The Realm of Angels

What is possible for a person and what is potential in this world may seem to be a dream relating to some future time. What is possible may seem to be nonexistent, something that might take form here one day in the world as it is. But when we touch real possibility or potential, we are not just touching something that could manifest here. We are sensing an already-existing reality at another level of being. There is an already-existing glory. There is truth and beauty before it ever manifests in the world that is perceptible by our senses. This realm of potential holds the essence of what could manifest in physical form.

The realm of potential is the realm of angels, using that word to acknowledge that this is a range not just of energy, not just of higher consciousness, but of higher being. And just as there is beingness in our human world, there is beingness at every level of creation. What do you think—that there is beingness here where there are people on earth and in the world, but at higher ranges of reality, higher ranges of consciousness, there’s no beingness, there is just consciousness and energy? No. There are angels. There is a realm of consciousness and the work of angels. What is an already-existing reality in that realm is the potential for this realm.

What manifests in the world today is a reflection of what humanity is holding in consciousness. In many ways, humanity is in the middle of a nightmare, and that nightmare is coming true. That’s happening in the world at large, but it is also happening in individual lives. It is happening in families, is it not? Many families are holding a nightmare in consciousness and living into that nightmare, and manifesting a nightmare, in many cases. In communities, in nations, among nations, in organizations, there is a bad dream that is manifesting in people’s lives. We know that we can hold a different kind of field—a different dream and a different kind of culture that manifests a different reality.

We have created what we speak of as the Creative Field Project. It is an opportunity for people to learn how this process works for themselves, how they can be powerful players in their creative field, in the field of consciousness and energy that they share with others.

There is the field that we share as human beings, but no matter how hard we try to make it creative, it cannot be, unless and until we realize that this field that we are holding as human beings is actually part of a larger field that is not being held by us as human beings.

There is a creative field being held by angels. There is an already-existing field that you and I didn’t have to invent. It does not depend or rely on us in any way. Our experience as human beings relies on what we do, but that larger creative field, that universal field, does not rely on us. It is already existing. It is being held by angels, not by us as mere human beings. It is being held by universal Being, by the beingness of the cosmos. And when we become aware of that larger field, we become aware of possibility and potential for our field. It is the possibility and potential that what is present in that larger field could manifest in our field.

But that only happens as we, as human beings, become aware that the purpose of our lives is to be of service to that higher and larger creative field. We are made to allow the will that is present in that field, particularly as it pertains to us, to be received, and then move through us so that that will is done in this field, so that what is already true in potential, in the field held by angels, is now coming true in this field.

In that process, we discover that we are not just human beings, struggling to manifest something creative in our lives. We certainly are human beings—we certainly have human capacities: mind and body and heart. But the human capacities are here for something else. We discover that we are not only the dutiful servants of a higher reality, as human beings, but the truth of us is that we are the angel, holding a higher field.

To many people, I understand that this would be dismissed as imagination. For many people, what is real is all the trouble, all the issues, and maybe even disasters in their creative field, and then the heroic ways they are attempting to deal with those challenges. And what passes for spirituality is assistance for those heroic attempts as a human being to cope with the disasters that are being created because of a lack of awareness of this higher field.

It turns out that the field of stability, the field that is reliable and dependable and real and substantial, is not all the disasters in a person’s life. What is truly reliable and dependable is the field held by angels. It is always there in a person’s life. And what is reliable and dependable is the beingness of a person, which is the angelic nature of you and of me. Through whatever issues come up, even the disasters, through whatever troubles come, that is always present. The angel is always present. God is often looked at as being something separate, to be appealed to. Angelic reality is us, and the most stable and real and dependable thing in our life is actually us, not something other than us—because no matter what happens in your world or in mine, we can always come back to the reality of our being, which is always present and always stable and always assured.

So there is the realm of angels. Angels is a plural word, as you probably notice. There is a women’s percussion group called Mob of Angels. Do you think angels are an unruly mob? Somehow it’s not the picture I have. They are harmonious—they pluck harps, after all!

There is a motto on the Seal of the United States: E pluribus unum—out of the many, one. What a beautiful vision of the truth for humanity! We are many, and we are one. Oftentimes grudgingly, we allow this principle to be in operation as human beings, and we allow our activities to come to focus in one place through one person, whether it is the president, the CEO, a teacher or a spiritual leader of some kind, or the secretary-general of the UN. Begrudgingly, and suspiciously, we allow this principle to be in operation. We don’t want to have anyone run away with power.

