The God Field

David Karchere

The field of conscious awareness and energy that we live in is ever changing. The Long Island Sound is a body of water between Long Island, Connecticut, and Westchester County. At its widest it is 21 miles across and it is 110 miles long. I grew up sailing on the Sound, and then sailed on it later in life. Its moods are remarkable. I’ve been on it when it was like a bathtub, without a ripple, and the air temperature close to 100 degrees.

I’ve been out on the Sound when all hell broke loose. When I was eleven, I was in an 18-foot sailboat with my father and brother when a storm kicked up, with 11-foot waves. Being eleven, I had no concept of the risk. We were headed for Connecticut but gave up trying to sail into the wind when it changed direction. So, flying only the jib—the small foresail—we surfed the waves to Port Jefferson on Long Island. I was thrilled!

On another occasion, my crew and I found ourselves in the middle of a microburst. A microburst is a weather event in which the wind actually goes down. It hit the water and then spread out from there. On land, the wind was clocked at over 70 miles an hour and a tornado touched down. We were in a 30-foot boat, taking on water until we were able to get the boat righted.

There are so many moods to Long Island Sound. Life is like that, and so is the field of consciousness and energy in which we live. It’s all part of life, and it’s all part of the field. We’re always in that field, and there is always something different happening and something different called for from us, depending on the day.

What is activating this field of consciousness?

The silver cord is a cord of auric substance that connects us with the Invisible. In real meditation, prayer or Attunement, we are opening to allow spiritual current to descend through the silver cord from the Invisible into our individual field of energy and consciousness. We are allowing a higher Love to come into our Being. We are allowing a higher Truth to come in, so that consciousness lights up. We begin to see things we hadn’t seen before. It takes an openness and a surrender to allow that download to occur.

The first place the silver cord connects is through the gateway for the Spirit of Love, in the pineal gland in the crown of the head. It then extends through the gateways in the entire endocrine system, bringing activating energy to the individual field of consciousness.

This silver cord is the thread of activating energy that carries the central current of that download into us. There is a spiritual center at a higher level of Being that downloads into our own spiritual center, which is the axis point around which our life revolves. It is the central core and heart of our Being.

As a creative field of one, that’s how it works for us. And it’s the same in every creative field, for any person or collective of people. We live in the holonic structure of the universe, with wheels within wheels. And this structure is re-created at every level—at the level of relationship, family, community, nation, and the world. Somewhere in every field there is a center of auric substance that holds the whole field. Sometimes a person comes along and becomes aware of that central reality of the field. They are opening to it in the invisible, but they also perceive it within the collective of which they are a part.

Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday we just celebrated, touched the heart of a nation. He spoke of agape, the kind of love that is at the heart of the United States. He showed the nation its spiritual core. Our greatest presidents have done the same.

I recently traveled down to Colorado Springs with Karen Pritchard and up to the top of Pikes Peak. This time of year, it is quite a journey, with some ice and snow on the roads. In 1893, Katharine Lee Bates took a train through the Midwest. She was inspired by all she saw. It was upon arriving at the pinnacle of Pikes Peak that the words of the song America the Beautiful began to come to her. She had a vision of the heart of America. And she saw America from the perspective of that heart.

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

There is a center to the field. Sometimes a collective of humanity loses track of that center—in fact, often. The center is always present. The heart of Sunrise Ranch, the spiritual community where I live, has been here since the community was founded. That doesn’t mean that it has always been acknowledged. The heart of the United States of America has never left us, even though it is sometimes hard for her citizens to find.

Here are two profound realities—the spiritual center at the heart of the human experience and the spiritual center at a higher dimension of Reality, what we sometimes refer to as God. When we open to it, that Reality descends into our own spiritual center.

It’s an awkward use of English language, but we could say there’s “the I Am,” referencing something higher than us. But then we can simply say, “I am.” If we are open to it, the reality of what is higher enters us. Then we are not only speaking for it but as it. I Am.

God Reality is something higher and vaster than we are as a human being, or even higher and vaster than the whole human race. After all, there is God Reality within the whole cosmos. But if that higher reality is to have meaning, it’s not only up there or out there but it is right here. Is that your experience? That there is a God Center in your own individual life? And that as you convene with others, you can, at least at times, sense the God Reality in that field? That the field we are in right here and now is a God Field? Yes, it’s a human field, but there is a God Field in the human field. And that God Field has a God Center to it, which is composed of a living reality of auric substance. It carries consciousness in which we can participate, and around which the whole field revolves, and without which the field fractures. Centrifugal force takes over and it ruptures.

