An Attunement Message

The Pulse of Spirit – An Attunement MessageI am thankful to have been on the faculty with David Karchere for this class of the Attunement School at Sunrise Ranch for the last three days. It was an intense opportunity to come into the vibration of what is true, to share it, and to be transformed by it. We just shared a ceremony of facing people in this circle, offering blessing through the radiant connection of eyes and attunement. I have never had this experience before, but as each person came before me I felt I was connected to their entire lineage. I do not know how that happened. Some of you, I am not sure I have met, and if I have it has only been once or twice. Through this Attunement ceremony, there was a connection into the past and the future, a touching into infinity. I had the experience of extending blessing into your past and into your future, as you were with me.

This ability to bless and to invoke this current is our birthright. This current is what animates us and it is what powers life. This morning I was considering the story of Creation, in Genesis. It says this about the creation of human beings: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” (Genesis 1:26) As a chiropractor, I have often used that line to fortify my stance that the design of human beings is in the likeness of the Creator, so we are designed to work. Many times people have used that line to say, “This is what God looks like.” I am now speaking about something more. I am addressing the pattern and design that animates us—the energetic pattern of God. We are made in the pattern of God, to bring that likeness, that pattern, into our reality. Not just in physical form but in all of who we are. In every cell, in every aspect of our being, there is the very vibration and pattern that creates and blesses and holds everything. We are made in that pattern.

That can take a human being into a very arrogant stance. But for me, it takes me to my knees in humility. With that kind of power in my hand, am I available to what is coming down from the Invisible through me, so that it might in fact be manifest? Can I be the means for something magical, blessed, powerful, magnificent to come on earth because I am in position to bring that pattern?

The Attunement School has been in session for the past three days. Through my teaching in this time, and in the practice we have done, I have been working with patterns with people. I have had these few words running through my mind as I did:

You are whole.
You are holy.
You are the manifestation of love.
You are magnificent.

Can you hear those words from me and know it is true of you? You are whole. You are holy. You are the instrument and manifestation of love. You are magnificent.

Accepting this truth requires you to let all the things you believe about yourself that contradict it to pass away. You cannot believe you are on your way to perfection. You cannot believe someday you will be good enough. You cannot believe that you are a sinner and hold those other things as true. You cannot believe you are wounded. You may have been, but you are whole, holy, loving and magnificent. And out of the wounds, which may have come when you allowed yourself to be vulnerable to a source of love that should have been trustworthy and was not, comes a greater knowing of what is wholesome, holy, loving, trustworthy and magnificent. Find it. Find it within yourself, and you will see it everywhere.

It is my job to remind people this is true. This is no different from the message of the master teacher Jesus. I am here to remind people they are the embodiment of love, connected to the Invisible, and magnificently able to bring the pattern, the likeness, of the Father into the earth. Do not taint these words by using them as a means to prove yourself right. Use them as a means to become humble in the possibility of blessing that can come at your hand, and forgive yourself for the times it did not. Because right now you are whole, holy, an instrument and a vehicle for love, and a magnificent means by which what is true might come into form.

Jane Anetrini
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