The Universal Field of Consciousness

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

The evolution of human consciousness has been taking place over millennia. That might create a picture in the mind of a slow, plodding, incremental change, bit by bit. Evolution may be seen as something that is happening to us, not something that’s happening in and through us. But when it comes to changes in consciousness, that’s not really how it happens. That’s probably not how it has happened for you individually in your life, and it is not how it’s happened for humanity.

The evolution of human conscious occurs when there is an old paradigm that seems to work, after a fashion, and the energy of the new backs up behind that paradigm. The old paradigm acts like a dam, and there is energy backed up behind that dam. The energy keeps growing and growing, and for a long time there are few external evidences that change is under way. But the energy keeps backing up behind the dam, and pretty soon there are breakthroughs.

As a result, there are individual people who are pioneers in consciousness, because it doesn’t all happen at once to all of humanity, even though the paradigm shift relates to everybody. There are people who begin to have a radically different awareness of what’s happening—a radically different view of what their life is about and a radically different view of the world. They are especially open to the new paradigm, and their resistance to it is less. So the energy and the awareness of the new begin to seep through.

Very likely, that person on the edge of the shift looks to the world around them and wonders, “Why isn’t everybody else thinking and feeling what I’m thinking and feeling?” So the person looks for validation that what they are experiencing is real and important, and they seek that validation from other people. For the most part, they don’t find it. So there is a great temptation to blend in with the crowd; a great tendency to think, “Maybe I’ll just lead a so-called normal life.”

It takes courage for a person to stop seeking validation from the so-called “normalcy” of the world in which they live—which is really not normal, just familiar. A spiritual pioneer learns to find validation from the already-existing field of universal consciousness. That field is always present, and it is always available. It is a field of possibility and potentiality. It is a field of what could happen in our life and in the world, if we let it. It is a world of pre-form. It is that universal field of consciousness that is bringing pressure on the old paradigm.

As time passes, the water keeps backing up behind the dam, and for those who are more open to that, and in whom the resistance is low enough, the water behind the dam breaks through. At that point, there begins to be a great leap forward. The dam bursts, and universal consciousness has become human consciousness.

When a person embraces the universal field of consciousness, they begin to have a radically different view of the world. From the usual perspective of spiritual or religious people, they are looking up to the universal field of conscious. They are looking up to God. For a person who has been enmeshed in the circumstances and people of their life, opening up to the universal field of consciousness is very helpful. But something strange begins to happen to a person as that opening continues. They begin to see the world through the eyes of universal consciousness. They stop seeing the world from the bottom, looking up, and begin to see the world from up, looking down. And the world looks very different from that perspective. It is quite a shift to realize that you are not a struggling person who is making their way in life. You are universal consciousness that’s looking to express itself through this sometimes resistant human being.

That looks different. It is normal but not familiar. It seems far more familiar to try to work it out on the usual human basis: “I’ll struggle with the human factors, either inside me or in my world, and make the best of it.” What does it look like from the other side of things? We call that vertical memory, when we remember that who we are is already present in the field of universal consciousness. We remember another reality, not separate from the one that we’re living, not unrelated to this world. We find that part of us is living in a reality of eternal peace, eternal perfection and wholeness. There is part of us that has always lived there and has never left.

When you invoke vertical memory, your life changes. You begin to be in position, with others who have had the same experience, to offer something critical in our world today—a radically different paradigm of consciousness, an evolution of consciousness. Not something that is only a slow, step-by-step movement forward, but a great leap into a new experience. It takes courage to take that leap.

In the Vibrational Healing Conference we held at Sunrise Ranch on Saturday, February 19, we spoke about the profound, personal impact that vertical memory has on the human energy field. It creates a paradigm shift. Try it for yourself. Entertain this thought, and see what happens in your personal energy field. Share this thought with other people, and notice how the energy between you shifts.

What if, before we were born, you and I lived together in the realms of universal consciousness? What if, from that eternal place of perfect wholeness, we chose to incarnate together so that we could be spiritual pioneers for humanity now?

Perhaps part of us never left that place of universal consciousness. Part of us is together there, even now, in perfect love, full agreement and total willingness to do what is ours to do together now.

We are now remembering that eternal reality, that heavenly home, in our experience on earth. In that spirit, I speak these words to you:

Welcome home. I love you. I serve with you. I remember.

David Karchere
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