The God Center

David Karchere

Join me on a meditative journey, reflecting on what is really happening in our lives. And what is important and significant about what’s happening. How can we harmonize with it and let what is happening reach its natural fulfillment?

Think about this. We are all born into the present moment from out of the past. Isn’t that what’s happening here? There was something built out of our human experience, first of all in the womb. And then we were born into the world, and we developed. Even from a physical standpoint, we grew, and the body we grew into now has landed in this present moment. Our entire physical state has landed into the now from out of the past. Realistically, without that past we wouldn’t be here with all that we have now.

That is the physical dimension of our reality, but there is more. There is all our learning, mentally speaking, and all our life experience that is carried forward into the now. There is something happening in our heart—our emotional body that expands and changes over a lifetime and is born into the now. In the same way, our spiritual body—the field of auric substance we generate over a lifetime—is born into the now.

So here we are, born into this present moment. Of course, what has been born into this moment is bigger than what has been created from our individual lives. After all, there were our parents and those others who came before us—our parents’ parents, our grandfathers’ grandfathers and grandmothers’ grandmothers. And so it goes, generation upon generation. And then there is the culture at large, which, however far back you want to trace it, ended up being born into the now.

I notice that we as human beings can have a tortured relationship with our past. There are parts of it we perhaps dread or feel ashamed of. We might feel victimized by our past and wish it were different.

Sometimes, a person wants to go back to the past. I remember being a seven-year-old and talking with my best friend about the good old days. Sometimes a person thinks It was better back then, and I would like to retrieve what is gone and bring it into the present. Or a person thinks I wish I could leap back into the past and live back in the day when everything was rosy.

Our attitude toward the past extends to our own lifetime, and to our whole lineage. The most immediate part of our lineage is our own parents. But it is certainly more than parents and blood ancestors. There is our blood lineage, for sure. But how about all the teachers that we’ve had, and all the mentors? And then there are our teachers’ teachers and our mentors’ mentors. There’s a lineage at so many levels; yes, at the physical level but also at the emotional and mental level, and even at the spiritual level. We have a spiritual lineage.

In the natural course of things, in the unfoldment of time, there is this constant rebirth into the now. That occurs even at a physical level. In our physical body, cells are constantly being created, and old cells are dying. That is important for a healthy body. You don’t want the old, unhealthy cells hanging around. They need to be recycled or expelled as new cells are being born. And if we were successful in maintaining dead cells in the body, we would be creating an unhealthy condition. The same is true at every level. There is that which is being born into the now, and there is that which is fading into the past.

For us, as conscious human beings, we have the ability to try to stop the process that’s naturally occurring. We can try to bring forward things from out of the past or to jump into the past to live in it, which is impossible except in imagination. Or we can somehow cut ourselves off consciously from what is out of the past because we have judgment about it. And yet, it has created something that has landed in the present. Historically that happens with things like Columbus Day. It is so understandable that we feel shame about some of what Christopher Columbus did, and what it led to in the colonization of America. There were all kinds of atrocities, actually, that were committed by our European lineage against Native Americans. There is very little out of our past that doesn’t have something within it that deserves to fade into the oblivion of the past! Yet there is something that rightly does carry forward, and has carried forward.

If we let it, the evolutionary power of Creation carries forward the line of life from far into the past into the now. That line is strong and powerful. It is creative and uplifting. If we cut off the line in heart and mind, we cut ourselves off from that tremendous power, which is ultimately the power of the universe that wants to be itself and express itself and manifest itself. Here we are, in the present moment, right in the middle of that line as it stretches forward through time into the present, and as it projects forward into the future. How it projects forward for us has altogether to do with our ability to stand clearly in the present moment, letting the line be activated and fulfilled here and now.

That line running horizontally through time is intersected by something else, which is our vertical connection. Here in the present moment, our lineage has come and landed into the now. It is intersected from above by cosmic intelligence and power landing down into the line. The lineage contains all that was created out of the past and which has landed into the present—all the substance of our physical earth, the substance of mind and emotion, and all the auric substance. In the broader world in which we live, cosmic activating power is landing in the substance of Mother Earth herself. If we let it, the lightning of Creation comes down through our consciousness into the lineage.

At the intersection point of the vertical line and our lineage, moving from legacy to destiny, is the God Center of the creative field for us individually as a human being. As we let our lineage in the present moment be penetrated from above because we are open to that penetration, the line is activated. It is transformed and empowered.

In all humility, we can acknowledge that there is the God above who is the invisible source of Being that is larger than this sphere in which we live. This is the source of pure potentiality for us, for the world, and ultimately for the entire cosmos. All of that, when it comes down into us and intersects with our line of lineage, creates the God Center individually for our human experience and our immediate human world as an individual. That invigorated Center is full of wisdom and power.

When we allow our lineage to be activated from above in the now, the activation lands in the field of consciousness. This has the natural consequence that we leave behind all that no longer belongs or serves from out of our lineage, and allow what naturally lands into the now to be here. Think of any moment of true inspiration for you. Isn’t that what happened? All things are made new.

Now we are opening up and allowing the power from above to intersect our lineage, and at that point of intersection the God Center is lighting up our field; first of all, our individual field of consciousness and energy as a human being. And then our world is lit up.

The same principle is at work in the collective field we share with other human beings. We inevitably share a lineage in common, parts of which we could readily identify. It might seem to be a diverse lineage, with many strands of DNA, many patterns of culture, spirituality, philosophy and emotion woven into it. But no matter how diverse the collective, we share a common lineage within the body of humankind.

