The Holy City Within the Wall of Love

Here in Loveland, Colorado, the last snow is typically sometime in April. But spring is a fluky thing here. It can be 80° F. one day and snowing the next. And it can easily snow through June.

And still… We all know summer is coming, despite the erratic spring weather in Colorado. You can’t see the grass growing or the trees blossoming. But it is happening. And sometime in July or August, it is going to be up over 100° F.

World trends are like that. There is a court decision one day and a protest the next. One day, the stock market reaches an all-time high, and weeks later, it crashes.

It might be difficult to look at world events and know where it is all going. But it is going someplace, however slowly, however erratically. Looking at recent world events, it is easy to sense that there are monumental shifts in the wind. What will become of human culture around the world?

For the most part, none of the readers of this article are rushing around the globe to affect world events. But here is what we are doing. We are addressing the issues coming to focus in the larger world by giving an answer to them right where we are. Highly cognizant of what is transpiring in the larger world, we are taking care of business in our own sphere of life. We are setting the foundational pattern for a creative solution for anyone, anywhere.

In Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Wall,” he speaks of two New England farmers repairing the stone wall on their property line. Frost mocks his neighbor in the poem, and quotes him as saying, “Good fences make good neighbors.”

The reader is left to think that the poem is about something more than New England farms. It comments on the tendency that people have to wall themselves off from others—to put up unnatural barriers that keep them separate and alone.

There is something that wants the walls between us as human beings down so that connecting energy can pass between us. This is what allows us to be creative together.

In contrast, today people also speak of healthy boundaries. They assert that boundaries are an important ingredient in healthy, balanced relationships. And that boundaries are a crucial part of maintaining your identity, mental health, and physical well-being.

If putting up stone walls between ourselves and other people is creating an unhealthy boundary, what is a healthy one? A wall of Love.

A wall of Love is created by the unconditional emanation of Love from a person. It is a flow of Love that has a rhythm to it, but never ceases.

Have you seen the aurora borealis—the northern lights? They are an undulating curtain of light. A wall of Love around a person or a group of people is like that. It’s not made of stone. It is made of light.

A wall of Love lets in what is of Love and what is meant to be inside the wall. And it keeps out what doesn’t belong within it.

A wall of Love is an emanation of Love to the world.

The cells of the human body are surrounded by a semi-permeable cell membrane. Through a myriad of complex processes, it regulates which substances can pass in and out of the cell. The wall of Love is like that. Like the work of the cell membrane, we hardly have to think about it. But it repels what doesn’t belong within the human psyche or within the human spirit. And it welcomes what does.

There is a wall of Love that surrounds the place where I live, Sunrise Ranch. We host people who come here for classes, seminars, conferences, concerts, and all kinds of other events. Why do they come? There is the content of whatever the event is. And the event could be hosted somewhere else—at a Marriott Hotel perhaps. But there is a reason why it’s special when it’s at Sunrise Ranch. People drive through the break in the rimrock and enter this valley and they feel something they’ve never felt before. What is this? They look at the red sandstone and the pines that surround the valley and wonder, What am I seeing?  Yes, they are coming into a valley full of natural beauty. They are coming into a place of abundant wildlife—elk, deer, foxes, hawks, and meadowlarks. But they are coming into something else. They are experiencing life within the wall of Love.

We have fabulous events here. And people love what we present. And yet some realize that what they love most about being here is being within the walls of Love. There’s nothing like it. That’s where we’re meant to be. That’s home for us as a human being. So the person may have an experience of coming home.

Because it is a geographical place you can find on a map, it is easy to think about the walls of Love that surround Sunrise Ranch. It is a physical place. But there is a city within which we all live, participating together around the world, and it’s not geographical. It transcends any single physical place. In fact, it is planted in whatever physical place in which we happen to be, because we are there. If you are in Cape Town, Dallas, New York, or Australia, the wall of Love is there, and you are living within that wall. You are within the walls of Love in the holy city of wherever you live, and it’s holy because you live there and because the emanation of love is consistent from you.

Physical proximity doesn’t necessarily mean vibrational proximity. In fact, a person living right on Sunrise Ranch could be living outside the wall of Love generated by this community. And a person halfway around the world could be living within the wall of Love. And that’s what we invite. Live inside the wall of Love. And especially, Live inside the wall of Love generated by this community. A person does that simply by joining the radiation of Love from within themselves.

