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Holy, holy, holy.

That word, spoken three times, invokes an honoring and an acknowledgment of an eternal reality. The sound and the vibration carried by the word holy transcend any religious belief or practice. It is an acknowledgment of the sacredness of the reality in which we live at all levels. When that eternal reality is acknowledged and honored, it shows up in our life and in our experience. It brings a spirituality that sustains life.

We have the opportunity to come together with people from around the world with the expressed intent to create a new field of consciousness—a field of consciousness that invites an awareness of the spiritual compulsion that is within us. That spiritual compulsion contains the destiny of humanity and the destiny of this planet. So it is vital that there should be such a field of consciousness present on earth. Where there is a lack of awareness of the spiritual compulsion within us, there is a horrible tendency in human experience to revert to pathological self-concern.

If we look around at what’s happening in our world today, we see a culture that reflects pathological self-concern. Where there is not an awareness of the compulsion that contains our destiny—and not just our destiny individually but our destiny as a body of humanity and the destiny of the planet—there is a reversion to thinking of ourselves as isolated individuals, and that is what leads to pathological self-concern. We can see that tendency at many levels. It is reflected in the culture of humanity as a whole. And it is clear that the cultures of the natural world in which we live—the animal and vegetable and mineral kingdoms—depend very much on the culture of humanity.

Where there is an unsustainable human culture, there are unsustainable natural cultures. The oceans of the world are dying. The climate of the planet is becoming dangerous for the life on the planet, and the evidence suggests that trend will continue. There are species dying off at an alarming rate. These are all evidences of an unsustainable human culture that is creating an unsustainable culture for the plants and animals of this world. If this planet is unsustainable for the natural world, it certainly becomes unsustainable for human beings. But we are not only the victims of what is happening in the natural world, we are also the cause of it.

What is behind the unsustainability of human culture? Is it a result of a long chain reaction, one event leading to the next? For the most part, people believe that is what’s happening. For most people, the view is that human culture is something that is happening to them, a result of the actions of a long chain of others from out of the past. Very few see themselves as creating culture. But human culture is originating out of a state of consciousness, and it is human consciousness, as it has been, that is the linchpin for what is unsustainable for humanity. So our interest, with people around the world, is to allow a different field of consciousness to flourish—a sustainable state of consciousness, a living and thriving state of consciousness, so that there can be a living and thriving world.

If we look at the natural world, forms pass away. There are forms of death that appear to be quite natural. If I walk on Green Ridge, behind Sunrise Ranch where I live, I don’t bemoan the dying grasses. I don’t bemoan the winter, and there are forms of life that pass away over the winter. I don’t bemoan the fact that the animal life around here doesn’t live forever. There is something natural about the passing away of form that leads to a thriving culture. In sustainable agriculture, those dying forms are recycled in a natural system.

But there is a kind of unnatural death that we, as human beings, have introduced into our culture and into the world. Nuclear war brings a kind of death that is not part of a natural, thriving, living system. The dying of life in the ocean is not a natural part of a sustainable and thriving system.

When you come right down to it, the issue is human consciousness. To be more specific, the issue is whether or not human consciousness is filled with an awareness of the creative, evolutionary compulsion, the life-giving compulsion that would carry it to its destiny. Or is it obsessed with a sense of separateness, which leads to pathological self-concern?

Not all self-concern is pathological. But there is an unnatural accumulation of wealth, of physical things, of power, and of money that is. There is an unnatural anxiety about personal well-being and ego survival. It’s interesting that pathological self-concern doesn’t lead to survival; it doesn’t lead to sustainability, personally or collectively. It leads to unsustainability and unnatural death.

So we’re here to create a field of consciousness that allows a shift of awareness to occur, so that we are not identified with the form in which we live, but filled with an awareness of the spiritual compulsion of the whole.

Holy, holy, holy.

We have the opportunity to come together with people around the world who are experiencing the sacredness and wholeness within all things. We can be a global community of people who remember that who we are is not separate from the wholeness of all things. And even though we are separate at a physical level, we touch at an invisible level. We are a vital part of the fabric of life, and our conscious awareness of that makes all the difference.

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