Spiritual and Emotional Maturity

Humanity as a whole is facing the imperative to grow up. That might seem to be a harsh assessment, but if you step back and look at the behavior of the body of humanity over centuries, even up to today, it is hard to come to any other conclusion. On the grand scale, global power struggles, terrorism and war mark the global landscape. In the more immediate world of personal relationships, the emotional climate of a children’s sandbox often prevails. And that may be doing a disfavor to the children in the sandbox.

Physical maturity does not guarantee emotional or spiritual maturity. So there are many emotional children in adult bodies acting like children in a sandbox who are not getting their way, who not only want their own toys but the toys of the person next to them, who are messing up the sand castles of the people next to them. And so the great imperative, if we as the body of humanity are not to fall headlong into disaster, is real maturity, real growing up. There is no problem that we are facing as humanity that growing up would not solve.

Global human population growth is on a steep exponential curve. In my lifetime it will almost triple. At the same time, technology is increasing at geometric rates. That might be working to our advantage. But there is a big risk in that equation. It is not a good idea to give a misbehaving child in a sandbox bigger and smarter and more dangerous toys. And if you look at some of the “toys” that humanity has access to, it is easy to see the risk. Certainly there is risk in an atomic bomb or a nuclear power plant or in a car. Not only can a car be driven into an accident, but it can create global warming. There are risks to genetic engineering. Technology could be working in our favor, but not in the hands of humanity that hasn’t grown up.

So from a spiritual standpoint, there are two great calls that the universe is putting out to humanity. The first one is “Wake up!” Become aware of the power and intelligence that is within you. Wake up to something other than the ego-driven life that would steer you into disaster, that would have you believing it was a good idea to create atomic bombs and send them around the world on submarines and airplanes. Wake up.

There are people around the globe from many walks of life who have heard that call and begun to make changes in their lives. They have become aware of a new path to follow, aware that within them there is a power and intelligence and a way to live that avoids whatever personal disaster they might have been headed for.

For some, there is also a more global view. I know there was for me. As a young man, it was clear to me that not only was I miserable but the world at large was living on a basis that was ultimately headed noplace.

So the first imperative that the universe is shouting out to humanity and to each of us is “Wake up!” But there is a second imperative that comes after it that is equally important: “Grow up!”

What does it mean to really grow up, to truly be spiritually mature? Humanity has had relatively few real examples. Certainly, spiritual maturity is a lot more than going to a workshop. It is more than reading a spiritual book, or even a lot of spiritual books. If you consider yourself an Emissary of Divine Light, it is a lot more than going to one of our own seminars or classes, however long.

If the path to spiritual maturity was Star Wars, we have the opportunity to receive Jedi Knight training. The first part of that training might be a workshop, a book or a class. That’s when Yoda takes you through the exercises with your light saber and has you feel the Force. And after one set of trainings, you may discover there is another set, and one after that. You may go to graduate-level Jedi Knight training. But that is not even the half of your education.

The training that turns a person into a Jedi Knight—someone who has the capacity to offer caring, visionary leadership to other people and to the world—is postgraduate training. It takes place in the arena of the real life of the person. It begins when you are motivated by the realization that your life is yours to live and that you have a mission and purpose to fulfill in your life. That mission is nothing short of saving the world. That world may not extend to the known universe, as it did for Luke Skywalker. It may be a personal world and the people in it. It may be the entire human world and earth. But a personal mission is rooted in the understanding that your world depends on you, and that is the basis of the postgraduate training.

Coming into your personal mastery isn’t brought about just by the luminary vision you may have had on one occasion. That is the vision that inspires a person to grow up. The growing up is the living; the growing up is fulfillment of your own mission and the saving of your world. And in comparison to that, all the rest of your education in life is sticking your toe in the water. It might feel good, but the postgraduate education is full immersion.

Do you get the feeling that life is working you good? And all the things that inspired you in the past are now being put to the test? It may be that you are now in the postgraduate training program of life.

This world and the people in it need some real grown-ups—not stuck, conservative, rigid grown-ups, but people who have been seasoned in the living of life, who have come to know that what is within them is far larger than they ever thought. Luminaries who assist humanity as a whole to wake up and grow up.

The childish experience includes the belief that happiness is being withheld by someone, probably by another child or older brother or sister, or by the parent. The adult knows nobody is keeping it from me. The adult knows they have everything they need to know fulfillment now.

If you are looking for that perfect relationship, that perfect partner, that perfect love that you’ll have one day, the opportunity is here right now. As you are that perfect partner, that perfect friend, that perfect love, you can know the fulfillment of that right now with the people in your life. And so it is with everything in our life. The fulfillment may grow in the days to come. Where I live at Sunrise Ranch, we may grow a larger garden here one day. But right now, you can taste a fruit from our garden as it is, in all its lusciousness. It is present, it is available, and it is all that it should be right now.

Life is like that. That seems to make it hard for us as a spiritual program. If the world is childish, it is full of spiritual consumers. That is an elevated form of normal consumerism. Spiritual consumerism is the belief that somebody else can give fulfillment to you. Someone else can help you find it within you and inspire you. Ultimately, accessing the resource that brings fulfillment is a choice for each one of us.

We have nothing to sell except the offer to show people where it is within themselves—the offer that you could give your life in service, and you could contribute to a life of service with others, and you could know the glory of what is within you because you let it out. And in fact, there is no other way you could know it, other than to let it out. That brings emotional and spiritual maturity, and demonstrates it for the world. The experience of that is worth all the money in the world and more.

David Karchere
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July 11, 2016 4:22 am

Awesome post.

Irene de Groof
Irene de Groof
September 19, 2012 6:43 pm

Hearing/reading your words for the 3rd time .
Now being home after the Servers Gathering it makes so much sense to keep on being my own friend and partner and to let my Love and Truth grow in relation to everything in my Life, our Life .
I feel the responsibillity for that as a Light wave of fire in my heart.
It’s like I am still at the Servers Gathering being here at home and meeting my friends.
This time it is easy to talk about my experience at the Ranch; I have found the words for that, so that the others can hear what I say and feel the energy of the continuation of our time together that still remains. Thank You, Irene

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
September 14, 2012 7:26 am

This is our Time, time to reveal the grown-up phase where hearts and minds are fully employed to reveal the full embodiment of our Heavenly Commission and fulfill my and our destinies together, surely there is no cause more noble and fine. thank you, Anne-Lise

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