The Vibrational Reference Point

David Karchere

Yesterday we held an “Introduction to Attunement” session. We shared an experience of the highest vibrational reference point within ourselves. This is from my notes on what I presented:

What is a vibrational reference point? It is a feeling memory in the human experience. Not just a factual memory of an event itself—yes, it is that. It is the feeling memory that remains in the heart around what we have touched. 

It might be of the noblest person you have ever encountered. It may be a personal experience of high sacredness. It may be the essence of an experience you hold as most precious to you, or the greatest realization ever to come to you. It is present in memory, the heart, and the subconscious mind. That essence is your conscious point of Attunement with the highest reality available to you. 

The vibrational reference point in the human heart and mind is not the ultimate source of life. But it is our connection with that source. It is our connection with all that is. How else would we connect if not through what is present in the substance of our own heart? 

You do not have to worry that your vibrational reference point is not high enough, because if you evoke that feeling memory for yourself, and if you honor it and live into it, what you will find is that your experience will rise. It will bring you into greater and greater Attunement with the highest Love, the highest reality of God available to you—the divine presence. Your vibrational reference point will rise. 

How do we connect to the divine presence if not through consciousness? The mind has something to do with it, but the heart is critical in the whole experience.

If we are evoking that highest vibrational reference point in ourselves, we are not just evoking a belief, a philosophy, or even a spiritual practice, as important as all those things can be. We are invoking our experience of a reality that is not confined by mental structure. It is a reality that, by the very nature of it, we share in common with every human being because, within every individual, there is the highest vibrational reference point for them. And while there is something individual about that for each of us, we all participate in the mass consciousness of humanity. And so, we share a collective, global consciousness.

The depths of the human heart are connected. It is, in fact, one heart around the world, whether we acknowledge it or not. And within the human heart is the feeling memory of the Divine. It has been kept alive by every spiritually awake human being. It has been kept alive by all who have brought the highest Love they knew, who have shone a light that reminded us of who we are as humankind. The vibrational reference point has an intrinsically familiar tone that is present within all people.

Home is the same place across the planet, and of course, I am not speaking of a physical home. I am speaking about Home with a capital “H.” The vibrational frequency of true Home is the same wherever you are.

While we celebrate the unique voice of each of us, all our voices are part of the one voice that is the authentic voice of humankind. So we deliberately open to the highest vibrational reference point for ourselves as an individual and perhaps recall what is available within the mass consciousness, feeling that common reality.

Even though this vibrational reference point is present for all people and cultures, it is clear that what happens all too often is that it is ignored. It is not valued. This tone carries the essence of the preciousness of life itself within all people and within the human race and the planet as a whole.

The earth is so beautiful, so lovely. The core nature of any human being is noble, lovable, adorable, and precious. Yet the awareness of that preciousness has, all too often, been lost. The feeling memory of it can become buried deep within the subconscious mind. It is still there, but the eyes are averted. The conscious mind is paying attention to something else, absorbed in fear, reaction, aggression, with a voracious appetite that is never satisfied that way. What is ignored is the vibrational reference point. This creates awful ignorance.

As we pay attention to this vibrational reference point ourselves, we tune in to it and, through it, know the preciousness of what is there in our own feeling memory. We tune in to what created that feeling memory in the first place: Love itself, the source of life, Divine Presence. We bring our heart loyalty to that. We commit ourselves to allow that to guide us in thought, word, and deed, in feeling and spirit.

This vibrational reference point, known through human beings, is the reality that unites us if we let it. Without it, there is no uniting. There may be treaties and truces among nations, but no real peace. There is perhaps tolerance to a point and restraint among us individually, but no real common Love known, no uniting influence. There is a cacophony of voices.

So, we call to our own souls, bringing the vibration of Divine Presence, and say, Remember. Remember this tone always, and in all things.

Today, let us bring this living vibration to each other. It is strong, and it is powerful. It is focused and full of light.

It is full of Love—Love, all-powerful and transcendent, all uniting and uplifting. Let this living vibration reach all those with whom we have a heart connection. Let this call to remembrance reverberate and go wherever it needs to go. Let it be heard.

When I think of my own powerful initial contact with the vibrational reference point, I know it related to people, and one person in particular. When I met these people, I realized they had been calling me for years and that in my heart I had been hearing their call. It was driving me crazy because I could feel it but I couldn’t find where it was coming from. I was so embroiled in the contradictions of the world in which I lived. There came a time when I turned to face this vibrational reference point resonating in myself.

Today, many of us are calling to our own human souls, and to each other. We bring the vibration of that call to our world and to all who would hear.

To attune more closely to the highest vibrational reference point within you, try this Attunement meditation:

  • Recall a vibrational reference point for you
  • Feel what it is like to hold it as precious
  • Become aware of the feeling it brings up
  • Become aware of what it feels like in your body when you hold the awareness of this vibrational reference point
  • Consider this question: If you knew that this vibrational reference point is connecting you to the source of Love, wisdom, and life within you, what would change?
  • Close your eyes
  • Hold out your hands to either side, palms facing forward
  • Attune to this inner source of Love, wisdom, and life. Allow it to flood through your body and your feelings.