I am speaking of a current reality in the space of this field. But there is not just the space of the field involved. There is the evolution of the field over time. The God Center for the God Field persists over time, creating a line that pierces the God Center in the field now, thrusting it into the future. Actually, I have already alluded to this line by referencing the heart of America, reflecting back in time and citing our lineage. And, of course, the word lineage has the word line within it.

Lineage is such an interesting thing. At the heart of it, it is the line of unfolding God Reality. There is the broad swath of history—all the things that have ever happened to anybody on the planet. And then there is this line of Reality at the very heart and center of humankind that is continuing up to right here and now. Now, in this present moment, there is an intersection point between that unfolding line and the silver cord, which conducts activating energy from higher planes of Reality.

We speak of the silver cord as relating to verticality, but there is also a cord that is moving forward horizontally through history. Those of us who spent time with Barbara Marx Hubbard know that she often spoke of this line, taking us to its earliest point of origin as scientists describe it: the Big Bang. And she spoke of us as a continuation of that line of evolution from the Big Bang, “from single-cell to multi-cell,” as Barbara would say, to today, for us as human beings. She spoke not only of what has been but where that line is going and its impetus for forward movement through us. That line is present within the context of the human family, whatever might have happened before that. There is the God Center that landed in the human experience, which has been there all along and continued forward.

I was thinking of what we are called to as human beings. What is our own integrity as a human being? What is the source of our wholeness and vitality? This issue is at stake in the nation today. I own a little book, The Founding Fathers: Quotes, Quips, and Speeches. When I read the quotations, I see the line of Creation moving through those who founded America. The power of their vision comes surging forward through history. Time collapses, and the center of the nation that was then lands here and now.

Lineage… On the political scene, there are those who advocate what they imagine is a literal adherence to the United States Constitution. They sometimes call themselves constitutionalists. Some take a similar approach to the Bible. They hold a belief in what they believe to be a literal interpretation of the Bible. They are sometimes called fundamentalists, or literalists. They adhere to an interpretation of what the words say, and then assume that everybody else should adopt that interpretation. Some attempt to leap back into time and live by whatever they imagine was said—never mind that it has been translated a few times, never mind that it all occurred in a culture that is not our culture. There are so many pitfalls of legacy and lineage.

The point of lineage is not the past, because we can’t live there. We can’t even know, for sure, what was being said through words that have come down through history, even if they were originally spoken in our own language. We live in a cultural context that is radically different than it was even 100 years ago. And yet, through writings such as the Bible or the writings of the Founding Fathers, we can touch the God Center that is present now and be illuminated by its Light. And we can come to know our own responsibility for the unfoldment of it now in our day.

We, the living, are carrying forward the lineage. It may be your family lineage, your cultural lineage, your religious or spiritual lineage, your national lineage, or the lineage of humankind. We are here for that now—not to live into the past of it but to feel the power of the lineage as it’s landing in us and through us, and as it wants to unfold and become more than it has ever been. This is the fulfillment of that truth that is at the heart of the lineage—that driving force of Creation that is moving through time, desiring to be all that it could be in whatever its cycle of Creation might be, wanting to move in the field through whatever storms might be present, and through whatever calm days there might be. And in all of that, desiring to know the joy, the pleasure and the fulfillment of the ongoing forward movement of itself, which is ultimately of ourselves—the God Self. I Am.

There is an individual dimension to this for each of us. We each have a lineage. And there is the collective lineage for any body of people, just like there is a collective lineage for Emissaries of Divine Light. As someone who has felt the responsibility for knowing the God Center of this field and for knowing the lineage of it and letting it continue, I know how complex such things are. Because the minute you begin to touch into lineage, people want to leap back and relive the past, which is impossible. And yet what has come to us from out of our past tells us something about the God Center and about the fulfillment of the unbroken line that we are a part of, here and now and into our future.