As there is a vertical opening and activation within us as a group of people, we have the opportunity to share, very deliberately and very beautifully, a common opening to a common love. When that happens, our common lineage is intersected by that opening upward. Collectively, the vertical line has intersected the horizontal line moving through time. And thus, in the midst of us, at that point of intersection there plainly appears, for all those with eyes to see, the God Center. Not just the God Center for me or for you but the God Center we share in common. And the more and more we accept our common lineage, and the more and more we open upward, the more and more that God Center appears as the intersection of these two lines. The vertical line we sometimes call the silver cord. When the silver cord intersects with the line of lineage, that lineage is lit up in the now.

The lineage as it lands in the present moment contains the substance of Creation. Most importantly for us as human beings, it contains the substance of consciousness. That substance resonates with the activation from the God Center. Believe it when it happens! It’s happening today. When you see it, when you hear it, when you feel it, believe it. Believe in the power and wisdom of it.

Sometimes we have the privilege and honor to have individuals mark the God Center. They stand for it and express it so that we can say, There it is. Thank you to those of you who do that for us. Our hearts naturally go out to you. There it is! God above is beautiful, but the God Center here in our field, embodied as a human being, is gorgeous.

The scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla said this:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

From the God Center, there is a frequency that is emanating. It always is. There is a vibration that is in our midst. In this God Field we share—even with all the tides of chaos and commotion that go on in the larger world, and in our closer worlds—we have the opportunity to bring the stability of this intersection, and then the power of the intensification of the vibration we are very deliberately allowing to focus. Power increases and intensifies as focus increases. As there is a conscious receiving of our lineage being born into the now, and a conscious welcoming of the download, we notice how the God Center is expressing itself in our common space. We notice how we ourselves are called to give expression to it. I read this on the website:

From a yogic perspective, there is a profound connection between speech (the expression of our thoughts) and prana (the life energy carried on the breath). When we speak, we are naming our reality, while using the power of the breath in order to form and express our words. Speech is prana in action. Prana naturally creates sound.

We have the opportunity, each of us, to speak from our own God Center, and on occasion we have the opportunity to speak from the God Center of the field that we share with others. Our words, our creative expressions, our songs, our art, bring the vibration from the God Center, radiating into the field. Then the frequency of the God Center is moving into the field. This becomes something that we do, not just accidentally but very deliberately, allowing this intersection to transpire and allowing the vibration to move out into the field of consciousness and energy, conditioning that field so that it’s not just moving with the tides of the world but it’s moving with the tides of life, which are the tides of this vibration.

So many Creation stories around the world speak of this—the world being created through sound or through the spoken word. This Creation story is from the Judeo-Christian lineage:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The same was in the beginning with God.

All things were made by him…

By the Word, by the frequency and the origin of it.

…and without him was not any thing made that was made. (John 1:1-3)

We are here to be the emanation of that Word of Creation. The atmosphere and energy change, and the tides of life reign supreme.

Isn’t this what is really happening in our human experience? I’m not saying there is nothing else happening. I’m saying that when it all comes together for us as human beings, the power of our lineage and the activation of our Divinity has come together. And when our human world seems to be falling apart, this is what isn’t happening. We aren’t activating the silver cord, which opens us to the Reality that is beyond our immediate human experience. We are struggling with our lineage, and we are struggling with our past. And then it becomes hard to see our destiny.

I accept my lineage. I accept our common lineage and the entire body of substance that has landed in this present moment. And I open up to the activating wisdom and power from above. The God Center within this God Field is radiating with increasing beauty and strength. And I love it.

So may it be.

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A Bure
A Bure
February 8, 2020 4:31 pm

I accept my lineage, and I accept our common lineage; so why am I a little surprised to find myself in a two-day workshop on the ‘Ultimate Entrepreneur’ with new people that I meet for the first time -the same frequency – how exciting to discover an invigorated Centre full of wisdom and power – all things are being made new.

There is no place for dead cells, there is a vertical opening and activation within this group, some hearing about the Emissaries for the first time; and the power of common love is flowing strongly. This, whilst at the same time we each tap into power and creativity naturally finding the secrets of the universe – we are discovering and experiencing our natural emanation of that Word of Creation that lives in each one of us.

I am so glad that Oneness is being realised in magical and surprising ways.

Good to be celebrating with everyone in this network.

Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
February 7, 2020 4:18 pm

Stepping into the God Centre, where there is an intersection of legacy with the vertical, is very powerful. I have reviewed things which have transpired in my life which have open a whole field, or cycle, of opportunity.

When I got married, for example. A simple ‘yes’ at a government Registry Office in Chelsea, London, and I stepped into a whole partnership and a whole pattern of agreement because Laurence wasn’t any ordinary bachelor, he also acknowledged his spiritual destiny like me; this was over 30 years ago.

It is important to track where we step into destiny and to acknowledge what unfolds as a result.

I have been thinking about Sir Winston Churchill. He carried the legacy and might of Britain during the Second World War. He carried the history of the country on his shoulders and had to focus an intent for victory through thick and thin.

In these days, we are not just seeing a destiny piece for saving the whales or to offset climate-change, we are in the business of a grand and cosmic alignment to be brought about through the power of conscious love in expression and in action. There is a very big picture to attend to and we are here – in this present circumstance – to do the work. That’s what I signed up for.

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