The Transmutation of Humankind

As we hold a vigil for humankind with spiritually awake people the world around, we are issuing a daily Pulse of Spirit for the next several days. We are quickening the pulse. 

Each one will radiate our collective love and light for a world experiencing transmutation at the most profound level. Thank you for being part of this radiance.

                                                                                                         ~ David Karchere                    


I’d like to share something with you about transformation and transmutation:

Transformation is to alter or change yourself in a manner that, in comparison to transmuting yourself, is only skin-deep. Transmutation is a metamorphosis. It is to change yourself into a completely different form and substance. Transmutation changes the state of being of your very nature.

With this business of social distancing and change in our society, I’ve listened to our Canadian prime minister, our British Columbia health officer, and others. Just this last week it really came home to me: this is real. This is not a drill, this is not something that I can ignore and then carry on in my usual ways. This calls for real change.

That was an interesting experience because it wasn’t just skin-deep. It went right inside and it was a chance for real change that gave all of this a purpose.

Collectively, we are a witness to the transmutation of humankind, because that transmutation is actually happening inside of you and me. That individual transmutation is what creates a change of state for humanity. When I realized this is the real thing, my reaction wasn’t  “Oh my god, this is devastating.”  It was “Thank God, this is liberating!”

I step into this time with a rejoicing heart and with celebration. And I celebrate with you the times we are living in. The rebirth of spring is coming. Spring is with us, and spring is in our Beings.