If there is no awareness of lineage, and no awareness of the God Center in the space in which we live, we might decide to open up to the higher, divine Reality. Assuming we are successful, we would be dangling on a string from on high—not held in the field, not part of the unbroken line. The call is to open to what is above, and also to feel the energy of the line—the impulse and the compulsion of it—and then to know our own responsibility to allow it to be fulfilled in our own life and in this body of humanity, whether we are speaking of the immediate field around us or the larger fields in which we live. That compulsion for fulfillment is being felt today by people around the globe who are awakening to the larger field and the urge within the field to continue and to fulfill what is ours to fulfill as humankind.

Sometimes a person comes along who claims personally to be the God Center—perhaps a reincarnation of somebody believed to be divine. Some of those people end up becoming institutionalized. There is craziness that can accompany a warped awareness of these things. And still, the God Center is real. It is that very core of Love, that very core of Reality that makes us truly human. To the degree that we open to it and embrace it, express it and embody it, we become that. We are the God Center, not because we are making claims for ourselves, not because we, as a human being apart from that Reality are anything important, but because the God Center is important, and we are speaking for it and as it, expressing it and embodying it so that it may be felt and known in the world. Not just as something good or right or moral but as a power and an energy, as an awareness of a living Reality, and as the Light that illuminates our world.

Any individual has the opportunity to be in that process. And as you and I are in it together, what we find is that we are meeting. The God Center connects us. And because of the holonic structure of Reality, that center is in you and it’s in me and it’s in us collectively.

Our plurality doesn’t go away. We are unable, actually, to erase our distinctive, unique expression as Beings. And yet, through the magic of Reality, we are brought into oneness. Our uniqueness is known together.

Oren Yakovee was telling me recently that, among some Jewish denominations, a Hebrew word for God, Elohim, isn’t spoken. It’s too confusing for them because it’s a plural word, and of course “the Lord our God is one God.” There is one Reality, there is one God Center, and yet here in the middle of the Jewish faith that extols this truth, there is a plural word for God! And that is the astonishing and beautiful reality: that there is one God Center, one Reality in which we all know oneness; and yet, in that knowing, our expression of that one Reality is so unique and so beautiful. We are all so odd! And that is to be enjoyed and celebrated.

There are so many factors of Reality that we have to take into account. It’s not just this, it’s not just that—it’s all of this wonder coming together to create what is really true, what is really happening here, which is more glorious than we might ever imagine, even though there are the microbursts, rolling waves and storms—the things we face every day as aware and conscious human beings.

I’d like to close this missive with these lyrics from a song my daughter, Helena Karchere, sang at a recent service at Sunrise Ranch, I Have Loved You. For me, they embody that activating power that emanates from the God Center to the field and to each of us.

 I have loved you with an everlasting love.
I have called you, and you are mine.


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Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
February 6, 2020 5:48 pm

The description of the body of water in the Long Island Sound as having a mood made me consider; that I carry a mood about me in daily life – it is my expression; there is also the mood of the environment, both local and in the larger, planetary sense. To be conscious of both. The inner and the outer.

What do I bring to my circumstance; how is the atmosphere I bring? – we speak about sounding The Tone. I am learning the power of how my expression has a very particular and reciprocal effect on my surroundings. I have also begun to consider and be more conscious of threshold experiences, as when I go to work and step through the gate at the school entrance. What is my threshold experience even on the freeway driving to my work? How do I arrive home and step through my front door; do I bring the world with me? I do!

Rain, or shine, I am here to serve. All these things are gateways or portals through which I can bring light, love and life more abundantly.

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
February 1, 2020 7:56 am

Thank you, David for articulating so clearly and comprehensively on how best to ‘download’ the God Field into our World here and now through us, giving us generous themes to meditate and consider.

As I feel called to respond to this grand invitation this morning, I came across this talisman that Ghandi apparently gave his grandson, Arun, after a conversation with him, upon which were engraved the 7 blunders out of which grows the violence that plagues the world – that ruptures the God Field.

Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Knowledge without character
Commerce without morality
Science without humanity
Worship without sacrifice
Politics without principles

As I join you and the many others around the world, I will continue to meditate and consider practical ways to personally bring the ‘God Spark’ – to activate and arc with others consciously to expand this radiant activating body of humanity on the rise.

As a collective locally, we are joining Cape Town InterFaith friends in their Harmony Week initiatives – building a field of peace and calm to a troubled Cape Flats in fear and poverty.

So good to not be alone in this calling, and feel and experience the growing body with us.

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