Like the cell, Sunrise Ranch is what it is because what doesn’t belong here is allowed to move out beyond the wall of Love. There are many substances that need to move outside the cells of the human body. They are not bad things. They are not bad chemical substances. They just belong somewhere else. And they don’t belong in the cell.

So it is for you and for me. There are things that don’t belong in us—things that would corrupt our experience and break us down if not expelled. And so, the radiation of Love propels them outside the wall that it establishes. They flow out on the tide of that radiation and go wherever they need to go.

And so it is with Sunrise Ranch and Emissaries of Divine Light. There’s much that doesn’t belong here. Most of the world does not belong here. They wouldn’t fit in this space anyway. Does that make them bad people? No. They just don’t belong here, with this vibration that we are bringing to the world.

Within the walls of this city, there is warmth and light—the warmth of love, the light of truth. I was reading recently about how light works scientifically, and this applies to us and what we’re doing. Two things can happen. If light waves are in phase together, they’re amplified. So if the light that you bring and the light that I bring are in phase, they amplify each other. If light waves are out of phase, they tend to cancel each other out.

The HeartMath Institute has studied the implications of such things in human experience. They find that where people are in phase together, their heartbeats come into phase. And where there are people who are in phase, they find something else HeartMath can measure—social coherence. They report numerous studies that measure the effects of social coherence. In a work environment, there is better staff retention and employee satisfaction. And shorter meetings! They found that people who are involved in close and meaningful relationships have significantly reduced mortality, and reduced susceptibility to infectious and chronic disease.

Within the walls of Love, the brightness of our light increases, not because we are working hard to shine our light but because we are in phase. Do you believe that there is some kind of intuitive knowledge we possess around what it means to be in phase together? I do. I believe we actually know this stuff someplace deep inside.

There are many things that we know as human beings, but which we forget in the living of life every day. It’s like what happens to things around the house. The keys are in the house. But you put them someplace and forget where. Deep knowledge is like that. Somewhere in the depth of our soul, we know what it means to live within the wall of Love and to be in phase with the people we are with. But we forget where we put that deep knowledge. So we walk through life as if we didn’t know. We know! We just can’t find what we know. We know what it is to be in phase. Where there’s a radiation of love, it’s easy. And all that love is radiating in the same direction. And when it’s radiating in the same direction, it’s amplified. It’s powerful!

When light waves are not moving in the same direction, there is interference. One light wave can cancel out another. Probably not totally, but it can inhibit its effectiveness. We can be out of phase with one another, going this way, that way, with no social coherence. People can be acting independently, and if you look at the independent action, it’s great. But if you look at the whole picture, Oh my goodness, all these light waves are cancelling each other out and there’s chaos as a result.

This is our answer to the world. It doesn’t have to be like that! We can find our coherence. We can amplify the light of each other and create a larger light together.

You could think of this as a sports team. The play of any individual player has meaning because they are part of the team. They have no particular meaning all by themselves. The wide receiver on a football team running down the field doesn’t mean anything without the quarterback. He is just a guy running around unless there is a quarterback to pass him the ball. He has meaning because they are in sync. They’re doing something together. They’re in phase together, and the whole team is in phase. And the more that they’re in phase together, the higher the performance of the team.

It’s fun to watch a team that has good but possibly not great players who are playing as a team. As you watch, you might see a higher intelligence working through them all, so they are acting as one. It’s an amazing thing to watch. We are capable of that in life. And I invoke that kind of higher intelligence for us as a community.

Have you ever been in a choir or a band that is in phase? That’s what we love about a great musical performance. The performers are in phase. And then the power of all the parts come together and you feel this incredible energy that is amplified because of it. It’s so exhilarating! We’re meant to be like that as human beings.

Cancel culture is the mass withdrawal of support and the shaming of individuals. We’re not meant to cancel each other out. Within the walls of Love, we amplify the light of other people.

In the cells of the human body, the nucleus of the cell sends messages to the body of the cell that are essential for healthy function. The nucleus contains its DNA, which is the blueprint for healthy function.

