Recognizing and Living in the Real World

I am interested in sharing my vision of the opportunity to be spiritually conscious, and together to be a spiritually conscious community. It’s a vision for people awakening around the globe, and it’s a vision for humanity.

When I listen to music, singing, chanting, drumming, or some other artistic offering that is not verbal, I find myself in a vibration that is not necessarily of a mental range. Singing involves a verbal element but it is different from speaking thoughts and ideas. This can happen when I watch dancers as well. I enjoy ceremony. I enjoy ritual for the same reason: it can bring me to an experience, into a vibration that is familiar, that I remember—a place of connection to something very large, something very true and very real. It is my vision that this is available to anyone who consciously is open to the experience. I believe many people have this experience and don’t realize it is their conscious participation that takes them there.

I’ve been surrounded, as we all have, by a world that actually doesn’t resonate with that vibration. It resonates with the world that human beings have created without paying attention to what’s real. I have the responsibility for being in the place of what it is that I actually know is real. I am interested in what is really true, that is undeniable, nonchanging, and no respecter of persons. No respecter of persons—and that includes my personality and the world I have created separate from what is true.

I was just with my family in New York for a week. If you think you’re spiritually advanced, go visit your family. I had the experience of being back in a vibration of that which isn’t real but is very familiar. I had to hold steady and continue to invite those people that hit my buttons, who have known me my entire life, into the real. I had to stay in what is real so they could have the chance to come back into what’s true of them. It was a challenge for me, but it’s also my job; it’s what I’m designed to do and what is the most creative way to live my life. I believe that is true of anyone who has touched this vibration, anyone who has awakened to the palpable invisible reality of themselves.

I didn’t end up at Sunrise Ranch or living the life I’m living without having touched something real. I am continually using that reality as a touchstone in my expression, in my friendships and in my manifestation. In meeting Emissaries of Divine Light back in 1977, when I was three years old (laughter)—it was the first year I was in chiropractic school, and I touched a field of reality I hadn’t known before. I had an experience of something so substantially real and unchanging and so trustworthy. It was represented by people, but it was a vibration in myself that finally came to rest because I found a place where what was real of me could be seen and heard, and I could feel safe in myself in bringing it, knowing it was existing elsewhere on the planet. I faced head-on my responsibility to maintain that vibration, to live in the real world and be willing to let all that was not real be burned up within me. I also felt the compulsion to find the people that were living there as well.

This experience motivated me to participate in creating a community to do this together consciously. To live in the real world, create in it, love it and protect it. I declare it is the natural state, the real state for humanity. We have a number of locations around the world in this audience. We all touched this vibration somewhere and found our way to the place where that which is real could survive and grow and grow, and magnify, so we could be real together. It’s the only place I know where being rebuked about the things that are not real is comforting. In that place my response is “Thank you” instead of “How dare you speak to me that way. Who do you think you are?” In the presence of what is real, I allow myself to shift and change, letting go of the unreal and the dying world. I find myself at home, my home, our home. Doing this is what I love and what I serve. It’s my responsibility, and my joy. In ritual and ceremony, there are ways I touch that vibration where I don’t have to say or explain anything. I can put oil on my forehead, do sacred movements, chant, pray, meditate, sing sacred hymns, and all of it can bring me into the vibration of knowing “Yes, I know it’s real.” As I share my experience through words, I know the tone of them is as palpable as the words themselves.

In my experience of being at home with my family this time, one of the things I noticed was that the sister who understood me the most no longer does. It’s an interesting shift, because there was some rest and peace I knew in that agreement that was no longer there. And so there was the work to do of finding that vibration of home anyway. I know in my life, as in the experience of living in community, things shift. We sometimes find that which worked or was solid and true shifted, and that cycle is over. We have to stay in that which is true and real so that that which is passing away finds a way to leave. We don’t get disturbed about the patterns changing. The physical, material, manifest world is changing, because it has to change to accommodate what is real. That’s true of me and it’s true of all the things that I steward. Parts of me need to pass away so the real can emerge. That is true of me, of the conscious community I participate in, and of all humanity.

I know in our agreement that this is possible. We can hold this vision together. We can hold the palpable vibration, the palpable space for all those who are interested in maintaining that vision of the real and the beauty of what’s possible. In that field, we create and know heaven on earth. We are connected as beings that know who they are, living in that kingdom together. Thank you for understanding these words. Thank you for living and loving and protecting that field where only the real exists and we are grateful for the passing away of the unreal.

Rumi is often quoted as saying:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

I say we create that field and are responsible for its care. When we do that, the rest of that prayer is real.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense.

The language of the unreal world no longer makes sense, and we know each other because of the integrity and vibrational tone of our loving and living.

Jane Anetrini
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Brian Henry
Brian Henry
September 5, 2013 7:40 am

The unreal world has been poetically portrayed as ” the beast which is yet is not ” . It can seem very real..can even bite sometimes.
The unreal world needs to and is in the process of passing away. The unreal world passes away as the real world puts in an appearance…no battle in the usual sense of the word.
Pictures of Micheal fighting the dragon usually portray Micheal as calm and serene and perhaps the dragon in something of a lather. The real will vanquish the unreal…just by being real.
Here’s to being real in a unreal world !

Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
September 5, 2013 5:35 am

Thank you Jane.

Your words about the Real World struck a chord deeply in me. It’s been my intention in providing programs and atmosphere at Riverdell, the Emissary Centre in Australia, that folk might begin to remember the feeling of the Real World as distinct from the familiar world. I figure that as they bathe in that enough, it becomes more painful to be in the familiar and unreal world. This has been the main focus of our offerings to date, and it’s translating into “I want what they’re having”.

And it’s been my ever deepening experience of the Real World that has, for the moment, resulted in me feeling with respect to my medical professional colleagues “I don’t want what they’re having”. I’ll see how things pan out over time, but I’m not going back to a system that’s predicated in, and supported by, the unreal world.

I’m so enjoying living in the Real World and creating there. I feel fulfilled in a remarkable way and delighted to be alive.

With much love and thanks

September 2, 2013 7:28 am

Thank you, Jane.
Spending much time in recent months with different family members … having an adult daughter smile and leave my house as yesterday’s service initiated on my laptop …
created a space of vulnerability of love within me.
how can it be that I can love something so much; for so many years and all up-close to me are apparently disinterested?
I console myself knowing this ministry is vibrational and I Am … We Are … nourishing a world longing for the care the Lord God intended for His/Her holy earth. We nourish the world through people and they in turn nourish their worlds. We are (I am) instrumental in this creative activity.
Love and thank you,

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