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I would honor the substance of those who have offered the gift of attunement and stewarded it over these years. I only know one way to steward attunement, and that is to offer it and to keep sacred the vessel it’s offered through. That is both an individual and a collective matter.

Attunement is one of the Creator’s greatest gifts to this earth and to the people on it, to us. It’s something that has come down to us over the ages. I don’t know where attunement started, back in the mists of time. When you read some of the accounts in the Bible, you can see where the work of the one called Jesus had attunement in it. He was a great spiritual leader and also was noted for his healing. When you come to this last century, as has been mentioned, Uranda was a great spiritual leader and healer. He refocused attunement.

A tiny bit of history: in 1929 Uranda shared the first attunement that he spoke of, with Rudolph Plagge in Wichita, Kansas. From then on, he inspired many to join him in being a spiritual inspiration and in offering the gift of attunement that comes with it.

I’ll just touch on an experience of my own. From the time I was nine or ten, I knew the experience of attunement from my parents and others. I recall Uranda coming to Toronto, Ontario. His primary mission in coming was to offer talks, drawing together those who resonated with the spirit of truth that he brought on earth. While he was there, he taught attunement. He taught my parents attunement, and I was lucky enough to receive the demonstration attunement.

I watched my father and mother establish attunement practices in Toronto. I say “practices” because at one point they had two of them going; my mother looked after one and my father the other. In those practices, there were people who simply came for their weekly attunement, and they were happy with that. But there were other people who came wanting more, seeking more. It was with that smaller grouping of people that my parents started to have meetings and eventually formed an Emissary group or two in Toronto. Some of those people became integral parts of what we call Emissaries of Divine Light and carried that work forward.

There are many levels of attunement. In these days, my wife Barb and I teach attunement. There are six levels of attunement required to become a practitioner. These are taught on six weekends. We find we can teach the first three with relative ease. If you are a student, that would give you all the basic technique you need. But to go the next three levels takes a real change in life. You have to live it; you have to land the spirit and learn to keep the attunement work sacred. In essence, you learn to keep yourself sacred in working with others in this field.

The Attunement Project is an opportunity to carry that work to the people of the earth, and the earth itself. Through the three-month project, a blessing and an increase of love are given by a number of people who consciously offer attunement together. There are various specific opportunities to do this that spring out of our living and our spiritual agreement.

In my way of thinking, consciously bringing attunement is one of the greatest privileges that Emissaries of Divine Light offers. We don’t have a monopoly on the spirit behind attunement. It’s just that here is an opportunity for a grouping of people to offer that love and blessing in a specific, conscious way.

This morning I am inviting you to join me in offering the spirit of attunement in a specific way to this earth, and particularly to the rest of the people who populate it. We can easily look around and see the needs in the earth. One way we can access them is to visualize our worlds in our hands. Just put your hands on your lap or your knees, or hold them in front of you, and visualize your world in your hands, including the people of that world. Perhaps you know of someone or some situation where there is a need. Hold that one in consciousness, bearing in mind that the attunement current, the spirit, finds its way to wherever there is need and the response of an open heart.

I suggest we take the next five minutes to do this. There won’t be anything more to be said for most of these five minutes, as we let the attunement current move among us and beyond us to hearts that resonate everywhere. Please join me.

(At the end of five-minutes) Thank you all for sharing in this sacred time of blessing and attunement. Over the course of this attunement initiative, this project, I look forward to sharing more attunement times, both formally and informally. Attunement knows no distance.

Hugh Duff
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