoic sense of self. And we come to know ourselves as we never have before. We know the truth of ourselves and each other. And we are set free.


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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
May 11, 2024 7:09 am


Rohan came to my house for art lessons. He was about six years old, full of nonsense, and brough by the au pair. Sarah was a very sound woman, knew exactly the nature of the child and together we had a surround for Rohan. Rohan asked millions of questions, it drove me mad… until the occasion I asked him what I thought was a silly question back. His eyes lit up! This was the response he was looking for, a reciprocal question. From then on, we entered shared space, and the sessions were productive. Rohan had a love of numbers and geography so there was an inroad into how I could set up projects for him. He learnt how to use many other colours than yellow!

Thank you for this learning, Rohan, my heart sings at the memory.

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
May 9, 2024 5:33 pm

How true, David, that without physical proximity, and I would also include vibrational and virtual proximity, there is no friction. But there is also no opportunity for fusion. So let us come together even at the risk of temporary friction so that fusion brought by the gravitational force of Love can fully come, equipping us for intensified spiritual service.

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