An Activating Prayer for the God Field

David Karchere

I would like to share a time of meditation and prayer with you. There is probably a message in it, but today I’m less about the message and more about being on a journey together, experiencing something together, and praying together. Praying is more than an utterance of what we might conceive to be a prayer. It is a state of mind and a state of heart, and an openness of spirit.

I invite you to join me, first of all, in reaching out to the universe, reaching out to the Beingness of the universe, the great God of All; reaching out to Orion, the Pleiades; reaching out to other sun systems within our Milky Way galaxy. We know the universe is composed of energy and matter, gases, liquids and solids. We know there is fire and light throughout the cosmos. And yet all of that is the expression of the great soul of the universe, Universal Being. So awesome we could hardly begin to imagine; One Reality of Being, and yet a plurality as well. So, we reach out, pray, and open ourselves to that larger Reality of Being.

And then, coming closer to this world in which we live, we sense the nearness of the Divine. And how do we know it is there? Because any time that we have opened our heart fully to that Reality in the invisible, it’s been close and available. When we opened our heart, opened our spirit, and called upon it, perhaps in a time of need, or opened to it for whatever reason, it was there—the very essence of Love that is the spirit of this planet.

And now, in these moments, let us very consciously allow all of that into us, into the heart and the soul of our Being, allowing the reality of Being above to descend down into us, into this heart, into this soul. Let us very deliberately take the attitude:

You are welcome here. I am not too humble to let You in. But I am humbled by Your majesty and Your nobility. I make of this heart, this soul, this Being, a sanctuary for You to enter in and to dwell here, in me, through me, as me. My house is Your house. My heart is Your heart. My mind is Your mind. Enter me. Have me. Own me.  

Be set free by me to be in this world, to live in this world, to love in this world. Shine Your light, because this mind is given to Your shining. I allow who I thought myself to be to disappear, so that I may know myself in truth as You. You light up my life path as You light up my world. You invigorate my becoming. And You activate the becoming of my world into something more beautiful, more alive.

Almighty God of the Universe: El Shaddai. El Shaddai, vaster, more majestic, more powerful than I can imagine. You are supreme. We reach out to You, El Shaddai.  

O focus of God for this world, God above, God of this planet, Mother and Father of all life: Elohim. Elohim, one Reality, together in Your plurality, always there for us; for me, as a human being walking this planet. God above, Elohim, we reach out to You, we call out to You, Elohim. Elohim. We welcome You into us, into the center of our Being.  

We welcome the activation of Your supreme Love. We welcome Your light. You light us up. Your supreme Love comes into our heart and transforms all that is old, all that is resentful and unforgiving. And we welcome the radiance of You to shine through into our world as Jehovah.

Jehovah, the God-center now in us, in action in the world, radiant and powerful, lighting up our body, bringing life, inspiring us to continue, inspiring us to become all of what You would have us be, Jehovah. You are Jehovah and we are Jehovah. I am Jehovah, the radiance of God, present not only above, not only in the universe, but right here in this humanity, in this very human world, the God Center at work.

And we become Shekinah, the dwelling place for the Divine, the home, the sanctuary, the shrine, the Temple of Light. Shekinah. Shekinah, who welcomes and surrounds the God Center, who looks adoringly with eyes of loving adoration to the God Center, right here with us. We are Shekinah. We are the cloud of glory. We are the light that glows. We are the fire that burns, that surrounds the Holy of Holies, that surrounds Jehovah. We surround the God Center. All the substance of our Being surrounds the God Center that has come into us; we surround it with unceasing adoration and response, unceasing obedience beyond command, a seamless response to the God Center that is now in us, saying in essence, I am here for You. I am here as You.

El Shaddai. Elohim. Jehovah. Shekinah. We are in the God Field. It’s becoming more and more real for us. In the middle of the human world, with all that is irrational and chaotic and mixed up, and doesn’t make sense, there is the God Field.  

Perhaps you declare with me:

 I am a God Field of one. Whatever happens, I am a God Field of one. And this God Field is intact and operational. Jehovah is at work here. Here, at the heart of the hub of the wheel, within the holy place, in the Holy of Holies, here is the God Center. And into this God Center, Elohim comes and is welcome. The power and majesty of the universe is not exempt from this place. You are welcome, El Shaddai. This God Field of one is intact.  

Together, we are a collective Shekinah, a collective dwelling place. In our collective circle there is the substance of Shekinah, a temple, a shrine, a dwelling place for the God Center, for what is at the center of this field, the living, throbbing center of this field, the God Center for this field that pulses with life and with love, and fills this field of consciousness and energy with fire and light. And more and more easily, we’re finding the very epicenter of this field. More and more easily we sense its presence and its power and its connection to the Elohim and El Shaddai, through the silver cord for this field; and how, because of that connection, the God Center is here, constantly radiating. And we are both part of that radiation and receivers of it, receiving the outpouring of supreme Love, a beautiful light, and offering back our love, appreciation beyond measure, beyond words; our adoration, and our beholding and receiving.  

May our songs and our words, our lives and our movements, our dance, even our conversations, speak for the God Center and speak for our love and adoration and appreciation for what emanates from the God Center, from Jehovah. May we be the living flame of Shekinah. So may it be. El Shaddai. Elohim. Jehovah. Shekinah. Aum-en. Aum-en. Aum-en. Aum-en.  

So may it be, and so it is.

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