The Unformed Realm of Almighty Being

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

There is a spiritual awakening occurring for many people around the world. We share conscious responsibility for that awakening, particularly as it relates to what is happening in the context of the Emissary program. Currently, there is The Attunement Project that is under way. Through this project and otherwise, consciousness is gathering together. There is a coming together of people, pooling the resources of consciousness so that something greater can be known and experienced, and so that something greater can be offered into the world. That is happening for us and for many others. And there is more to come.

I would like to consider this with you, perhaps so that it may become more vivid in our collective awareness, but also because I believe that it is possible that through these words and through our collective meditation there may be something created that will have creative impact in the global collective consciousness. And, by the way, if I didn’t think that was true, I wouldn’t be interested in considering this together.

The great mass of human consciousness is largely aware of a world of effects—things that have generally happened in the past. The events a person is considering might be thought of as being in the present, but by the time the person thinks about them, they are in the past. Often, people are afraid that what is in the past will keep happening, or get worse. For the more ambitious, there’s the attempt to change those results; to somehow rearrange them and make them different, or make them come out differently in the future. But still, the focus of attention is largely about what has already happened.

At the bottom of the e-mail we sent out, inviting people to participate in the Attunement Project, there is a quote of Uranda, which is well known by Emissaries: “Let love radiate without concern for results.” From what I know of Uranda, he was a practical man who was not ignorant of the world of results. I love the picture we have in the Aspen Room of Uranda on a tractor. It is a picture of practical spirituality. So I don’t think he was unaware of the world of results. But what he knew was that human attention is so fixed on that world that people generally have their capacity to participate in the creative process robbed from them—stolen by the steadfast attention to the world of results. “Let love radiate without concern for results”—either the results that are already in front of you or the results to come.

The world of results comes from something. Uranda’s words are an indication that love is the cause. The emanation of love, however wholesome and full and rich, or however partial, is the cause of what’s happening in the human experience. That is what is creating the results that people are worrying about. And we know that the love Uranda was talking about wasn’t just the affectionate kind of love, although it includes that. He was talking about universal love, universal cause.

In Emissary classes, we speak about the opportunity to stand at the crossover point. What a beautiful symbol! The crossover point is between the world of cause and the world of results. It is the place that welcomes cause to come through our experience and into the world. In a religious context, people talk about faith. It takes faith to be in that place, and true faith is born out of relationship to invisible cause.

We could think of invisible cause as being above us. It is interesting that whatever words you use to describe invisible cause, they all end up being words that relate to the world of effects. Have you ever noticed that? Another word that is used in the New Testament is Father. That’s a word that has been used to indicate something of the world of cause. It’s a word from the world of effects. The world of the unformed is, in some way, like a father is to his child. The reality of unformed being is not “our Dad.” But presumably, whoever first used the word Father had to find some way to invite people to pay attention to the causative factors in their own experience. Because if your consciousness is like mine and like most people’s, it’s infatuated with the world of effects—absolutely infatuated with it. And it seems to take a lot to get a person’s attention so that they let their thoughts and feelings be turned in a different direction.

So how might we speak about what is “up there” in the unformed? I want to name it as best I can for now. There is possibility in the unformed. And possibility isn’t total blankness. We can sense the nature of a possibility. It has an ineffable quality to it that we may perceive. Perhaps it inspires us. Perhaps we think to ourselves that if everything turned out right, what is possible might take form and what is latent and unformed might manifest in a beautiful way in our life.

Another word we use to describe what is in the unformed is power. When a person touches the latent and the unformed, it motivates them and powers them as they let it take form. We talk about a powerful idea. That idea relates to the unformed that has the power to inspire people, and move them to action.

We were speaking about the creative field we hold as a field of energy held by conscious human beings. That field is not just some kind of raw, chaotic power. There is an unfolding pattern in that field. There is intelligence at work, and we hold a field of intelligent power if we are at the crossover point. We begin to see that “if we did this and this and this,” things could manifest in a way that reflected the intelligence, the wisdom, of the unformed pattern.

While the unformed pattern of being has intelligence and power, this reality is not just energy and not just an intelligent pattern. It is sentient being. You might say this is a matter of faith but, more importantly, it is a matter of experience. The course of a person’s life is changed when they perceive, touch and welcome in their own mind and heart the reality of being in the invisible.

It is hard to imagine a life of purpose without the reality of sentient being in a person’s life. Related to anything that we undertake, and even our life as a whole, I don’t think you can really answer the question “Why?” without knowing the deeper question, which is, “Who does it serve?” What is a human life for, if it’s not to serve the reality of sentient being? All of life has meaning and purpose because it is an expression of sentient being. It all serves sentient being. And when we are in communion with that reality, we see why. We understand what our own life is about, and what any human life is about. It is about making manifest, in this world of results, what is true in essence in the unformed. That is giving glory to God.

So for us personally, what is it that opens the door for us to perceive the reality of being that we serve? I think it certainly helps when there are people who make evident and plain something of the character of invisible being. You can touch the spirit of the divine in someone like that. Where there is a person who communes with the invisible, who lives their life in relationship to the invisible, they have the capacity to initiate someone else into that experience and, in essence, say, “Would you like to meet what I love and serve? And not only what I love and serve, but would you like to meet who I love and serve?”

You might say that exploring this territory is risky. We need symbols from the world of results to relate to the world of the unformed. My words are such symbols. But the symbol of the unformed is just that—only a symbol. When a person mistakes their current symbol as the reality, it becomes an idol—something they worship as if it were the truth itself. A person may have thoughts about that idol, which they clutch as if it were the truth, and they may generate deep feeling around those thoughts. It is ultimately the reality that deserves our worship. Symbols may facilitate our relationship with the reality, if we let them. The risk is that a person mistakes the symbol for the reality, so that people may use a word like Father, and the next thing you know, we have visions of a man with a long, gray, flowing beard.

So the use of symbols of the world of unformed latent possibility is a tricky business. Are we fooled by those symbols? When we see what is going on, it is not that hard to navigate. If we understand what is involved, we can know the reality of being for ourselves and be about the work of initiating other people into the same experience, introducing them to their own experience of the unformed reality of being.

As I was preparing for this time, I wrote these words:

On this day, people come from the four corners of the world to the place of the most High, and as they dwell in that place, commune with the unformed realm of pregnant power and brilliant light, conceived in the very heart of Almighty Being.

How very good to share in being at the crossover point, the highest place in our own experience, providing a focus in the world of effects and an opening to the world of cause that stands above us—in communion, in relationship to that world, so that love can radiate in the world of results and create what it would.

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