A Never-Ending Source of Love

From the International Teleconference of the Creative Field – March 2, 2014

I’m speaking this morning to share with you the secret to all life. Are you ready? The secret to all life, right here this morning. And here it is—and I’ll say it in the first person, but remember it applies to you too:

Within me there is a never-ending source of Love.

Within you there is a never-ending source of Love.

So wherever you are around the world, if you believe that about yourself, I invite you to say it with me:

Within me there is a never-ending source of Love.

There are great implications to that truth. One of the implications is, this life is not about trying to love. You don’t have to try to love. You have to try not to love. That is what takes the effort. Everything in you wants to love. Yes, romantic love, that kind of love. But I mean Love with a capital “L,” in all its shapes and sizes. Universal Love, however it comes to you in your life. This is Love that is not just about trying to be nice to people. It is not the kind of love that shows up on a particularly good day for you so that you are going to give a special gift to someone. This Love is born from the fact that by our very nature there is within us the power of the universe, which is the power of Universal Love. That power is like a fountain. It is always flowing within you, and it is always seeking to flow out.

It is like the sun: the sun never stops shining. As the Good Book says, it shines on the just and the unjust. It just keeps shining. And sure, it goes behind a cloud sometimes; sure, it is nighttime for a while. But the sun does not stop shining. There is a sun within you and within me. And everything in us wants to become a living expression of that sun, a living expression of the fountain of radiant Love that is within us.

A terrible thing happens to a human being when, for whatever reason, they get the big idea that what is more important in their life than their own shining is that they get what they need, that they rearrange their life and the people in it and their life circumstances according to what they think would work well. In other words, they make a choice to stop giving that Love within them that is seeking to manifest all the time. That Love is seeking to inspire a person’s thoughts to unending creativity. It inspires their physical body to keep moving and to be alive. It seeks to move their heart, and it inspires them to bring Love to the hearts of other people. And then there is this terrible choice that people make to cut it off.

There are all kinds of reasons: People weren’t nice to me; I got hurt last time; I think I’ll take a break, I need one; it’s time for other people to give to me—I’ve given enough. There are all kinds of reasons. Some of them go back to childhood: Don’t be too big for your britches. Don’t be too great, don’t stand out too much. Don’t be too loud, too joyful. There are many things that go into what prompts a person to cut off what everything in them wants to do.

Think of the terrible cost to the human psyche. If everything within a person wants to give, wants to be radiant, think what a person has to do to cut that off and keep it cut off—how much justification. If everything in you wants to give to other people and to the world around you in a generous, unending way because you do have a never-ending source of Love within you, how much work does it take to cut it off and justify that cutting off? And at what cost to the human psyche?

The number one line of defense for cutting it off is blame. We could use kinder words, more psychological words, like projection, or transference. But for those who are willing to name it for what it is, it is blame. Blame comes in many forms. At the root of it all is this untruth: “I didn’t let the never-ending source of Love in myself flow through me—I cut it off because of something that somebody else did.” Doesn’t it pretty well come down to that? I know that blame comes in a lot of flavors. There is the tragic-romantic way of cutting it off: “I stopped loving because of what they did.” There is the at-work way: “You know, one of my coworkers isn’t working hard enough, so therefore I’m cutting it off. Why should I work hard when they’re not working hard?” There are all kinds of contexts in which it happens. But we want to get right down to the heart of the matter, right down to the root, and face it at its root.

Emissaries of Divine Light is a somewhat unusual spiritual program. We really don’t spend very much time convincing people to be good. So what I’m saying here this morning is not an invitation or encouragement for you to be good—as if you’ve really been bad, you’ve really been falling back into your old nature, and you really ought to make an effort to be good; you really ought to work harder at work, and you ought to be nicer to other people, and even if they aren’t nice to you, you should try to love them. That’s being good.

I’m not talking about being good. Expressing Universal Love isn’t being good. It’s being who you are. It’s just that flow of the Love of who you are in all things. It’s said that true Love is no respecter of persons. This isn’t about loving because somebody else is worthy of your love. This is about loving because that’s who you are. Love you are, and love you will.

The truth of loving is the truth of being. It is not trying to be something other than who you are. It is realizing who you are in the inside and what every ounce of your being wants to be on the outside, and simply surrendering to that primal impulse of your being, that primal impulse which is the never-ending flow of Love into the world in all its forms.

Did you know that Love always has another thought in the matter? So just when you run out of ideas and you run out of possibilities, and when you don’t know what to do, Love’s got another thought. In other words, the impulse of creativity within you is ready to activate your mind and open you up to a possibility you haven’t seen before. You might be ready to cut it off, you might be ready to quit and stop thinking and just accept some kind of limitation in yourself or in your life, and say, “Oh, I guess that’s just how it is.” But the Love within you never stops. I have within me a never-ending source of Love. It never stops.

When you accept this about yourself—that your loving of other people isn’t because they’ve been nice to you and it’s not because they deserve it, it’s because that is who you are—you will shock yourself with your ability to forgive. Your ability to forgive is not based on someone else deserving it or even needing it. It’s not because you’re a good person—“I’m going to be a good person here, I’m going to forgive. Isn’t that good of me?” No, forgiveness is simply an acknowledgment that it is our nature to Love. And Love comes out differently when somebody is open to your Love and warmly receiving it and reciprocating it, than it does when someone, for whatever reason, has got it out for you. But just because they’ve got it out for you doesn’t mean that you can’t be in a place of continually loving. Forgiveness is simply ceasing to cut off what everything in you wants to do, which is to give to that person. They may not be ready to receive it, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to cut it off in your own heart.

