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Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

In the song we sang together, we declared that a door is opened in heaven. The musical piece that was presented following the song relied on the performers paying attention to the door that is open in heaven as the source of their inspiration and direction, as there was no written music. They were paying attention to what was coming down from the invisible into this moment, and releasing it into the earth through sound. The refrain of the song invites you to “Lift your eyes, rise up and see a holy place where all may blend in sacred harmony.” Do we literally have to look up? No. We raise our vision to a higher perspective, where that which is coming down from heaven might have a chance to come into the earth.

Last week we initiated The Attunement Project during our international teleconference. During that hour Carol Amey was speaking about sharing attunements. She said, “However, to actually develop the discipline to share a focused attunement takes some doing, just like it takes some doing in our living to be generous, to be kind, to be loving, to be a blessing, to be thoughtful, to work out the relationships one with another in the closest-in kinds of situations.”

Practice. It takes practice to perceive latent potential in the realm of invisible being that can come into the earth, and it takes some discipline.

I’m aware that there are a lot of people around the world who have learned vibrational ways of healing. Back in the 1970s I took a course with Dolores Krieger, who was the originator of a therapy called Therapeutic Touch. She was a nurse who used to work in hospitals and showed people how the power of their presence and the power of energy from their hands have an impact on people. People were awakening to the reality of an invisible realm of energy, and that brought healing. What was perceived as moving between people’s hands is not chartable by the human eye.

People have created all kinds of machines to measure such things. Being a chiropractor of thirty years, there are chiropractors now who totally rely on a machine that they put at each end of the person’s body to see where there is interference. I thought if I had had one of those years ago I could have saved myself eight years of school! In reality, some of my training was about perception and deduction. It would seem to me to be a waste of that training and my experience since then, not to use my own intelligence and learning as I treat my patients. I’m not knocking the machine; I am acknowledging there are things I trust more than the machine. We can develop the perception of the invisible realms that human beings are designed to steward.

These last two weeks in the Full Self Emergence class that we have here at Sunrise, David Karchere and I have been speaking about the unseen realm of latent potential. People generally have limited awareness of that realm, but it precedes all that comes into the forms that we can see. There are a lot of things already in form that we look at and analyze, and think we’ve figured out how life works. That is a good place to start to understand how the world works. They say insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. If you see clearly what’s going on in your world, you learn things—such as the results of your behavior, how the rhythms of life work, and how the design of the creation reveals itself. But there is another range beyond observing what’s already come into the earth.

Human beings have the capacity to perceive other things. Yesterday, when I walked into a store, Maureen Waller turned around and she said, “I knew you were in the store before I heard you.” How did she perceive that? We have the ability to become aware of a reality that is imperceptible to our five senses. But it takes openness to that perception, and some practice, to become familiar with that range of our experience.

“A holy place where all may blend in sacred harmony.” That can’t happen if there is not attention paid to what is in the invisible. Inevitably at the physical level of things there will be two people wanting something different. One likes it hot; one likes it cold. If we would like to take advantage of the opportunity to know harmony, possibility or creativity, we have to be paying attention to something other than that which is already manifest.

The Pulse of Spirit this week was entitled “The Creative Field Held by Sentient Beings.” There are a lot of creative fields held by people who don’t think of themselves as sentient beings. There are a lot of fields held by people who are only paying attention to the physical, to that which is manifest and is already in front of them. There is nothing wrong with that, but we have the power to be conscious of something more. That changes the way you perceive your world and the way you create.

This morning I was looking at a book of Martin Exeter’s, Being Where You Are. This book is about being present and being conscious, and it is well worth reading if you want to deepen your ability to hold a creative field. Because, if you are being conscious where you are, you will be perceptive and have the creative power he speaks about in this book.

I want to read some of the chapter titles: “The Cosmos and You.” There is something more going on than what’s going on in our own little house, or even our little planet.

“Potential Released.” Where does potential live, if not in the invisible? Even if it’s in you, you can’t see it. You have the potential to be a great being. How do you know that if you’re not great already? It’s in the invisible. It’s true, because you can sense it.

“God—The Creative Compulsion.” People get hung up with the word God. They get hung up with the word Father. Why don’t we just talk about the Creative Compulsion, that which is in the invisible that creates, that can come through you? In this piece about the Creative Compulsion, he speaks about being a son or daughter of God. He says that paying attention to the invisible heaven, the invisible reality, and delivering it into form, connects you to the Creative Compulsion. Then you are one with that which is the Creative Compulsion, and you become a son or daughter of the Creative Compulsion, or of God.

Here is another title: “The Authority of Doing.” I love that. That’s what Carol Amey was talking about. It takes some discipline and some doing to have authority.

Here’s another title: “Be Thou Perfect.” Is that possible? In one of these chapters Martin talks about the prevalence of fear as a motivation in human experience. If one lives only in the world of effects, the world of that which is already in form, one certainly should be fearful, because there is no pattern of control in that. And if one is out of touch with the invisible pattern of being, fear is the only place you can live, because you no longer are available to the sentient experience. You are no longer open to what is coming down from the invisible through you to manifest, delightfully, through the capacities you have.

Here is a line from the other song we sang: “Now we blend in union that God may speak His Word. As all the earth is silent this holy voice is heard.” Those words are beautifully poetic, but they are also instructions. That’s how we perceive what is available to be known in the invisible. We blend in union, in silence, listening, so that the holy Word is spoken through us. Does that mean no one’s speaking? No, it just means we keep the world of effects silent in our consciousness long enough for the world of what is unformed, what is invisible, to be heard. It doesn’t mean we don’t care for the manifest, that we don’t extend our love to it and steward it. But we have something to do together in the silence to perceive that which is coming. In union we hear it, and we manifest it together.

I’m delighted that we have initiated this Attunement Project. The possibility that even one more person will understand this technology, will understand the invitation to pay attention to that which is coming, not measurable by regular means but which is coming as we breathe, as we are being where we are—what power there is in that! What potential!

I’m thankful for having been privileged to know this and to be with other people who know it and can assist me, and I them, in staying where we belong, available to the Invisible. If this whole thing could be done by one person, it would be done, because we know someone who came and lived his life that way. Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” He was one with the Invisible and he let that reality be born through his living experience. There is more for us to do together as we bring the Invisible into form, as we reveal heaven on earth through our living.

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