The Call of Destiny

Fresh Thinking, Inspiration, and Vision on the Process of Spiritual Transformation

RUTH BUCKINGHAM: In just about a month, the leadership of the Emissaries International will be gathering—the Servers Gathering and Congress will be gathering at Sunrise Ranch. And the theme of our time together is “The Revelation of the Divine in Human Experience.” The revelation of the divine in human experience—it seems to me that that is a very current and appropriate theme for us to be considering: to deepen our experience of spiritual expression in the moment, to reveal and magnify together in a larger grouping the spirit of commitment to service to the highest and finest.

I find myself already moving to that gathering place in my imagination, already thinking about what it is that spirit would have us do and be when we are together.

The message that Uranda put out many, many years ago was the call to “assist in carrying forward a work of spiritual regeneration of humanity under the inspiration of the spirit of God”—that has that sense of excitement and anticipation. How can we go about that? How can that be fulfilled? I don’t know how many people on the line remember a piece that went out in the mid-1970s: “Leaders wanted. Men and women of integrity, courage, and common sense, willing to devote themselves, without thought of reward, to the highest ideal and the greatest undertaking conceivable to human beings. This is a call sent out to men and women of all ages, educational and racial backgrounds, who wish above all else to fulfill their creative potential, to undergo the transformation process for themselves and lead the way by the example of their own living.”

There’s a calling to the sense of destiny in each one. There’s a calling to something that we know in our hearts is larger than the personal lives and personal preferences that we might have. There’s a raison d’être for being present on this planet, inherent in that call. For those of us who hear that call now, these words are on our international brochure: “Is it possible for the reality of who we truly are to emerge in the world? Is there a way to use every relationship, every job—in fact, everything we do—as a means to let our inner being become more real to us and to those around us?” For me, that is the longing still in my heart, my longing to be of service.

This world is still in need of our leadership and our presence. What we have to provide we will no doubt find out as we move together and magnify the excitement and anticipation, the invitation and the risk, to follow through on our destiny.

I know that is the core of what is mine to do in these days, so that there may be someone who follows through, so that there be someone who is at the core of the expression of spirit available now. It is my pleasure to let spirit move through me to the best of my ability, as I listen ever more deeply to what it is that resonates with that call.

I have another piece from Uranda to share with you. This piece was written in 1937, five years after the initiation of this ministry. This man was only thirty years old when this piece was written, living in times that were equally chaotic and disorganized and disintegrating. The writing was called “Healing Radiations,” written November 1,1937. This is a short excerpt:

“The seemingly impossible has been accomplished. Most schools of thought have built up a response through the method of holding out promises of individual healing, demonstration in various forms, and of monetary returns. By thus appealing to the human selfishness of people, and by using sensational ideas and expressions of showmanship in some cases, a great splash and splurge has been made on the surface of mankind’s mental mirror. With most people the mind IS like a mirror—and certain teachers have promoted the idea of the mind being like a mirror. So long as the mind, individually and collectively, is like a mirror, and is only reflecting that with which it comes in more or less conscious contact, nothing truly worthwhile has been accomplished. It matters not how beautiful the picture that is stirred up and caused to be reflected by the mind-mirror, and no matter how much the human being may struggle to hold that reflection in his consciousness, THE RESULT IS NOTHING.

“This service—the activities of the Emissaries of Divine Light, as inaugurated and directed by Uranda—has steadfastly refused to use the methods which all other schools of thought have employed. From an outer standpoint it appeared to be a futile undertaking. That which is revolutionarily different is always looked upon askance. Add to that the fact that personal inducements, as usually presented, were entirely lacking, and you begin to get a vision of the picture. We did not, and do not, promise to heal anyone. We did not, and do not, promise to get a position, or increase of salary, or monetary wealth, for anyone. We did not, and do not, promise to give anyone special powers of control over others. Neither did we, nor do we, appeal to the ‘self-righteousness complex’ in people, by which some are made to feel that they will be superior and looked up to because of some mysterious knowledge or initiation. We know that it is easy to attract a following by using all of these methods which make the person feel that he is going to get some special personal advantage.

“In sharp contrast, this service has worked quietly, drawing together those who were willing to let go of all ideas of self-aggrandizement. Simply presenting the simple truth for truth’s sake, the solid nucleus has now been formed in the outer manifestation. This nucleus forms the seed from which the great manifestation of this service is growing. As yet it appears to be but a tiny sprout in the vast field of the world garden. The seemingly impossible has been accomplished, in that a truly selfless service has been successfully inaugurated in the world.” (Uranda, “Healing Radiations,” November 1, 1937, TSS 7:16)

Those were Uranda’s words all those years ago. His words establish something for all time. They are a call put out for those of us who will hear it and who will resonate with it, no matter what, to come forth and, in service to this call, provide what is needed now and in every moment. This solid nucleus is with us now, and it is our opportunity to let the seeds that have been planted grow in fertile ground, that whatever the larger manifestation may be, may have its way. These are exciting times, when we take our sights and eyes away from all the chaos and all the disintegration. These are exciting, challenging, risky times that we live in. But the reason for being here has never left, and I for one am very glad to be of service in this way, and in whatever way I can be.

Ruth Buckingham / Uranda
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Donna Ouelletts
Donna Ouelletts
January 28, 2016 5:17 pm

I came across two small books in a used bookstore written by Uranda. I do not know who Uranda is. I am very familiar with Ascended Masters and The I AM Presence, but have not seen nor heard of these books before. When I searched on line for information, I found this page. Can you she’d some light on this for me?
Thank you and Blessings of love,

Terri McCartney
February 3, 2016 2:33 pm

Hi Donna,
Sunrise Ranch was founded by Lloyd Meeker in 1932. Lloyd Meeker later used the name “Uranda.” If you’d like more information about Uranda, visit and for more information about the history of Sunrise Ranch
Warmest love and blessings to you!

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