How do you think it is for the angels? The angels have an advantage when it comes to these matters. They don’t have to worry about one of them becoming power-hungry or going nuts. There is the wisdom of angels; there is the knowing of angels and the clarity of angels. And in that pattern it is absolutely no problem to acknowledge the oneness in the midst of the many and to allow that oneness to come to focus.

There are many aspects of individualized being in the cosmos. Without that, it would be pretty boring. Contrary to what is sometimes taught in spiritual circles, it is not just a flat sea of consciousness. There are individualized aspects of being, and there is one being. We are one, and we are many. Human beings try to experience that together. We try to find oneness, peace and harmony. It’s oh so elusive, and impossible, actually, except as the human beings involved are in total service to the already-existing pattern of oneness and harmony.

We don’t have to create that. We are that. We are in that. And while we can have our checks and balances as human beings, there are no checks and balances in heaven. And while we don’t want to be silly about our lives in the human world—as it was put, “Wise as serpents, and harmless as doves”—we can live the higher awareness that we are already in love, we are already in harmony, we are already honoring and in service to the whole. We are already in service to the Archangel, to the overarching pattern as it comes to focus, as it must.

Living in that awareness, we are naturally inspired. It is inspiration beyond inspiration—inspiration that knows no walls, that cannot be stopped, that just is. And in being oneself and expressing the realm of the possible, there is the power of creation, the power of manifestation, and the radiance of being that is coming through human form. But ultimately it’s not coming from the human being per se. It’s coming from the angel and the archangelic body.

You may think that I’m inviting you to a realm of imagination. I’m inviting you to reality. What I’m speaking of doesn’t require any imagination. It requires taking some steps into the reality of being and choosing to live from there. And I promise you, you can do that without losing touch with what it means to live a human life. In fact, by taking these steps, you will find that you are bringing the power of creation into your human life and into the creative field that surrounds you. You won’t have to be keeping alive some kind of spiritual illusion, as if you’re playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons, spiritual style. You’ll be called to be more and more and more yourself, and more and more aware of what the reality of being really is, and how it transcends your immediate human life. In fact, it transcends your whole human life and the entire creative field in which you are working as a human being. All that is being held in a far larger field, in which you are actually a player. And you can sense that and know it and know the larger stature of your own being, and know that in your immediate creative field there is a grand potential that is born out of the higher field.

To be about creation, we have to be undistracted from all the issues of the immediate field. Not that there aren’t things to be created and things to be cared for. But how is that to be accomplished if the human mind and heart manage to unplug themselves from the wisdom, power and potential that is inherent in the field of angels?

So we have work to do. That work relates to manifestation and creation. But that part is relatively easy. The greater work that we have to do is regaining consciousness so that we are back with what is reliable and substantial, with the reality of being, so that we can bring the power of creation and we can bring the answers for our world. And if we regain consciousness ourselves, we can assist others in the process.

If we don’t get clear on these things, we will always be going wonky when the time comes to bring the radiance of being and the power of creation. We will always be distracted at the hour of need. How about being present at the hour of need and through all of the creative cycle, and being so fully present that the victory in the moment is assured? And what is the victory? The victory simply is that the Creator is present—the creative power of the angel is present through a human being. And then there is victory, there is manifestation. There is no question about that. And that’s the victory.

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September 9, 2013 4:48 am

the power of creativity is indeed fulfilling/delightful! … and life continues in newness … repetition is no more … harmony/unity of spirit is known. rather than a hope for the future why not a present experience? indeed, it is up to me!

Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
September 8, 2013 4:17 pm

I think the realm of Angels is widely experienced yet not appreciated. I think of moments of synchronicity; intuitions; moments of deep assurance; premonitions of what’s emerging out of the east; inspirations when a person says “where did THAT come from?” The Angels try their best to let us know of their abiding presence in our lives. For that, I’m deeply thankful. The human tendency is to give thanks in the moment for “good luck” and continue with the familiar human approach to living. How much easier to recognise that what’s happened is an indication of another way of living – an Angelic way?

I join you in standing for that way of living. Nothing is more fulfilling.

With much love and thanks

Jennifer Deisher
Jennifer Deisher
September 8, 2013 10:17 am


Brilliant!! I so Love this piece. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing it!


Fiona Gawronsky
Fiona Gawronsky
September 7, 2013 1:42 am

I am subscribing to the mob! Here I am. I am here.

I am thinking about what happens on the road networks when there is a one-way system in operation and what is the effect if a driver get’s it wrong! Martin Exeter wrote a book entitled One Heart One Way. We need to line up, like the rays in a lazer, and get the job done.

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