So what cost have you paid in your life for the ways that you have cut off the Love that’s within you that wants to come out? What price have you paid in your psyche? What is eating you up inside because you refuse to do what everything in you wants to do? I know that’s a tough question, but I believe it’s an empowering question for any person. It’s empowering because it invites us to take responsibility for what we have done, for what I have done, and to own back the projection, the blame that we’ve put out to whoever it is—parents, sisters and brothers, spouses, loved ones, bosses, employees, friends. When we are taking responsibility for the damage that we’ve done to our own psyche by cutting off our Love, we are pulling back all that projection, all that blame, and we are taking responsibility for our life and for our expression.

As a mentor to some of us used to say, “It’s you! It’s you! You know it’s you! You did! You did! You know you did!” And when we own that we did it, we can also own the ability to stop doing it. If that is the case, you are no longer living your life with the chagrin of having done whatever it is that you think you’ve done. There is that moment of getting down on your knees and begging forgiveness from life itself. But the never-ending source of Love within you won’t keep you on your knees very long. It gets you up and compels you to live a new life, a life of being a source of never-ending Love—of simply letting it flow, not trying to be good but just acknowledging the nature of who you are, which is a being of ever-flowing Love. And yes, there are cycles to that; there are clouds that come in front of the sun, so it’s not always bright daylight. You’d get a sunburn in any case. And it’s sometimes night, where we can’t see so well and maybe don’t know quite what to do. But nonetheless, the sun is always shining.

And even though there’s a right cycle to it all, there’s a never-ending source of Love, and we are giving that expression. Any tendency in ourselves to cut it off can be left behind. And yes, we can observe other people cutting it off in themselves. It’s sad to witness. It is sometimes humorous. There is something humorous about it—it is so silly. And ultimately there is compassion and a knowing that we have the gift to bring, as an Attunement Server. An Attunement Server is someone who’s offering the gift of the Universal Love that is already on the inside of a person. They are offering that on the outside too, so that the person can be double teamed by Love. They can feel the Love on the inside, but then they can feel you loving them on the outside, unconditionally—not because you’re trying to be good, or be nice on this particular day and work it up for this person, but because you have made the choice in your life that it is your nature to be that.

That’s the truth of what it means to be an Attunement Server. It’s the truth of what it means to be a human being. It’s the truth of our humanity. The truth is that we are becoming a sun. We’re already a sun on the inside, and everything in us wants to become a sun on the outside, a being of radiant Love, a being of light; a being who brings the gravity of the sun into a situation, the gravity of Love that holds things in their proper orbit and holds the earth together. We’re becoming a sun, and everything in you and everything in me wants to be part of that. And woe unto us—not because some angry god is going to come and smite us—but we create woe in our life if we try to stop that, if we try to be anything other than who and what we truly are.

So Emissaries of Divine Light are all about being who we are—not trying to become something we’re not, but simply being the reality of who we are and letting that come all the way through. And in the process, we have the opportunity to review all the reasons—which are more like excuses—why we’ve chosen not to do that: “I’m going to get hurt; it won’t be fair. My parents didn’t do it that way. My parents are shut off and so I’m shut off.” Whatever it is, we get to find all those reasons and find out that none of them are worth it, none of them are real.

How much do we have to give? I don’t know. I think it’s generally woefully underestimated for people. They don’t understand the magnitude of what’s within them, wanting to come out. And they also don’t understand how hard they’re working to keep a lid on it. It takes work to keep in the magnitude of who we are, the magnitude of the sun that’s within us. It’s actually easy to let it out. It’s easy and it’s joyful and it’s life-giving.

I told you I was going to bring to you the secret of life today. I believe I’ve made good on my promise. It all begins with this. Every good thing in a human life begins with this. And if it doesn’t begin with this, it doesn’t go to good things or good places for a person. This is the one thing to know, upon which all important things can be built in a human life, for an individual, for a community, and for this human race. For humanity, all good things come from this knowing and this surrender to our real nature, to this never-ending source of generosity within us.

So if we know this of ourselves, we have it to bring to our community of whatever size or shape. And if we know this as a community of people—if you and I know this together—we are out of the box of our limitation, and we have this gift to bring to the world. Together, we become a demonstration and a teaching of this. And I understand that there are all kinds of reactions to perceived greatness in another person. But, just as we could say, “It’s you, it’s you, you know it’s you” when it comes to the blocking of Universal Love, we can also say that relative to the greatness that’s within all people. It’s you. It’s you! You know it’s you. And we have that message to bring and that invitation to offer.

I feel like I should apologize for such a simple message! This simple message is the beginning of all good things. And without knowing this, it’s the beginning of all bad things. So thank you for sharing this secret. It’s kept secret because seemingly so few people unlock this simple door. We can allow this secret to be secret no more, allow our secret Love to be a public Love, a Universal Love.

So please say this once more, preferably out loud:

Within me there is a never-ending source of Love.

David Karchere
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