Perturbation, Oscillation, and Conscious Spiritual Awareness

One of the things that happens for someone who has lost their innate and intuitive connection with their own Being is that they are pulled off the central axis of their life. They lose that central axis around which a happy and fulfilled life revolves. They find themselves reaching after things, trying to bring things into their life that they deem important for their own satisfaction and fulfillment. That way of behaving takes a person off their center, off their axis.

The word perturbation comes from the same root as the word perturbed. Perturbation is “a disturbance of motion, course, arrangement, or state of equilibrium, especially a disturbance of the regular and usually elliptical course of motion of a celestial body that is produced by some force additional to that which causes its regular motion.”

Isn’t that a good description of what happens to us, as people, when we are taken off our natural orbit? Or when we are knocked off the central axis of our own life? The more power, the more intensity, the faster we spin. And if there is perturbation, we are taken out of our orbit. The perturbation causes oscillation, which is a swinging from one extreme to another.

So as a person’s life keeps spinning, if they have lost their center, there is no clear axis held around which their life can spin, and therefore they are oscillating all over the place, lurching from here to there. The same thing can happen in any grouping of people. If that grouping of people has not found its center, then the more energy that is coming through that group, the more oscillation there is. That oscillation can manifest as friction between people, or polarities that develop between sub-groups or between ideas.

Someone who knows their own primal spirituality has found the central axis of their life. They have found a personal centering in a stable reality which holds them in the orbit of their life. They have found a point of stillness and peace in the middle of all that is spinning. It takes conscious awareness to sustain our innate, intuitive connection with the source of our own Being as an adult. As a person’s conscious connection grows, there is greater and greater creative energy that they bring into the world. More and more of the influence of Universal Love. More and more Universal Wisdom and Universal Truth. They bring more and more of their own gravitational field that holds everything in its right orbit around them. They are not oscillating personally. They are not perturbed. And they are not bringing perturbation to their creative field. This same principle holds true for any group of people.

I am speaking of this using a scientific metaphor involving celestial bodies such as planets. The metaphor is useful because it illustrates, at the physical level, what happens at the levels of thought, emotion and energy in our human experience. We are powerful people who can influence others in the most wonderful of ways. But our ability to do so relies on our own accurate centering as an individual. And then our ability to influence the world as a group of people requires us, as a group, to be centered. When there is a clear and strong centering, then in the natural ebb and flow of energy, the group is invigorated. So for any group of people who seek to bring Universal Love into the world, the goal is to create a stronger and stronger knowing of their innate, intuitive connection with Being, so that their collective vertical axis is growing stronger and stronger, and more and more can flow through that body of people without taking them off-center.

When I think of the work done by Emissaries of Divine Light around the world, I am keenly aware that we need a body of people that can bring more and more influence of enlightened consciousness and the power of Love into the world. However, I am also aware that we will inevitably be knocked off our axis to the degree to which there is oscillation and perturbation. To put it in these terms, passion is great, but when it’s off-center, it causes destruction. Without conscious spiritual centering, passion causes perturbation—in the person’s own experience and in their world. Passion is the power of Universal Love moving in a human experience, but when it’s off-center, the passion of the human heart can lead to all kinds of trouble, personally and individually. And it certainly can do that within a body of people.

In a mature knowing of primal spirituality, one of the capacities that has to develop is conscious awareness, because conscious awareness plays a key role in centering. The first thing to become aware of is the place of peace and stillness that is the source of your own life and the inspiration for all creative thought and emotion. This is an awareness of Universal Being within yourself and within all Creation. With that awareness comes the realization that awareness, itself, is precious. It is precious for us personally. It deserves our care, nurturing and protection. It is precious for all people, and for the world at large. It seems to be such a simple, subtle thing, but on it hangs everything else in the human experience. Without conscious spiritual awareness, everything else goes terribly wrong.

Spiritual growth and development comes when, alongside of the innate and intuitive knowing of Being, there is a conscious awareness of what it means to live in relationship to that reality. Babies and young children have wonderful intuitive connection to the source of their own Being, but they haven’t yet developed the ability to maintain a conscious centering in that reality. I watch my grandson, Xavi, discovering himself and his world at ten months old. It is enchanting to witness his joy as he explores the use of his body and the world around him. He is building the tools which can become his conscious connection later in life. But that is not a given for anyone. Conscious spiritual centering will be an experience he has to own for himself, just like anyone does.

This is a vital topic because with a sustained conscious spiritual centering, the power of Love can come through us in a big way. And whose world doesn’t need more of the power of Love? In their own family, in their relationships, in their work? In what they are bringing to the world? In their own body? Love is what holds the world in its place. It brings blessing and health. It powers creation.

As Emissaries of Divine Light around the world, we need to allow more Universal Love to come through us. This is our gift to the world. But it won’t come through in its fullness, and it won’t come through clearly, if there is perturbation and oscillation in the experience of the individuals who compose this global network of people. Because whatever that is happening for individuals is happening in the network as a whole. There may be some heat, but the heat of passion without the light of consciousness destroys.

Love does need to be present, and to be present it needs to come out through us courageously, passionately and powerfully. But for it to do so, there must be these two elements: first, our innate and intuitive knowing, left intact and not distorted by some kind of weird religion or spirituality that contorts the mind and causes the heart to estrange itself from what it intuitively knows. And then there has to be that bright and shining light in consciousness that is willing to see, to understand, and to think! To think creatively about what it means to live a true and creative life, and what it means to act accurately on the compulsion of Love. In this time in the history of the world, we need the conscious light of our understanding to sort through all the mind-numbing idiocy that comes to us out of the culture of our world that tells us lies about who we are and what is important in our life.

We need a bright and shining light in the mind that is capable of saying, “That’s not true. I don’t believe it. That’s manipulation, that’s a lie. And somebody else can believe it, but I don’t. It’s not true. Here is what I believe. Here is what I know to be true. And I will act as clearly and as intelligently as I can on the truth that I know, and the truth that is within me that is innately and intuitively known in my heart.”

David Karchere
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Andrew Horwood
Andrew Horwood
March 10, 2014 1:24 pm

Perturbation is, spiritually speaking, a paradoxical phenomenon. As you rightly point out, it’s through perturbation that one loses one’s spiritual centring and, with that lost, the consequences flow. That state then becomes the new “normal”, and so neural pathways form on the basis that what’s familiar is normal for the person. So even though the perturbed state is centred in untruth, it now becomes the preferred state because it’s familiar, and regarded as normal by the neural pathways.

What’s needed to shift from this back toward centre? More perturbation. A psychiatrist friend said that what was needed in psychotherapy was perturbation – to create enough disturbance to help the person generate momentum to “get out of the rut” they were in. That’s the paradox – what gets a person off centre can also help them return to centre.

It’s through the sustained experience of centring that new neural pathways can form and once again, the centred state can become the preferred state – a return to the way we are designed.

Brian Bradley
Brian Bradley
March 8, 2014 1:01 am

Thanks so much. I really resonate with this .

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