On a football team, the quarterback calls the play. That’s a necessary element in allowing the team to play together, to be in phase. It is less about the quarterback as a person. That can change from year to year or even from play to play. It is about the function that the quarterback performs.

Any healthy human community functions on the same basis. There is a central bank of the spiritual DNA for that community. It is held by people. And messages for the healthy function of the community come from that central bank of information and the creative impulse those people hold.

So for us as human beings in this community, participants have to find our center and have a relationship with what is there to creatively participate. There is a vibrational center to what we are doing. There is a point, vibrationally, from which it all emanates. Do you know where it is? Can you find it? Can you feel it? Can you relate to it?

I had an experience at Sunrise Ranch recently of hearing a number of people speaking or playing music, one after another. As I was sitting there in my seat listening, I thought, There it is! The vibrational center of this community. I could feel it, see it, and relate to it. What a thrill! There was the center of the holy city we share within the walls of Love.

This is our answer to what’s happening in the world today—to all the separation, conflict, and to all the cancel culture. A holy city that lives within the walls of Love. We declare that this is possible for anyone, anywhere, and for all of us as humankind.

The vibration of our experience brings a message to the world. These words carry that vibration, bringing that message. As this is truly happening for us, we live within the walls of Love and we shoot arrows of Love into the world. Pure love. This is not just Cupid on Valentine’s Day. This is us bringing pure Love to the inmost regions of the human heart. As those messages are true, they can penetrate the heart to liberate, illuminate, and uplift the human experience.

Let our arrows of Love go wherever they need to go. May they land in the hearts of whoever would receive them.


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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
May 4, 2024 7:57 am

It is very easy to understand David’s analogy of light being “in phase” or “out of phase”. You’re in or you’re out! One should quickly learn the difference and adjust one’s capacity to radiate. It begins to feel the natural thing to do! It’s energy medicine, right there, and much besides.

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
May 2, 2024 4:56 pm

Good to be “in phase” with you, David, and to be in radiant coherence with others on Sunrise Ranch so that we are doing what you stated early in this Pulse: “setting the foundational pattern for a creative solution for anyone, anywhere,” and allowing this sacred space to truly be “the Holy City within the Wall of Love.”

Leia Meryt
Leia Meryt
May 2, 2024 3:12 pm

I was present for this service and reading this now reminds me of Uranda’s service where he speaks of the “eye of the needle” in Jerusalem.
The only way to enter the holy city is to take the baggage off and crawl through. It’s a guarded gate into the city at night.
So take off your baggage, lay down your burden, get on your hands and knees in humility within the darkness and come on through.
What seems so impossible in any given situation is what sets each one of us sailing from a stationary harbor we’ve set ourselves in. We’re meant to “shove off” and heave ho.
Upon giving yourself permission to accept the invitation to “enter thou in” one enters the “ heart of the matter”. The matter being permeable substance creating flexibility within practical spiritual creativity. One becomes a heartfelt way shower in home and to home.
Sunrise Ranch represents the cells of the many nations that are present on our planet home.
The seven continents of our Mothers endocrine system within the holy city.
What a glorious vapor cloud we live in that provides the breath of life and the fire of everlasting love.
The glow that penetrates within this Great Heart.
The wealth of Attunement, the pneumaplasm that spreads the richness of love in the midst of us all.
The mist, the vapor breath filled with the sustenance of Spirit. Come drink of it freely.

I get to work with this substance and with this substance in every moment present in every day in every way. I am the creative field. I am the heart of the holy city.
To tend and keep the garden is the practical experience of heaven on earth. It’s God’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom which is at hand. 🤲🌎🔥🌬️☀️

Kari Bye
Kari Bye
May 2, 2024 2:59 pm

Many years I lived in Colorado and came back to visit my community in Norway. It was not only people and places which were dear to me here. The invisible presence of my heritage, the farms surrounding this little town in the open valley between the mountains, seemed to hold a loving care from centuries back in time, as well as from my childhood experience of feeling blessed here.

Traveling the other way, I felt the Spirit of the West, endless creative opportunities in a new world and a new age. How to actually find my place to participate and contribute to this, became clear when I happened to find Sunrise Ranch.

Yes, David, an invisible wall of Love let me in, because I was meant to be with my people.

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